Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog visitors arrived from on "Magic Negro Watch: by searching for...

Some of you people are some nasty, racist, screwed up mutherfuckers… But thanks for stopping by!

I am feeling really good these days and looking forward to the weekend for a change.

You folks have a great weekend! Go Giants! (San Francisco)

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Just a conservative girl said...

I get people looking for porn often. In most cases they are from Arab countries; which is funny.

I really don't know why people looking for porn end up on my site, as I really don't have anything even the least bit racy. I did once post on Gloria Allred working with Tiger's porn star girlfriend who wanted an apology, but that would be it.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

I never thought about the porn and the Arab country connection, tis very true.
Google is a fascinating portal into just how fucked up our minds are and we can celebrate that fucked-up-dem-ness be being able to search for our fucked up thoughts and wishes and they magically appear before you, BUT YET the most screwed up minds on the planet chooses to visit my site… what does that tell you?

Stop laughing!