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Maureen Dowd: Aggressive Female Politicians are Mean, Using the Word ‘Whore’ is Not, The View: Progressive Censorship on Display, America is over if Obamunism is not stopped!

An Obama Endorsement – A Breath of Life or a Kiss of Death?

On a list of six prominent Democratic and Republican politicians, voters rank President Obama as the one who carries the most weight – positively and negatively – when it comes to an endorsement.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, 29% of Likely Voters say an endorsement from the president is the one most likely to make them vote for a candidate.

But even more (45%) say Obama is the politician who makes them least likely to vote for a candidate he endorses.

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Socialist Pelosi: We Need To Address “Fairness” Of “Ownership and Equity” In the US (Video)- Gateway Pundit

In her latest stunning declaration, San Francisco socialist Nancy Pelosi told the Steelworkers Union on Monday, that we need to address the disparity in “ownership and equity” in the United States.

Maureen Dowd: Aggressive Female Politicians are Mean, Using the Word ‘Whore’ is Not- Big Hollywood
For Dowd, these new “Republican Mean Girls,” are angry, aggressive women who are angry and aggressive. And mean.

Why not just call them bitches?

Anyway, to the irony. Here Mo laments the evils of smearing women – right before doing essentially the same thing. In a way, she becomes that cliched head cheerleader who always supports the loutish jock. “You better leave him alone, or I’ll say you banged the gym teacher under the grandstands!”

Funny thing is – I did. I always did.

But Dowd’s biggest blind spot? She writes this column only a week after Meg Whitman was called a whore -and – after the California NOW chief said “whore” was an apt description.

But none of that made her column.


So, how is calling a lady a whore not seen as mean, but Sharon Angle asking Harry Reid to “man up,” is? I’d ask for an explanation, but that might be too mean.

It’s also just too funny seeing Dowd go after Angle for being aggressive in a debate. It’s what you do in a debate, sister.

But maybe Mo thinks Reid can’t defend himself, or that a debate is just no place for chicks.

Old article I remembered...

“New York Times Barbie”: Andrew Breitbart On Maureen Dowd’s Assault On Sarah Palin


The View: Progressive Censorship on Display - Big Journalism
by James Hudnall

While I’m not one to care what some over-paid harridans think (see Maureen Dowd), you have to admit the recent episode of the View, where Fox’s Bill O’Reilly got into a shouting match with the show’s two more extreme harpies was amusing to watch. It’s also very instructive on how the so called progressives… uh… think. Or should I say, operate. Progressives do not like open debate. They have an agenda, and anything at variance with that agenda must be shut down at all costs. When screeching and hollering didn’t work, the two co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, stormed off the set in outrage when O’Reilly dared suggest that Muslims attacked us on 9/11.
What seemed like immature grandstanding on their part was a perfect example of how the left tries to stonewall any argument it doesn’t like. Not willing or able to provide actual intelligent and rational arguments of their own, the two women exited the stage.
Barbara Walters showed she was closer to a true liberal by telling the audience that what just happened was wrong and shouldn’t never occur on their show. It’s a talk show, after all. And as hosts, they should show some measure of respect to their guests. It seems the View’s history of crank hosts is still going strong.

Imam Rauf, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar: the truth is offensive - Flopping Aces

America is over if Obamunism is not stopped.

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