Monday, October 4, 2010

Shocking! The Tea Party Is Getting MORE SUPPORT . . From SELLOUT BLACKS!!

Negro website not happy...

The Tea Party Is Getting MORE SUPPORT . . From SELLOUT BLACKS!!

Emmett Bailey is a rare breed: an African-American Republican and tea-party supporter.

Bailey, 62, of Richmond, became a GOP convert under President Ronald Reagan.

"That's when I started to look at principles rather than programs," he said.

Bailey, a small-business owner who works with Inner City Ministries, was intrigued by the tea-party protests last year and saw that it wasn't "just young people causing trouble; it was people like me who have children and grandchildren."

After attending Richmond's own protest, he was sold.

"They realized that the country was drifting and that we the people have the weight, not the politicians," he said. "That's the thing I was really impressed with."

President Barack Obama's policies only have added fuel to the fire, he said.

"Obama came along and took all the bad ideas the Democrats have been trying to push all these years and put them into overdrive," he said. "I've never seen a party that passed everything it wanted to pass, and come time to vote, nobody wants to run on it. It's the strangest thing in history."

Bailey admits he is one of few black tea-party supporters.

"I try to get blacks to understand that our ties to the Democratic Party are purely emotional. They're not based on facts; they're not based on any ideas working in the context of history," he said.

"What's ironic is that, typically, black people tend to live our lives moderate to conservative," he said. "But we're the ones who pay the highest price for the liberal agenda."


An Isolated President Sings to the Choir - The American Spectator

Having spent the last month and a half outside the United States, I returned home late last week wondering what had changed in the land of the free. Where to go to find out? Though this will sound counter-intuitive to most readers, my first stop was

No change there, I thought, unless you count Rahm Emanuel's departure as a significant event, which I don't. One has the eerie sense that time has been standing still for the Obama White House. If the sun has risen or set at any time over the past 45 days, the Obama White House seems not to have noticed. It is locked away in its own little dream world, undisturbed by anything that is happening in the real world. So what if a clear majority of Americans have come to the conclusion that the government is choking off a recovery through too much spending and too much regulation and intervention? So what if this government has become a walking advertisement for the fact that big and quasi-socialist government doesn't work and never will?

The Obamacare Follies- The Weekly Standard

Don’t let Obamacare reach its third birthday.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, aka Obamacare, turned six months old on September 23. Hardly anybody celebrated the occasion, and it isn’t hard to figure out why. Last spring President Obama promised Democrats that supporting the new entitlement would turn out to be a political winner. But, like a lot of Obama promises, this one’s turned out to be a bunch of baloney.

Obamacare is less popular than it was on the day it was born, and it wasn’t popular then, either. Practically the only Democrats who mention the law in campaign ads are those who brag about voting against it. Large numbers of Americans, including a majority of independents, would like to see the law repealed. No wonder the pro-repeal GOP maintains an edge in the congressional generic ballot. As much as the public continues to distrust Republicans, it understands that the first step in undoing this harmful law is giving John Boehner the speaker’s gavel.

The War on the Young - The Weekly Standard
Obama tries to fool them again.

Last week, in an effort to limit the damage to congressional Democrats in November’s elections, President Obama set out in pursuit of the youth vote, traveling to several college campuses to rally the young activists who were so important to his presidential campaign. “What I want to do is just to speak to young people directly and remind them of what I said during the campaign,” he told reporters on Monday.

But rather than listen to the president talk about what he said two years ago, young voters should look at what he has been doing ever since. In fact, it is precisely younger Americans who should be most distressed by Obama’s agenda and governing choices as president: Their future is at stake, and they are on the losing end of his key policies.


Anonymous said...

Coe on bro, get with it. How many blacks will support the Tea Party? Those folks no sooner have you serving tea at the party then let you be their equal.


Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Lefty, I’m sorry I was not able to respond to the other comments, been busy with work stuff but dude c’mon this is what I am talking about when we folks on the right say that you folks on the left are the ones who are absorbed about race.
Exactly what makes someone “equal.” Some of the most racist ignorant ass folks I have ever met was leftist hippie liberals who would approach me and talk about “hey bro, I’m with you bro.”
You must remember I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area so I saw first hand what the likes of Pete Stark, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Ron Dellums and other communist, socialist social engineering types were like and those are your homeboys.
I don’t have to have anyone “accept” me if we are on the same page when it comes to people screwing up our country, stealing our money on the behalf of fairness and running the country into an economic ditch thanks to your people on the left. This is why you hate the tea party types so much.

PeggyU said...

Lefty - Can you please explain why you liberals leave so much trash lying around after your gatherings? I can appreciate a difference of political viewpoints - but the garbage thing is just about manners, plain and simple. Got decency???

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Oh Peggy when I went to the Hillary Clinton rally in DC damn liberals had trash and crap everywhere. Talk about folks who don’t give a damn.

PeggyU said...

Well, I am serious about this question. I mean, WTF? I have signed up to clean up after several local Tea Party events, and ... the only litter I was able to locate was trash that had already obviously been there before (as evidenced by weathering). Even though it wasn't ours, if I saw something that did not look good, I picked it up ... so each time we have left the places we used cleaner than we found them.

There is something fundamentally wrong with a crowd that behaves so piggishly, as the One Nation group did. I want to know what it is that makes people so thoughtless and disrespectful as to dump crap everywhere, and then expect someone else to clean it up.

That attitude is obviously inherent in our current self-indulgent government, which is trashing the future of the next generation without regard or respect for their rights or well being.

RickZ said...

I want to know what it is that makes people so thoughtless and disrespectful as to dump crap everywhere, and then expect someone else to clean it up.

Union work rules.