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Gallup shows only 20% thinks ObamaCare “about right” - WTF is Quantitative Easing? Don’t Go Soft on Racist Left, Steele Coalition In Danger Of Collapse and lots of other reads...

Gallup shows only 20% thinks ObamaCare “about right” - Hot Air

Democratic leaders and liberal pundits urged Democratic incumbents to run on their support for ObamaCare, but most of them had enough sense not to take that advice. And for good reason, as the new Gallup poll demonstrates. The poll shows twice as many people think Congress went to far as those who like the bill as is, and even those on the Left aren’t thrilled with it (via Jim Geraghty):
Americans are most likely to say the healthcare law passed earlier this year goes too far (42%), while 29% say it does not go far enough and 20% say it is about right. Those who believe the law goes too far tend to favor repealing it and passing a new bill as opposed to scaling back the existing bill or repealing the law and not passing new legislation in its place.
The Nov. 4-7 USA Today/Gallup poll finds that most Americans are generally dissatisfied with the law — 20% describe it as “about right.


The truth about these proposed spending cuts from Obama's deficit commission co-chairs.

The Godfather donates a Christmas tree to the city of Palm Beach.  Read the story ... then read the comments.  Liberals are truly (as one comment says) "some of the most hate-filled, vile, nasty, rude, inconsiderate people on the face of the earth."

The latest column from George Will: 2010 a banner year for conservatives.

The deficit commission proposal called for eliminating a division of the Education Department run by one of the most controversial Obama appointees: Kevin Jennings, the safe schools czar.

On the very day that there were riots in the streets of London over the U.K. government severe spending cuts, America outlined a plan to avoid a similar fate.

a state-by-state preview of 2012 redistricting.

According to Barack Obama, America's gift to the world is spending.

The decision-makers who grant lavish packages to government workers have no reason to exercise restraint, and no one is looking out for the taxpayers.  The problem is that no one cares about Other People's Money.

Legally, Obama is the commander-in-chief. But culturally and sociologically speaking, he is the narcissist-in-chief. His favorite subject is himself!

Who doesn't want ObamaCare repealed?  The insurance and drug industries!

Now this is reform I can believe in!  If you refuse work, the government will stop your unemployment benefits.

Did you know that FoxNews is responsible for killing climate change legislation?

NPR says that it is "imperative" that its federal funding not be cut.

One of Princess Pelosi's last official tasks as Speaker of the House will be lighting the Capitol Christmas tree.

The childhood story "The Three Little Pigs" gets a PC makeover.

Don’t Go Soft on Racist Left - The Black Sphere

Though this election was a resounding defeat of white Liberals and the policies of Obama, members of the Congressional Black [Progressive and Socialist] Caucus went essentially unscathed. Black people continued to support these government-funded extortionists, despite the destruction these black overseers have wreaked in black neighborhoods. Blacks seem annoyed at the idea that Obama lost ground in the last two years, and the Right is said to be taking the country back.

The Right would argue that they are taking the country back from the socialist policies that have weakened the country. Back to the Constitution.

Blacks argue differently, saying that Conservatives want to take black people back to slavery. This may explain why black Democrats continue to allow ineffective and criminal leaders to be their caretakers.

One thing is for sure: Black Democrats love handouts. They know that the Congressional Black Caucus will continue to fight for these handouts, which black Democrats now consider “entitlements.” Payback for slavery.
Quantitative Easing: At a Certain Point You’ve Made Enough Money - Gateway Pundit

How can you tell when your money’s in trouble? When your betters in Washington create new jargon. There was a time when it was called debasing the currency, then it was called printing money, today it’s called quantitative easing: “All three mean the same thing: the government is going to create money to pay its obligations and, in so doing, your money is going to become less valuable.”
OUTRAGE: US Taxpayer Bailed Out GM Soon to be Owned by Kuwait, Saudis - Debbie Schlussel

It was bad enough when U.S. taxpayers bailed out General Motors and were forced to put the Obama administration in charge of the American auto giant.  What’s even more disturbing is that after U.S. taxpayers bailed it out and built it back up, the government of Kuwait may soon own a large chunk.  In other words, the U.S. taxpayers were forced to “invest” in GM but Kuwait–and several other intolerant, bigoted Muslim nations–will get the return on investment. And don’t forget how American creditors of GM were forced by the Obamaniacs to “take a haircut” on what was owed to them.

Steele Coalition In Danger Of Collapse  - National Journal
As he contemplates running for a second term, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele is on the verge of losing his coalition of supporters. Even some of those closest to the controversial chairman have begun urging him to step aside.

Strategists familiar with the RNC who both support and oppose Steele agree there are between 40 and 50 of the 168 voters who will back Steele for a second term. Another 40 to 50 members will definitely vote for someone else. The remaining members, numbering between 88 and 68, are undecided.

Meanwhile, a group of prominent Republicans led by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie are searching for a consensus candidate capable of defeating Steele. Though they have not settled on a challenger, and in fact are unlikely to find a consensus choice, strategists who both support and oppose Steele say coalitions are forming now to deny Steele a second term.

Underscoring the difficulty Steele will have: Prominent RNC members have approached Wisconsin Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus about the possibility of running for national chairman. Priebus has listened to entreaties from several members, including Mississippi national committeeman Henry Barbour, as first reported by the Washington Post and Wisconsin national committeeman Steve King, as well as from other Steele supporters.

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