Friday, October 1, 2010

Retard Obama: "it took time to free the slaves" Retard Van Jones: "The TEA Party Aims to Control Your Life!" Retard Bin Laden: "Climate Change Is “Worse Than War”

Obama says people are impatient but "now's not the time to took time to free the slaves...ultimately we'll make progress." - Weasel Zippers

Folks I’m very sorry because as someone who blogs but honestly I know I’m more of a link junkie sharing the things I have read I sit and I want to write something profound or witty or insightful but that takes a measure of talent and I have no such talent particularly when it comes to saying things about this president. It is official I have run out of things to say about him.

My first browse was Drudge Report this morning and I saw this quote at the top of the page and my first reaction was “is this man losing his fucking mind or what?” Seriously folks… I’ve always said that regardless of how leftists want to view him as this smart intelligent dude, I never thought he was particularly smart. Unlike Bill Clinton who I seriously disliked at the very least I respected him and thought he was a smart dude. Now he was a lying bastard most of the time but I never though he was dumb in fact I would say he is probable one the smartest political figures I’ve seen.

Now for Obama…. I’m pausing here because I don’t know what to say, he is a dolt and the longer his presidency drags on and the more desperate he gets and the more his ratings tank you will continue to see just how stupid this man is.
Folks I’m being honest here, I’m starting to feel sorry for the dude. I said long before the elections when he started to gain political traction and black folks abandoned the Clinton train and hopped on the Obama bandwagon that the worst thing that can happen to Black America is for Obama to be a miserable failure.
So many hopes and dreams of black folks were tied to Obama and if he fails (which he is doing so marvelously) Black America will feel let down.

The best advice anyone can give Obama is shut the fuck up, go into hiding, stop campaigning be as invisible as possible. The lucky thing for those of us who want to see the Democrats buried is that Obama is such a narcissistic bastard he thinks that by people hearing his voice or absorbing his intellect they will forget how jacked up a president he has been.
So Obama don’t take my advice, keep talking and the more you talk and the more folks see your mug on TV means you will systematically and single-handedly destroy the Democratic Party and that is good for America.

Here is another retaeded black man...

Unabashed Marxist Van Jones Warns: The TEA Party Aims to Control Your Life! - The Reaganite Republican via Weasel Zipers

Matt at Conservative Hideout 2.0 dug up this telling clip yesterday (video)- just listen to this propagandist spin like the Tasmanian Devil, good grief. When you get the gist of where where he's is coming-from, the level of power once bestowed upon Van Jones by Dear Leader is unsettling to say the least. And how can we forget the truly pathetic performance as Obama's "Green Jobs Czar", where Jones pissed-away $60B... while creating no jobs?

Osama Bin Laden Goes Green: Tells Muslims Climate Change Is “Worse Than War” - Gateway Pundit

Al-Qaida has released a new audio tape of Osama bin Laden in which the leader of the terror network calls for the creation of a relief body to aid Muslims harmed in natural disasters and wars.

In a copy of the message provided by the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group, bin Laden also criticizes governments in Muslim countries for spending more money on armies than on their citizens.

The message was approximately 11 minutes long and was included in a video showing still images of bin Laden and images of natural disasters, the SITE institute said.

“The number of victims caused by climate change is very big … bigger than the victims of wars,” the voice on the audio tape said according to the AFP news agency.


ABC Wants to (Mis) “Inform” You About Islam - Debbie Schlussel

After 9/11, President Bush and the media–both mainstream and “conservative”–constantly told us baloney about Islam and Muslims, including such falsities as Islam means “peace,” that the hijackers “hijacked the religion” (rather than the other way around–the truth). And many mindless Bush-amen crowd types, along with liberals, bought into this positive view of Islam. Frauds like National Review’s unduly-revered Victor Davis Hanson–who claims to be a great historian and now pretends he knows about Islam–was on C-SPAN giving a lecture, and he told audience members the same fertilizer: that these were just a few hijackers hijacking a religion, that Muslims are actually peaceful around the world, and that historically Muslims, including Mohammed, treated Jews and Christians well. HUH? Remember, this pretentious ignoramus (who has now found “religion”) is a “historian” by profession. A “historian” who was completely ignorant of even the most basic history.
But, now, Bush is gone. And liberal Democrat Obama, the son of a Muslim who is also Muslim under Islamic law and constantly praises Islam (almost as much as Bush did), is in office. So, now, mindless conservatives who sided with Bush and liberals on the Islam is peace BS and the “hijackers hijacked their religion” excrement, have decided to finally come to their senses on Islam (for now).

The federal government changes its guidelines on street signs, costing the taxpayers of New York $27 million to change all of their signs from all-caps.

Thanks For Paying Taxes. Here's A Receipt

Why are illegal immigrants here? Because we hire them.


Screw the insanity...

I’ve got lots to do today…and I’m in a great mood helped by (Giants triumph 4-1, are 1 win from playoffs)and I don’t want Obama’s stupidity to get me down. So I figure why not post something inspirational. As bad as Obama is he can’t totally screw up our great nation.

Most of you folks have seen but I like to watch myself on occasion to be inspired a bit and to remind myself that I can’t let morons like Obama get me down.

You folks have a great weekend!

"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan

President Reagan 1981 Inaugural Address


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