Friday, October 22, 2010

Union Boss Says Tea Party Advocates “Slavery” 'smell of frying bacon offends Muslims' Idiot: WH's Jarrett: "We Completely Understand" Anger At Bush" Fox News signs Juan Williams to new $2 million deal

CWA Union Boss Says Tea Party Advocates “Slavery” - Red State

Just when you thought the left-wing race baiting over the last year couldn’t get any worse, the Communications Workers of America chief honcho Larry Cohen has sunk to new depths attacking those who do not agree with his socialist agenda.
On Wednesday, the NAACP, in continuing its unfounded “racist” accusations of the Tea Party movement, had a conference call on which the CWA President participated.
According to Big Journalism writer Niger Innis, after the NAACP’s Ben Jealous continued his normal the-tea-parties-are-racist-harangue, his little buddy at the CWA threw the rhetorical grenade out on the call:
The most illuminating part of the call came when “progressive” ally, Larry Cohen of the CWA (Communication Workers of America) revealed the real agenda of the attacks on the Tea Party by the Left, “We disagree with the agenda of the tea party Movement… They advocate slavery,” and this classic gem, “We don’t need 19th century capitalism.”
The Washington Post’s Dana Milibank also wrote about the conference call:
On the conference call, Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen tried to make the case that the Tea Party’s economic policies, too, are evidence of “hate” in the ranks. “It’s an economic agenda that is hateful against workers,” he reasoned. “Most of the proponents that we’re talking about in this report also renounce things like minimum wage and collective bargaining rights…. Whether it’s glorifying slavery or glorifying a managerial system where workers have no voice, the Tea Party is a throwback.”
Slavery? Really, Larry?
Cafe owner ordered to remove extractor fan because neighbour claimed 'smell of frying bacon offends Muslims'
A hard-working cafe owner has been ordered to tear down an extractor fan - because the smell of her frying bacon 'offends' Muslims.
Planning bosses acted against Beverley Akciecek, 49, after being told her next-door neighbour's Muslim friends had felt 'physically sick' due to the 'foul odour'.

Councillors at Stockport Council in Greater Manchester say the smell from the fan is 'unacceptable on the grounds of residential amenity'.
Ok this must be STUPID DAY!

WH's Jarrett: "We Completely Understand" Anger At Bush - Real Clear Politics

"The fact is that people are frustrated and angry, we completely understand because of what happened before the president [Obama] came in and so it's going to take some time," senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett told CNN.
When in doubt, regulate! The Obama administration will propose the first-ever greenhouse gas emission limits for heavy trucks and buses next week.

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NPR's World of Make-Believe - The American Spectator

The great institutions of the political left -- government, academia, and the arts -- are realms of fantasy and self-delusion. They exist to provide a refuge from -- or a tool with which to reshape -- reality. They are massive, expanding universes of make-believe. This week, NPR news analyst Juan Williams -- a man who spent his entire career dealing in facts -- found himself a victim of the creeping ether of fantasy generated by these institutions.

Woman seeks 'Christian roommate,' state cites her for discrimination - WND
Michigan alleges notice posted on church billboard breaks rules

A single, 31-year-old woman in Michigan who posted a note on her church bulletin board seeking a "Christian roommate" to share her residence has been cited by the state for violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against those of other faiths.

The complaint signed by Tyra Khan, a "Civil Rights Representative" of the state of Michigan Department of Civil Rights, surfaced when the Alliance Defense Fund announced today it was representing the woman.

ADF spokesman Joel Oster confirmed the organization sent a letter to the state explaining that such housing rules don't apply to people living in their own homes and wanting to share their resources.

"[Tricia] is a single lady looking for a roommate. She is not a landlord. She does not own a management company. She does not run an apartment complex. She is a single person seeking to have a roommate live with her in her house," the letter said.

"She is not prohibited by either federal law or state law from seeking a Christian roommate. Neither Title VII of the US Fair Housing Civil Rights Act of 1968 nor the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act No. 453 prevents a woman like [her] from seeking a Christian roommate."

Gotta take a break... all of this crazy shit is giving me a headache!

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