Friday, October 8, 2010

Sharpton Turns Against Audience Over Lack Of Obama Help, SHOCKING: Tea Party Victories Will Make GOP More Conservative!, More SHOCKING: Fat People Cost Us More Money!

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Sharpton Turns Against Audience Over Lack Of Obama Help

Long-simmering tensions between the Reverend Al Sharpton and his syndicated radio listenership appear to have come to a head this week as the longtime political activist directly denounced them.

Essentially calling them lazy and ungrateful, Sharpton has violated the first rule of talk hosting:
never turn against the audience. Never, never, never.

While the monologue began as a garden-variety sermon about the need to become politically involved, it quickly degenerated into a nasty tirade.

Since Obama took office, Sharpton has found himself in the unfortunate position of defending him while the primarily African-American audience phones in to complain about the president's performance. Over time, Sharpton has responded by gradually reducing call-in segments for political topics.

Now, Sharpton finds his political base ungrateful for what he sees as Obama's support for their needs and too lazy or disinterested to help him as a key election approaches.

From Tuesday's program, listen as his unhinged anger is gradually but steadily released over the course of two minutes:


Hardball Panic Attack: Tea Party Victories Will Make GOP More Conservative - Newsbusters

There was almost a full-fledged panic attack on Thursday's "Hardball" as three devout liberal media members fretted over the possibility that Tea Party success at the polls next month could make the GOP more conservative.



Hidden Costs of Obesity Bring Yearly Total to $73 Billion - Live Science

Loss of productivity due to obesity costs as much as medical expenditures for the condition, according to a new study that pegs the cost of obesity among full-time workers in the United States at $73.1 billion per year.

Obesity's hidden costs, the researchers said, stem from the fact that obese people tend to be less productive than normal-weight people while at work — simply accounting for the extra sick days they take misses a big part of the picture.

The study, published today (Oct. 8) in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, took into account medical expenses, sick days and health-related productivity costs associated with obesity. The findings suggest employers could save money by investing in health improvement programs for their employees, the researchers said.

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