Thursday, November 4, 2010

The House Is Republican And It Ain't Going Back, Surprise! Men vote for the hotter female candidate, Kevin Jackson wrote the book on how to win (white) friends and influence (black) people

A Republican Correction Of Errors: We Could Have Won More- Liberty Pundits
After a major business initiative, a good working group assesses the effort and breaks down what worked and what failed and issues a report that entails the Correction Of Errors. This report is meant to inform and help, even encourage, while also illuminating points of weakness and even outright failure. The goal is to avoid making such mistakes again and creating another effort that is even more successful.

In that spirit, I thought I’d write up my own version of a Correction of Errors from the election.

1. Meg Whitman Campaign: A couple lessons– picking a candidate for expedience and self-funding is stupid. The campaign was the biggest waste of resources in the history of wasted political resources and that’s including all the idiots who donated to Alan Grayson.


The House Is Republican And It Ain't Going Back - The New Republic

Republicans won a huge victory in the House, and -- as Nate Silver explained at 4:15 AM, a time stamp that makes me only slightly skeptical of his conclusion -- they won more seats than you'd expect given their share of the overall vote. This is the third straight "wave" election in the House, and one might think the pattern could recur for a while, with control shifting back and forth. I doubt it. Get used to Republican control of the House of Representatives. It's going to stay that way for a long time.

NCBI ROFL: Surprise! Men vote for the hotter female candidate.

METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDING: Male and female voters judged a series of male and female political candidates on how competent, dominant, attractive and approachable they seemed based on their facial appearance. Then they saw a series of pairs of political candidates and decided which politician they would vote for in a hypothetical election for President of the United States. Results indicate that both gender of voter and candidate affect the kinds of facial impressions that predict voting behavior. All voters are likely to vote for candidates who appear more competent. However, male candidates that appear more approachable and female candidates who appear more attractive are more likely to win votes. In particular, men are more likely to vote for attractive female candidates whereas women are more likely to vote for approachable male candidates.


Kevin Jackson wrote the book on how to win (white) friends and influence (black) people - River City Times - St. Louis

Compared to that radical reinterpretation of history, it doesn't seem so weird that a black man would be addressing the Tea Party. Sure, it's rumored to be composed of a bunch of angry racist wing nuts who wave banners comparing President Obama to Hitler and spit on members of the Congressional Black Caucus, which includes Congressman John Lewis, the last of the civil-rights icons. But then again, this is the month that fourteen African Americans are running for Congress as Republicans, some of them supported by — can it be? — the Tea Party.

What exactly is going on here?

Allow our man at the mic to explain.

"I've had to defend myself against charges of being a race traitor," he tells the crowd. "Against what race? The human race? The left has wielded racism like a dirty nuclear weapon and destroyed blacks and whites. We're being robbed, politically castrated. Have you had enough?"

"Yeah!" shout the faithful.

"We're all warriors!" he yells back. "I fight not for money, not for notoriety, but because I love this country. This is a historic moment for us. We're the next Greatest Generation. And I'm a Bible-clutching, gun-loving American — who happens to be black!"

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