Thursday, September 23, 2010

WOW! Reduce Spending And We Will Become A Third World Nation, Obamacare is even worse than critics thought, Obama heckled on AIDS, gay rights, Democrats Begging Negros To Save Them… AGAIN!

Obama’s Rep On Debt Commission – Reduce Spending And We Will Become A Third World Nation - Flopping Aces

"reducing our nations spending spree will turn us into a third world country."

Obamacare is even worse than critics thought...


Halleluiah! Obama Wants Faith Groups to Push Obamacare - Gateway Pundit

Well, he did attend Rev. Jeremiah “G-D America” Wright’s church for 20 years so this makes sense.
Obama wants faith-based groups to push his pro-abortion Obamacare monstrosity.

ObamaCare at Six Months - The American Spectator

As President Obama spent Wednesday celebrating the six-month anniversary of the national health care law, his crowning legislative achievement remained deeply unpopular.

Despite repeated claims by proponents of the law that Americans would begin to warm up to it once it was enacted, more than 49 percent of the public currently opposes the law, according to an average of polls compiled by, compared with just 41 percent who favor it. Those numbers are virtually identical to where they stood when Obama signed the legislation in March.

Obamacare's Electoral Effect - The Weekly Standard
Supporting Obama's health care plan has hurt Democrats.

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll shows, among other things, that more than twice as many Americans “strongly disapprove” of Obamacare (34 percent) as “strongly approve” of it (15 percent). Moreover, the poll shows that the vast majority — 82 percent — of those who disapprove of Obamacare (whether strongly or otherwise) want it to be repealed. In response to the poll, Politico opines that the “big takeaway…is just how much health reform has fallen off the radar as a 2010 campaign issue, not offering much of clear benefit to either party.” Wow.

Perhaps someone should ask the candidates who are running. Not only are Democrats now funding anti-Obamacare ads at more than three times the clip of pro-Obamacare ads — as Politico itself has reported — but evidence suggests that Democrats who voted for the overhaul are taking a beating, while anti-Obamacare Democrats are doing comparatively well.
Buried deep in ObamaCare, is a "no cost sharing" provision for preventative health services. That piece of ObamaCare drastically curtails patients' ability to spend their own money for legal health care services



GM must sell for $134 a share for taxpayers to recover investment...

Obama ‘s Latest Stroke of Brilliance… Let Corrupt Regimes Decide How to Spend US Aid Money - Gateway Pundit

He’s so smart.
With unemployment at record levels, with the deficit skyrocketing, with the national debt piling up, Barack Obama announced a historic new development plan this week… for foreign countries. Under Barack Obama’s brilliant new development plan, corrupt regimes will decide how to spend US taxpayer-funded aid money instead of being dicatated to.
President Obama announced the plan Wednesday at the United Nations. And, of course, he calls this another historic initiative.

Magic Negro no longer so magic...

Obama heckled on AIDS, gay rights at fundraiser...
Renee Ellmers For Congress: No Mosque at Ground Zero


The New Racism: Scaring Whites About Blacks - Black America Web

It’s hard to believe that, almost two years ago, pundits were heralding Barack Obama’s election as the start of America’s post-racial era.

So far, that’s not happening.

Besides sparking overt racism at Tea Party rallies, the election of the nation’s first black president also seems to have spawned a stealthy, new form of racism: The kind that counts on people to be so predisposed to stereotypes about anyone who isn’t like them until the truth no longer matters.


Dems looking for African American vote again in November elections - Chicago Defender

Election fever may not be as high around the country as it was during the 2008 presidential campaign, but top Democrats tell the Defender that the upcoming Nov. 2 midterm election is not only crucial to Barack Obama’s presidency but to the party maintaining majority control in Congress and in offices around the nation.

So members of the party have begun to “fan out around the country” to help candidates in tight races retain – or capture – their respective races.

“Although President Obama’s name may not be on the ballot his ability to accomplish the agenda he campaigned on is very much affected by the quality of the partners that are elected,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine told the Defender.
He explained that his organization plans to reach out to the electorate that overwhelmingly supported Obama to help ensure that candidates like Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who is in a contentious race with Republican challenger Bill Brady, and the state’s Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, vying for the U.S. Senate seat vacated when Obama moved to the White House, win their races.

Kaine acknowledges that despite the president’s enviable list of accomplishments, Democrats are braced for “challenging mid-terms.”

The former Virginia governor ran through a list of “significant” legislation that Obama has taken on and gotten passed with minimal to no support from Republicans including health care, credit card and Wall Street reforms, as well as a revamping of federal student loans.

“This president and Congress are willing to do heavy lifts on tough issues in a tough climate,” Kaine said.

He is hoping African Americans, especially, will flex their voting muscle as they did in 2008. Now the Democrats are looking for that “very reliable” support from African Americans, women and young adult voters who handed the nation its first Black president.

“We’re doing a lot from the DNC to focus on African American voters around the country,” Kaine explained.

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