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Gingrich sounds off on Obama eligibility, Republican, Independent and Green Party Candidates Agree Obamacare Must Go, Consensus is Obama’s in way over his head, Robin Carnahan Hates Obama, "Undignified' Obama!", Liberalism’s Moral Bankruptcy Has Bankrupted America

Gingrich sounds off on Obama eligibility - WND
Says prez has 'obligation' to determine why people don't believe his life story

Former House Speaker and potential GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich used an appearance on Spanish-language television to sound off on questions surrounding President Obama's birthplace and religious faith, declaring the president has an "obligation" to figure out why so many Americans doubt his life story.

"If I were the president, that would really concern me, not because of Fox News or talk radio or Rush Limbaugh, but what is there that he's doing that would let that many people be confused?" Gingrich said on Univision's "Al Punto," according to a report from The Hill.

Republican, Independent and Green Party Candidates Agree Obamacare Must Go - The Weekly Standard

In a debate 10/10/2010 in Michigan, the Republican, the independent, and the Green Party candidate all agreed that Obamacare must go. While the candidates had different thoughts about what Obamacare should be replaced with, they all agreed that it should be repealed, leaving only Democratic incumbent Gary Peters to defend his pro-Obamacare vote. And this is not in a Republican-leaning district. Rather, it's in a district that, in the past three presidential elections, has essentially mirrored the nation as a whole – favoring Democratic presidential candidates by an average of 2 points.

The positions taken in this Michigan debate largely reflect the latest nationwide Rasmussen numbers, which show Republicans favoring repeal by 59 percentage points (79 to 20 percent), independents favoring it by 20 points (56 to 36 percent), and voters on the whole favoring it by 16 points (55 to 39 percent). (Rasmussen doesn't show numbers for the Green Party folks.) Only Democrats oppose repeal, and even they only oppose it by 25 points (34 to 59 percent).
Manchin on Obamacare: If You Can't Fix It, "Repeal the Whole Thing"

West Virginia's Democratic governor and Senate candidate Joe Manchin, who said he would have voted for Obamacare days before it passed, called for repealing some bad parts of the health care law on September 27. At the same time, Manchin maintained that Obamacare is "a great bill."
The Race to Repeal ObamaCare … Even on Crutches - Pajamas Media

Dr. Donna Campbell is running against Lloyd Doggett, one of the Dems who used to brag about having helped write ObamaCare, in Texas. Even on a broken foot, Campbell is running hard to hold Doggett accountable, and drive him out of Washington this November.

Halperin: Consensus is Obama’s in way over his head - Hot Air

Barack Obama is being politically crushed in a vise. From above, by elite opinion about his competence. From below, by mass anger and anxiety over unemployment. And it is too late for him to do anything about this predicament until after November’s elections.
With the exception of core Obama Administration loyalists, most politically engaged elites have reached the same conclusions: the White House is in over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working-class voters. This view is held by Fox News pundits, executives and anchors at the major old-media outlets, reporters who cover the White House, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders and governors, many Democratic business people and lawyers who raised big money for Obama in 2008, and even some members of the Administration just beyond the inner circle.

CBS's Rodriguez: 'Undignified' Obama 'Offering No Evidence' of GOP Taking Foreign Money - Newsbusters

Grilling Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez questioned President Obama attacking Republicans over unproven claims of accepting foreign campaign donations: "Why did he spend so much time talking about the Republicans trying to steal the election? Offering no evidence of that. Isn't it a bit undignified for the President to resort to that?"


Missouri updates - Red State

MO-SEN: It would seem that Robin Carnahan’s desire to distance herself from the President is hurting her with a critical segment of Democratic voters: African-Americans, who do not see why a Democratic candidate should distance him- or herself from a Democratic President - and particularly this President.  Mind you, the way the race is improving for Roy Blunt, at this point we’re just seeing how far the rubble bounces anyway.


More Obama Photoshops here@Doug Ross


Liberalism’s Moral Bankruptcy Has Bankrupted America - Pajamas Media

President Reagan liked to tweak his liberal critics by saying, "some years ago, the federal government declared war on poverty, and poverty won." His statement is truer now than ever.

Sometimes I like to play a little game with my liberal friends. Let us suppose, I say to them, that you have one hundred dollars with which you plan to purchase food for your family at a local grocery. Now let us suppose that I come along and rob you while you are on your way to the store, taking half of your one hundred dollars.

At this point I ask my friend: Is the robbery good or bad for you economically? “Bad,” they invariable answer, for “I now have less money for groceries.” Then I ask them: Is my robbing you good or bad for the grocer? “Bad,” they again answer, for “now he, too, has less money for his family.” Next question: Was it morally right or wrong for me to rob you? “Wrong, of course,” they answer, for “the money did not belong to you.”

Then, the coup de grace: What if I planned to give your money to someone else, I ask, someone whom I felt was more worthy or deserving of your money?

At this point, many liberals begin to suspect they have been led into a rhetorical cul de sac, and cognitive dissonance sets in as they realize that an honest answer necessitated by their answer to the previous questions will conflict with their stated political principles and past voting habits. Some will nevertheless admit, “Well, it isn’t really for you to decide who gets my money….”


Welfare cards get you booze, cigarrettes, lottery tickets, you name it

Some people who receive welfare here in the Bay State choose not to buy the necessities, instead they use their EBT cards for slots, booze, or high-end electronic equipment.

In a revealing article in Friday's Boston Herald, the state's handling of the program utilizing these cards comes under heavy scrutiny.

People who receive the benefits from the Department of Transitional Assistance get the Electronic Benefits Transfer cards. It's very much like the real ATM card.

When asked by the Herlad about how many liquor stores, bars, even casinos take the EBT cards, state officials couldn't provide specific information.

The program doles out $392 million a year to 70,000 Massachusetts households with so-called little oversight, reports the Herald. That's even though Gov. Patrick created a task force to crack down on welfare fraud in 2008.


The Sidewalks of San Francisco
Can the City by the Bay reclaim public space from aggressive vagrants?

The homelessness industry has pulled off some impressive feats of rebranding over the years—most notably, turning street vagrancy into a consequence of unaffordable housing, rather than of addiction and mental illness. But for sheer audacity, nothing tops the alchemy that homelessness advocates and their government sponsors are currently attempting in San Francisco. The sidewalks of the Haight-Ashbury district have been colonized by aggressive, migratory youths who travel up and down the West Coast panhandling for drug and booze money. Homelessness, Inc. is trying to portray these voluntary vagabonds as the latest victims of inadequate government housing programs, hoping to defeat an ordinance against sitting and lying on public sidewalks that the Haight community has generated.

The outcome of the industry’s rebranding campaign—and of the Haight’s competing effort to restore order—will be known this November, when San Franciscans vote on the proposed sit-lie law. That vote will reveal whether San Francisco is ready to join the many other cities that view civilized public space as essential to urban life.

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