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RECTAL-CRANIAL INVERSION OF THE DAY, The Race Card AGAIN! Democrats and the Pot Vote, Harry Reid: “It Is My Constitutional Duty” to Spend Federal Money, It’s The “Party of Paychecks” vs. The “Party of Food Stamps”, Not Even New Yorkers Like Obama, Lou Dobbs Big Time Hypocrite


From the man who brought us the infamous sound bite from a townhall meeting, "I don't care about the Constitution!" comes this next quote. Representative Phil Hare is an example of someone who needs to be shown the exit door in just 26 days. Now I've tried to come up with the clip in its entirety, hoping that this excerpt was truly taken out of context and that there can't be someone so categorically ignorant out there, not to mention in elected office, but I failed. So I have to assume that the video does not take him out of context when he says ...

What? Is it just me or is the man trying to say that the existence of our debt is merely a myth? Lest I remind you of this fact that I just pointed out to you yesterday: Forty-one cents of every dollar the federal government spends we have to borrow from our kids and grandkids. Our current national debt is over $13 trillion. If there is one thing that virtually all economists can agree on, it is the fact that our spending levels are on an unsustainable path. But people like Rep. Phil Hare will go as far as to refer to it as a myth. Unbelievable. But what the hell ... after all, he doesn't care about our Constitution. How bright can he be?

And we will see a terrible price that we will pay years down the road for letting our children down when they need us the absolute most. I'm not going to be part of that, so every minute that I have here is going to be spent debunking the myth that this country's in debt and we just can't spend.

Democrats are desperate...HERE COME THE RACE CARD - Boortz

While the Republicans have issued a Pledge to America and promise to get serious about spending and our debt, what is the underlying agenda of the Republican Party? According to Democats ... that agenda would be to turn back the clock on minority gains. Seriously! House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina and Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Xavier Becerra of California said yesterday that minorities will lose ground on the policies they have worked so hard to achieve. James Clyburn says, "If we do not have a turnout in the minority communities, Latino and African-American, equal to our percentage of the voter population, we could very well see ourselves turning the clock back on so many issues important to these communities." (Yeah ... like more welfare and amnesty.) Clyburn goes on to explain that we can't let this happen ... "Next year, we may even get the public option!" The public option? That's right. Government healthcare.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen polling shows that finds that just 36% of voters now say relations between blacks and whites are getting better. That's down from 62% in July of last year. What a shame. If we could have gained anything from the Great Obama Experiment, at least we could have gained some ground on the issue of race relations. If we could at least have something to show for the incredible spending and debt levels Obama will leave in his wake, improving the opportunities for those who have ever felt as though those opportunities didn't apply to them would have been more than a consolation prize - it could have shaped a generation. Maybe ... could it possibly be ... is it at all fair to say that some people just don't feel all that swell about cozying up to a group of people who seemingly would still back Obama if he sprouted horns and a tail? Just askin'.

This is what it has come to ..

Democrats are looking to run on the issue of legalizing pot to get younger voters to the polls in 2012.

MTV casting call: Lights, camera, young Obamacare stooges! - Michelle Malkin

Bob Woodward: Obama-Hillary Ticket 'On the Table' promised transparency on how the government spends every dollar of stimulus money, but there's $162 million the website doesn't disclose. Hope and change!


Harry Reid: “It Is My Constitutional Duty” to Spend Federal Money… “I Fight For It” - Gateway Pundit

Yes. You heard that correctly.

No wonder this noxious big-government buffoon is sliding in the polls.
Harry Reid paraded a bunch of supporters on a stage yesterday and bragged to the media that it was his “Constitutional duty” to spend federal money.

The Las Vegas Sun reported:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has returned to the state for a final campaign push in which he will attempt to persuade Nevadans to return him to office by not only scaring voters away from his opponent but also giving them a list of reasons to support him.
In a subtle shift from his campaign’s recent strategy of almost exclusively negative campaigning against his Republican rival, Sharron Angle, Reid has returned to the argument that the state needs him because of the powerful position he has in Congress.
At a campaign event here Wednesday, Reid paraded local elected officials — Republicans and Democrats — before the assembled media to support his argument that essential federal funding for infrastructure and social programs has flowed to their communities because of his position.
In a jab at Angle, who thinks the federal government should be dramatically scaled back and fulfill only those duties expressly enumerated in the Constitution, Reid argued it is his “constitutional duty” to spend federal money.

Newt’s Closing Argument: It’s The “Party of Paychecks” vs. The “Party of Food Stamps” - Gateway Pundit

Newt Gingrich spells it out: The Obama-Pelosi regime’s job killing policies have made them the “Party of Food Stamps”, and therefore the Republicans have the chance to become the “Party of Paychecks” this November.
Via Breitbart TV:


I’m Banned From Facebook . . . For Political Reasons: HOW YOU CAN HELP- Debbie Schlussel

This afternoon, my Facebook account was deactivated. I do not know why, though it appears it is for political reasons–because of repeated protests by extremist Muslims. I’ve repeatedly been targeted by extremist Muslims on Facebook, whose many anti-Semitic attacks I’ve had to report and delete from my Facebook Fan Page.

Obama’s White House Covered Up The Severity Of BP Oil Spill - Flopping Aces


Four Weeks - Remember November


NYers turn against Bam - New York Post

WASHINGTON -- Most of the New Yorkers considered likely to head to the polls in November have an unfavorable opinion of President Obama, according to a new poll -- an extraordinary development in a state he carried with 62 percent of the vote two years ago.

Just 45 percent of likely New York voters approve of the job Obama is doing as president, compared to 48 percent who disapprove, according to the CNN poll.

NYT: Obama letting big corporations off the hook with ObamaCare waivers - Hot Air

Actually, that’s closer to the headline on MSNBC’s reprint (“White House allows big firms to dodge health reforms”) of this New York Times article than the one in the Times itself (“Waivers Address Talk of Dropping Coverage”), but the meaning is plain either way. Instead of enforcing the ballyhooed standards and mandates for insurers that Congress passed in ObamaCare, Kathleen Sebelius and the White House blinked in the face of bad press and exempted dozens of companies from the law.

BUSTED: Lou Dobbs Hired Illegal Immigrants To Care For His Horses

Lou Dobbs made a career out of bashing illegal immigrants and the employers who hired them while at CNN.

Eventually that got to be too much for CNN, which instead has opted for more middle-of-the-road coverage, and he was forced out.

But while Dobbs became a hero for standing up for his beliefs, it turns out he's also a hypocrite.

A new investigative report by The Nation's investigative arm confirms that he employed illegal immigrants at his horse farm.

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