Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Promises, Promises: '08 Vow Broken? LOL! Obama Accuses GOP Of ‘Fear Mongering’, ObamaCare Blowback, How will the Obama tax hikes impact your state?

Promises, Promises: '08 Vow Broken?

Will Anti-Obama Mood Decide WV Senate Race?

Good-Bye Job Killing Moratorium, Hello Job Killing Regulations

How will the Obama tax hikes impact your state? -

Barack Obama and the Chamber of Secrets - David Harsanyi

Freer is Better - John Stossel

Biden, Obama's Traveling Salesman, Makes Hard Sell to Voters

New Survey Confirms that Regime Uncertainty Is Spooking Investors

Donna Brazile Cites Communist China As a Successful Economic System

Biden: Accomplishments ‘Hard To Explain’

Soros/Trumka/CPUSA: GOP Pledge Racist

Obama Accuses GOP Of ‘Fear Mongering’

Dem candidate: DCCC canceled ads because I won't support Pelosi

Attacks on 'Foreign Money' Reek of Desperation - Jacob Sullum

N.Y. To GIs: No Votes For You!

In South Dakota: Another Sarah Palin?

ObamaCare Blowback - Jeff Jacoby

Death Panels for Democrats - Best of the Web


GOP Strategist Schools Matthews: 'Palin's Had A Lot More Experience Than Obama' - Newsbusters

Have you noticed that it's suddenly become chic for commentators to ask their Republican guests whether or not Sarah Palin is qualified to be president?

As a number of GOP candidates of late have sidestepped the issue, Chris Matthews must have expected GOP strategist Ron Christie to do the same on Tuesday's "Hardball."

Much to the MSNBC host's surprise, Christie not only said she was, but also pointed out, "She's certainly had a whole heck of a lot more experience than a particular junior senator from Illinois"

Looking back...

Matthews - Barack Hussein Obama ~ NO Accomplishments!


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