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Criminal Charlie Rangel, Shocking: Tea partiers are rigging “Dancing with the Stars! WTF! 'Gay Coffins' Your Fat Ass Kids, Napolitano sued for 'degrading' searches Obama's aides thought ObamaCare was nutty, The Liberal Mind Rejects Sad Facts

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) was convicted Tuesday on 11 counts of violating House ethics rules. Now what?

California in the tank ... Texas economy growing. The differences? This from Forbes Magazine.

"GOP Budget Cowardice" You think the Republicans are dedicated to reducing the deficit? Better read this.

Dumb new “scandal”: Tea partiers are rigging “Dancing with the Stars” for Bristol Palin or something - Hot Air

I'm telling you this world is so fucked up... more proof...

Fabulous: 'Gay Coffins' With Homoerotic Artwork - Jamie Wearing Fool

Funeral directors in Germany are bidding for the pink pound - by launching coffins specially designed for gay customers.

The caskets feature homoerotic artwork on the outside and come with a series of tastefully luxurious plush designer interiors, say makers Mike Konigsfeld and Tom Brandl in Cologne, Germany.

The designers - who have lived together for more than 10 years - say the images of muscular young men in classical poses are the perfect way to send off a loved one.
According to the new Politico poll, only 26% of the public believes that Barack Obama will be reelected as president in 2012.

Obama to the center? Nope. Sorry. He can't do it. He's incapable.

Tony Blankley says that we're in a race against time to balance the budget. When are we going to get out of the starting block?

Do you really think you have a handle on just how much your children owe? I think not. You ought to read this.

A liberal Democrat on PrezBo's deficit commission laid out a plan Tuesday to reduce the budget deficit by $427 billion in 2015, mostly through raising taxes.

Feds Admit $125 Billion in Bogus Payments, Call It 'Progress'

Federal government employees owe $3.3 billion dollars in delinquent tax payments.

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe is going down swinging, insisting he'll still send earmarks to his state even though his fellow Senate Republicans are poised to adopt a two-year ban on pet projects.

What did Obama's aides think about him signing ObamaCare? They thought he was nuts.

Here's a list of states according to their earmark ratios - how much they take in in federal earmarks relative to the amount of taxes paid.

The Democrat response to high unemployment was Herbert Hoover-like, according to a member of the House Democratic leadership team.

Democrats can't decide whether or not they like the idea of Nancy Pelosi maintaining her leadership position.
What group of Democrats in the House did not support Nancy Pelosi's leadership bid?


Fat and Fatuous - The American Spectator

America is riddled with disease, and your child is probably infected. You may already know this. After all, much like leprosy and acne, obesity can be detected from a few yards away, and the opportunities to observe it are everywhere.
In the United States, potbellies and thunder thighs are the look that never goes out of fashion. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 17 percent of children and adolescents are now obese. As for adults, 30 percent were obese in 2000, as compared to 13 percent in 1960.
Despite its growing prevalence, obesity is a trend without a friend. People lose their patience with love handles the more of them they find.
If you forget about the glut of oversized guts, the government will remind you. September was America's first-ever Childhood Obesity Awareness Month -- the same month, as it happens, that kids go back to school and resume their bullying and teasing of each other. Increasingly, though, it is adults doing the finger-pointing.


Big Sis Napolitano sued for 'degrading' searches - WND

'Given the profane, intrusive, indecent nature, they are patently unreasonable'

A lawsuit was filed today against Janet Napolitano and the Transportation Security Administration alleging that the invasive airport "security" procedures instituted at President Obama's instructions are "profane, degrading, intrusive and indecent" and are both "unreasonable and violative of the Fourth Amendment."

The case was filed in federal court for the District of Columbia by John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute and others on behalf of two veteran pilots, Michael S. Roberts and Ann Poe.

The issue of the invasion of privacy demanded by the TSA at airport security checkpoints – passengers are given the option of an X-ray that reveals a virtually nude image for government agents to see or a hands-on-all-body-parts pat-down – has exploded in recent days.


The Liberal Mind Rejects Sad Facts  - TownHall

By Dennis Prager

I recently devoted my biweekly column in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles to analyzing why most Jews believe that people are basically good despite the fact that this belief is neither rational nor Jewish. In a lifetime of teaching and writing on Judaism, I have never encountered a single normative statement in 3,000 years of Jewish writing that asserted that man is basically good.

As I expected, the reaction -- apparently all from Jewish liberals -- was entirely negative. Almost an entire page of the journal was devoted to letters attacking me. One of the seven letters -- from a prominent Hollywood screenwriter -- bordered on hysteria.

The question is, why?

Why would liberals in general, and Jewish liberals in particular -- given the Jews' singularly horrific history at the hands of other human beings -- react so strongly against someone who wrote that people are not basically good?

In my original article, I offered one explanation: Since the Enlightenment, the secular world has had to believe in man (or "humanity") because if you don't believe in God and you don't believe in humanity, you will despair.

But one critic opened my eyes to an even deeper reason most liberals do not acknowledge that people are not basically good.

This is what he wrote:

"What a sad world it would be if we all believed as Dennis Prager that mankind is inherently evil."

And this is what I responded:

"I did not write that man is inherently evil. I wrote that he is not basically good. And, yes, that does make the world sad. So do disease, earthquakes, death and all the unjust suffering in the world. But sad facts remain facts."

"A distinguishing characteristic of liberals and leftists," I concluded, "is their aversion to acknowledging sad facts."

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