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AP Poll: Obama Voters Giving Up Hope in Droves, Dems find careers threatened by ObamaCare votes, Another Scam Negro Democrat, Obama elitism again!

Lots of catching up to do. Took a couple of days off and was able to relax a bit and had a very nice weekend a bit more recharged and motivated.
After such a tumultuous year things are finally starting to level out and things are looking brighter.
As I always do I completely avoided any news so from roughly Wednesday afternoon last week until this morning I have not watched a second of news of any type or source. I still continue to be amazed at just how refreshing it is to avoid hearing about any negative crap for a few days.
I did watch a report on those miners who were trapped in Chile and while I find the story and their rescue slightly captivating I could not help but to be slightly bit annoyed about how they have been turned into these international rock stars… and for what… having a mine collapse on them? How much y’all want to be that within a year these dudes are going to be fighting and suing each other over book rights and movie deals and talk show appearances. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy they are safe and sound but this world is so fucked up and starved for “heroes” that the world would put up on a pedestal dudes who were simply stuck in a huge hole for a long time. The real heroes were the engineers who came up with the plan to save them but people won’t be offering them any movie deals.

Anywho, here is what I found interesting.

David Brooks: Obama told me “shovel-ready” was a crock…a year ago - Michelle Malkin

How much of a tool is New York Times columnist David Brooks?

This much: On the PBS NewsHour last night, Brooks admitted that President Obama told him a year ago that he knew that the “shovel-ready project” propaganda he employed to pass the massive porkulus bill was a steaming load of bullcrap.
Brooks’ New York Times colleague Peter Baker reported the newsworthy admission in an upcoming Sunday magazine piece. It’s an admission that received much deserved attention here in the blogosphere this week and that invited much deserved derision from Republican critics of the stimulus boondoggle.
Why didn’t Brooks report Obama’s damning admission sooner? In another serving of steaming bullcrap, he claims it’s because Baker was more skilled at getting Obama to talk on the record. Seems to me the real reason Brooks didn’t report it is because he had his nose so far up his bromance love object’s you-know-what that he didn’t see the scoop dropped right in his lap.
You know while this comes as no surprise to many of us on the right who have enough common fucking sense to know that anything Obama says is a lie I still wonder… thinking again out loud folks to those of you who were silly enough to vote for this jackass… did you people really believe Obama during the campaign that he was going to magically pull jobs out of his ass by coming up with these “stimulus” schemes?
Did you people really believe that there was such a thing as “shovel ready” jobs?
Folks I’m not proclaiming that I’m the smartest dude on the planet but I know a fraud when I see one, when I hear one. I remember blogging bitching about Bill Clinton and his lies and antics and folks Obama makes Clinton look like a saint in comparison.
Now will Obama be receiving blowjobs in the Oval Office, not likely because Michelle can kick his ass and this sista would not only put her foot up his ass but she would seek to destroy the dude. I swear Obama is such a lying conniving bastard… but he can’t help its in his DNA.
I just seriously wonder about you people who continue to support this man. Finally people in his own party are realizing what a colossal screw-up he is so it may turn out that the biggest mistake the American voters has ever made in its choice for president could end up being the best thing for the country in the long run because he single-handedly will put the Democratic Party on ice.

Hey dare to dream... 

The momentum is there people…

AP Poll: Obama Voters Giving Up Hope in Droves
**Written by Doug Powers

“You voted for Obama to prove you’re not a racist. Now, who are you going to vote for to prove you’re not an idiot?” –Commenter at NBC-11


And speaking of “elitism,” guess what the President said? - Sister Toldjah

President Obama captured the elitist mindset perfectly with this one statement:
“Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we’re hardwired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,” Obama said Saturday evening in remarks at a small Democratic fundraiser Saturday evening. “And the country’s scared.”
Sigh. This is one his most self-revealing statements since the “bitter clingers” moment in the Democratic primaries in 2008. In Obamaland, it isn’t possible to oppose his policies because one has come to a reasoned conclusion that they’re wrongheaded, bad for the country, and just plain won’t work. It can’t be because one has a different vision for the role of government, its relation to the people, and the best way to bring prosperity to as many as possible. It can’t be because you believe (correctly) that the Constitution is a document that limits government and gives it specific powers because unrestrained government is a threat to both liberty and prosperity.
Nope, it’s because you’re irrational and scared.
Rasmussen Predicts Republican Gain of 55 in House...

ABCNEWS: 63 Dem House Seats in 'Serious Danger'...

Barone: Dems find careers threatened by ObamaCare votes...

Chief dogwasher Valerie Jarrett has some advice for Obama: Stay the course, things will get better

18-term Dem Congressman -- has just 1 donor from his district...

Remember those signs that 18-term incumbent Jim Oberstar of Minnesota might be in trouble?
First an internal GOP poll showed Republican Chip Cravaack, a former Navy and Northwest Airlines pilot, trailing Oberstar by just three points–42% to 45%. Then came a couple of surprising anecdotes: the AP reported a local union nearly endorsed Cravaack, and there was such interest in the campaign that the debate–scheduled at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday–had to be moved to a larger venue.
Well, no surprise here, but it looks like we have confirmation that the interest isn’t being generated by Oberstar supporters. Politico reports that the Obamacare and cap-and-trade supporting Oberstar had just one donor from his home district this past quarter:
With a potentially competitive race developing back home in Minnesota’s 8th District, Transportation Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar collected a contribution from just one resident of the district between June 22 and Sept. 30, according to a federal election report filed Wednesday.
Jane Robbins of Pine City gave Oberstar $500 on Aug. 22.
Other than that, all of his contributions came from political action committees, Native American tribes or individual donors in other districts and states.
In all, the veteran Iron Range Democrat, first elected in 1974, collected just $233,102 in receipts over the time period. By comparison, fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann, a Republican firebrand, pulled in $5.4 million between July 1 and Sept. 30.


Clinton Obama's Running Mate in 2012?

Hillary would be a fool to run WITH Obama…

D/FW airport official put on leave after daughter got scholarship from Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson
Troubles involving Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson's scholarship awards spread Tuesday to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, where the head of minority contracting has been put on leave amid questions about college aid that Johnson gave his daughter.

Johnson, through a trust, owns a 25 percent stake in two Hudson News stores at D/FW. In 2007, she awarded $1,000 to the daughter of airport vice president Don O'Bannon, who oversees contracts with minority-owned businesses, including hers.

An ethics watchdog called the scholarship to O'Bannon's daughter, now a senior at Dartmouth College, a clear example of cronyism. Also, the attorney for Johnson's trust said the award makes him uncomfortable.

Johnson, a Dallas Democrat, and O'Bannon, a lawyer who has been at D/FW since 2002, declined to discuss the scholarship, given by legislators under a program run by the nonprofit Congressional Black Caucus Foundation using private donations.


Bernice Johnson Scholarship Controversy Widens
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport officials are investigating whether a family member of one of its vice presidents received a scholarship from Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, which could be a violation of its rules.

Background: Summer of corruption: Another CBC Democrat in trouble
Cronyism of color strikes again (previous cases here). Former Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson is in hot water over CBC Foundation scholarship favoritism for her family and staff’s family in clear, direct violation of the foundation’s eligibility rules.
The Dallas Morning News reports:
Longtime Dallas congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to four relatives and a top aide’s two children since 2005, using foundation funds set aside for black lawmakers’ causes.

The recipients were ineligible under anti-nepotism rules of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, which provided the money. And all of the awards violated a foundation requirement that scholarship winners live or study in a caucus member’s district.
…Scholarships have gone to two of the congresswoman’s grandsons, Kirk and David Johnson; to two of her great-nephews, Gregory and Preston Moore; and to [staff member Rod] Givens’ son and daughter. Givens did not respond to requests for comment, and none of the scholarship recipients could be reached.
Johnson denies that she “personally benefited” from the scheme and says that she “unknowingly” violated the clear eligibility rules.


Lots more later... Way too much stuff to read today…

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