Friday, October 15, 2010

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I continue to be amazed by you sick bastards out there… But I do find you amusing.

Have a Great Weekend!

for Air Purifier Dr. Laura Rush Limbaugh.

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for Israeli driver mows down a Palestinian boy.

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for sign of respect.

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for do blacks trust cory booker.

for negros gay con animales.

for obama new law retard.

for zoo gay. (3)

for obama vs. cornel west.

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for alice walker Washington D.C., 22 May 1989.

for zombie essay college class.

for obama is the worst president in history -quayle.

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for california destroying it's own economy.

for James risch senate gossip.

for real reason elijah fields was kicked off team.

for obama sucks. (2)

for crazy niggas.

for health improvement blogspot.

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for nigger hunting parody video sc police fired.

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for tea party discredit agenda.

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for negro injustice.

for nigga please.

for is obamacare racist.

for "funk vigilante".

for z-bomb negro.


for toledo public schools, rush limbaugh.

for Rafael Nadal.

for obama is the worst president in history. (4)

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for Video Editing Software Sites united states blogs.

for negris.

for book thrown at obama - boston globe.

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for kevin jackson: the big black lies. (3)

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for obam the dickhead.

for i smoke pot.

for snyder v phelps cornell dumbed down version.

for missouri welfare cell phones.

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