Thursday, October 21, 2010

Governor Palin Deflates Maureen 'O'Dowd's' Ego, Obama: King of the 'Myths', If Dems lose, Obama will blame everyone but himself

Governor Palin Deflates Maureen 'O'Dowd's' Ego - Conservatives For Palin

For those who missed it, increasingly irrelevant NY Times "columnist" (I'm being charitable) Maureen Dowd let loose with a particularly incoherent screed on Sunday. I realize that equating Dowd's columns with the adjective "incoherence" is not exactly news, but this latest rant was notably fatuous even by Dowd's already low standards. Basically she tried to make the case that the slew of strong, conservative women running for office in 2010, led by "Queen Bee Sarah", are nothing more than a bunch of mean high school cheerleaders or something who would gladly steal your boyfriend, pee in your corn flakes, burn your house down, or whatever. I won't try to summarize it further but, if you're interested, Dana Perino and Kyle-Anne Shiver both did an excellent job of methodically taking apart Dowd's childish tirade.

Gallup Finds that Governor Palin's Endorsement is Stronger than Obama's Endorsement Among Registered Voters

Obama: King of the 'Myths' - Human Events

I guess it’s fitting that Barack Obama is slated to make a cameo appearance on the Discovery Channel’s, “MythBusters.” All the brother’s campaign promises have been replete with myth after myth. Like the promise to get our fiscal house in order. Like the promise to drive down healthcare premiums. Like the promise that the “stimulus” bill would re-ignite a damaged economy. Like the promise that he would transcend petty politics and bring all Americans together. Like the promise that he wouldn’t tax families making less than $250,000. Oh, and like the promise that his presidency would transform the political landscape for good.

And then on the seventh day, Barack Obama rested.

But this is the “myth” President, one who fed and continues to feed the American people a whopping shinola sandwich.

If I may, here’s a suggestion for the Discovery Channel hosts, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman: While you have Dear Leader’s captivated attention, how about you ask him to explain these six myths?

Myth 1: Reigning in out-of-control spending...


If Dems lose, Obama will blame everyone but himself - Washington Examiner
Assume the polls are correct and Republicans win control of the House, and perhaps even the Senate, in next month's elections. What lessons will the White House learn? Will Barack Obama interpret the vote as a repudiation of much of his agenda, or will he conclude that he made a few tactical errors but was still right on the big issues?
Bet on the latter. All indications coming out of the White House suggest that if Democrats suffer major losses, the president and his top aides will resolutely refuse to reconsider the policies -- national health care, stimulus, runaway spending -- that led to their defeat. Instead, they will point fingers in virtually every direction other than their own. Come November, it's likely the D-for-Democrat that the president refers to so often will actually stand for "denial."
The White House has given us plenty of clues in recent days as to how Obama will react to a possible Democratic drubbing at the polls.

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