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Obama has the book thrown at him, Deceiver in Chief: Obama Lies About Creating 3 Million Jobs, Unemployment Crisis May Last Until 2020, 77% Of Americans Believe They Have Better Judgment Than Obama, Republicans Have Given Up On The Black Vote

Obama has the book thrown at him: Moment a missile narrowly misses U.S. President's head

This is the astonishing moment a book was apparently hurled at the head of President Barack Obama during a campaign rally in Philadelphia.
The flying missile narrowly missed hitting the President yesterday.
It is not clear what the book was, where it came from in the crowd, or why it was thrown at Mr Obama - who did not appear to notice the danger.

It came as Mr Obama tried to rally voters in Phildelphia to use to three weeks left before congressional elections to go to the polls.
The president relied on an oft-used speech as he addressed the crowd in the city's Germantown community with the driving cadences that swept him into the White House two years ago.

He and the Democratic party know, however, that this year finds Democrats imperiled because of what has become known as the 'enthusiasm gap', with party voters expected to stay away from the polls.
That could be disastrous in a nationwide vote that was widely believed to hand the majority in the House of Representatives and, perhaps, the Senate to Republicans.


Deceiver in Chief: Obama Lies About Creating 3 Million Jobs - Gateway Pundit

Who does he think he’s fooling?
Obama claimed yesterday that his failed administration had actually created 3 million jobs.
And, he blamed Republicans again for his failed policies.
Via The Electric Stove:

Nevada’s 14.4 Percent Unemployment Tops Nation; Has More Than Tripled from 4.4 Percent at Time of 2006 Midterm Election - CNS News

President Obama Golfs 52 Times While U.S. Suffers - Human Events

President Obama has played 52 rounds of golf in less than two years in office. The U.S. unemployment, down economy and two wars have not tampered his leisure time. In comparison, President Bush played a total of 24 rounds of golf in eight years.

The pictures of the President wearing oxford-style, brown and white golf shoes and zipping around green golf courses in an electric cart are insensitive and inappropriate.

While the United States is in a severe economic crisis, the unemployment rate is stuck at 9.6% and families struggle to make ends meet, Obama spends an average of four to five hours playing each 18-hole round of golf.


Obama biographer paints an unflattering picture... - Wizbang

... if only for a moment.
Spiegel Online spells things out in an interview with the editor in chief of the New Yorker and Presidential biographer David Remnick:
SPIEGEL: The American title of your Obama biography is "The Bridge". You describe the first African-American president as a bridge-builder between the political camps in America. But after two years in office, he is one of the most polarizing presidents of all time. How could that happen?

David Remnick: This drama of a young African American becoming president was enormously important and brought the country together. But that drama is over. Now it's the drama of difficulty in the prose of governing which doesn't have happy endings. Look, this is a president that came into office with shall we count the crises?

SPIEGEL: It would take up too much time.

Remnick: It would take up hours. And so has his rhetoric been heavily geared exclusively toward reconciliation and bringing the nation together? No, it hasn't.
Report: Unemployment Crisis May Last Until 2020 - Outside The Beltway

A particularly scary projection over at Investors Business Daily:
So far in 2010, the U.S. has added just 613,000 jobs — for a monthly average of 68,111.

Employment bottomed in December 2009 at 129.588 million — two years after peaking at 137.951 million. At this year’s pace, the U.S. won’t recoup all those 8.36 million lost jobs* until March 2020 — 147 months after the December 2007 high.

That would obliterate the old post-World War II record of 47 months set in the wake of the 2001 recession.

The current jobs slump also is the deepest of any in the post-war era, with payrolls down as much as 6.1%. They are still 5.6% below their December 2007 level.

With state and local governments likely to shed workers for at least the next year or two as budget woes continue, the hiring burden will fall entirely on the private sector.

77% Of Americans Believe They Have Better Judgment Than Obama - Flopping Aces
WSJ: Dem unleash IRS and Justice on donors to political opponents....

GOP Leaders Slam Obama Over Foreign Contributions 'Lie'...

Obama Charges Foreign Influence Supporting Republicans - Outside The Beltway

The White House intensified its attacks Sunday on the powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its alleged ties to foreign donors, part of an escalating Democratic effort to link Republican allies with corporate and overseas interests ahead of the November midterm elections. The chamber adamantly denies that foreign funds are used in its U.S. election efforts, accusing Democrats of orchestrating a speculative smear campaign during a desperate political year.

FLASHBACK: Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations...

Dem attack ad sets 'new low for mud'...

New theme on Negro blogs and websites...

Republicans Have Given Up On The Black Vote

Reigniting the passion of African American voters is key to Democrats' hopes - LA Times

Black turnout will play a crucial role as political momentum has shifted from the 'Yes We Can' crowd to the 'tea party' movement. In North Carolina, one moderate congressman tries to rally support.

In this struggling textile town, conversations with black voters demonstrated how difficult Kissell's job may be. Yarn mill worker Ray Ellison, 55, voted for Barack Obama in 2008 — when a record 61% of voting-age African Americans went to the polls — but didn't know if he'd be voting again this November.

Ellison said he had missed a number of elections when the presidency wasn't at stake. "I really have to be pushed to vote," he said.

Barber John McPhatter, 48, said he'd probably vote this time around. But he was less than enthusiastic about Kissell after the congressman voted against the president's signature healthcare overhaul legislation.

"I may just close my eyes and pull the lever for him, even though I know about the things he's done," he said.

Energizing black voters for midterm elections has always been a challenge for Democrats. This fall the Democratic National Committee plans to spend more than $2 million in outreach ads and direct mail to black voters, more than 10 times the amount spent in 2006, said Derrick Plummer, who heads up African American affairs for the DNC.


With black voters, Barack Obama gets personal - Politico

“Two years ago you defied the conventional wisdom in Washington,” Obama told thousands of screaming supporters Sunday at a campaign rally in a predominantly black area of Philadelphia. “They said, ‘No you can’t.’”

“’No you can’t elect a skinny guy with a funny game to the presidency of the United States,’” he added. “What’d you say?”

“Yes we can!” the crowd, waving “VOTE 2010” signs featuring the Obama 2008 campaign logo, replied.

His voice hoarse, the president pleaded with the Philadelphia audience to defy Washington conventional wisdom again. Head to your beauty shops and your barber shops, and spread the word, he said. But most of all, he said, head to the polls three weeks from now, even though he is not on the ticket.


Not the Catholic Church? Major Newspapers Blind to Massive Sex Abuse in Kenya - Newsbusters

In the past eight days, ABC News has filed two shocking stories about "a serious epidemic" of sexual abuse and rape of children in Kenya. Not only did the network report that "over 1,000 teachers have been fired for sexually abusing girls over the last two years," but it also relayed systemic cover-ups, police corruption, and perpetrator interference.

And while the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Boston Globe have frantically and endlessly trumpeted decades-old abuse allegations in the Catholic Church from anywhere in the world, neither paper has found a single square inch to dedicate to these sickening new revelations.


Princess Leia did cocaine on 'Empire' set


SHOCKING!! $918,856 Federal Study: Bar Fights Tend to Happen in Darker, Dirtier Bars Frequented by Heavy Drinking, Less Agreeable People - CNS News

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