Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking Back... Folks I saw this coming from a mile away...

Thanks to Obama we are about to witness how one individual can not only destroy a country but also can destroy a political party.

So I wanted to repost what I said back in the day and how nothing that will happen at the polls today will shock me.
I’ve said it millions of times Barrack Obama will go down in history as the worst president in American history. If Obama cares about the country or at the very least his party he would not run for a second term.
Hey I can dream can’t I?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Some Discombobulated Thoughts on Magic Negro Day
If Obama can’t hook his own brotha up, how is he going to help you?

Since I am now “the man” of course because of the ascension of the Magic Negro to the American throne, will I now be able to walk into a restaurant or a bar or any other business establishment without white people looking at me funny? LOL!

I have this nagging urge to just walk into a place and shout “we run this muthafucka now, Obama DC boi!”

It is painfully obvious that even with the election of the Magic Negro I am still simply a black man and not a man at least according to all of these white people on TV and on NPR today.

For years we Negros caused a ripple effect in certain circumstances when we entered a bar full of white folks or a church full of white folks kinda like a “guess who's coming to dinner” moment, we Negros still seen by some white people as nothing more than circus freaks. I can still recall young white kids staring at me and whispering to their mommies “why does that black guy have such funny hair?” when I was younger. Today since I now wear this huge afro white folks think I am from outer space, it’s funny.

Hopefully since Obama will be on TV all the damm time now little white kids will now have a better understanding of hair textures, ashy hands and big lips.
Hopefully now white kids will not assume that all black men wear baggy pants, have a bunch of gold shit in their mouths and can carry on a conversation without screaming profanity into a microphone.

Maybe some white people will believe me when I tell them that “I do indeed work here.”

Some time ago, when I was still new at my job I had this dude walk into my office and saw me sitting in MY chair, went out tried to find someone ANYONE else. I finally walked out and asked him, who are you looking for? I ALREADY KNEW IT WAS ME, he said my name and acknowledged I was that individual and he gave me what I described on my blog entry as the "oh shit he's a Negro look" ANY black person would know exactly what I am talking about.

It would have been more amusing if it did not happen so frequently even today in 2009.
These behaviors don't just grab you and slap you in on the forehead, where you white folks can say OOOP DERE IT TIS! Ah but a new day is here at last!

This is the deeper more psychological meaning of racism and racists behavior. It is the difference between a roaring river and a gentle stream. The gentle stream seems peaceful unassuming but it causes erosion nonetheless.
I don’t know about you, but if I were white I would find what I have heard and read today a little disturbing and disheartening.
Liberal news folks are trying their best to let you white people know that this is not your country anymore.
Liberal white folks, particularly those on the TV over the last few days have been constantly reminding all of us that this is an ENORMOUS day for mankind.
This gentle stream of liberal gushing over Obama’s rise to power DESPITE you evil white people will come back to haunt these idiot liberals.
This very subtle whitey bashing is pretty fucked up and if I had a young child I’d be careful of what they listened to and what they will take out of today’s “historic” events.


Here is a little hint for you white people. Now keep in mind that as soon as the last bleacher is torn down from the streets of DC Negros will crawl back into the hoods across America and they will no doubt start to slowly tear down Obama and all of the hope shit Obama preached along the campaign trail will be tossed into the distant memory files.
Now the hint is, if you want to know what black folks really think about Obama, (besides visiting this blog, because I will let you know) go visit a barber or beauty shop.
You see all of the Negro gushing over Obama and his presidency will quickly grind to a halt when Negros figure out that all the bullshit Obama promised will mysteriously be put on the back burner.
Black folks are all about “what’s in it for me” or “can you hook a brotha up.” If you promise a Negro something and don’t deliver they will be on your doorstep in a heartbeat.

Obama will not have to worry about evil white people or evil conservative types, Obama will have to worry about paying back the Negros who helped him steal the election.
Now how will the drama unfold? Will black folks forgive the Magic Negro and say that “whitey” didn’t allow him to do many of the things he promised or will they call him a Negro sock puppet and focus all of the blame for their miserable lives and ghetto failings on another lying ass black politician similar to those individuals running some of America’s finest cities.

One way or another Negros will find a way to still play the race game and I’m sure there will be legions of darkies coming out of the woodworks to appear on all kinds of TV shows with daily assessments on just how much improvement has taken place in Negrodom after the Magic Negro set up shop in da Black House.

I tried to glance at some TV during the festivities today. Prior to the Magic Negros election, I would have thought that kids were taught that racism is gone or was greatly diminished. However after listening to some folks and reading several articles over the last few days by liberals you would have thought that just days ago we black folks were still in chains.
Even today when Negros should be happiest - this race shit is still being recycled and shoved down our collective throats.

Like it or not liberal white people hold the key to this racial quandary. Remember Negros don’t own any TV networks and are not in charge of any major media outlets. But even with the Magic Negro being sworn in today I’m still afraid that I’m going to have to listen to liberal white folks and conniving racial pimp black folks continue to stir the racial pot.

A line from "A Time to Kill" can't say it any clearer "you don't see me as a man, you see me as a black man." None of this shit will change until liberal white folks stop shoving racial identity (particularly Obama’s) down out throats.

I’ll know that this country has made significant positive racial strides when I don’t have to keep hearing from idiot ass liberals constantly saying this same ole crap about the “first black” whatever the fuck.

As stated on the top of my blog Obama taking the Oath of office today does not make me more of a man nor do I view his presidency as some sort of personal affirmation.
My feelings today are the same feelings I would have no matter who took the oath of office.
I wish him well because as I said before his failures are our failures.

For me the bottom line is this, if you are black and regard Obama’s presidency as some sort of personal kudo or you think that “this is NOW your country too,” then you likely are still wearing mental shackles so binding that nothing Obama does will help you change your mindset of being a second class citizen.
Dude can only be president for 8 years, when then next white person takes over the presidency will you retreat back into your mental jail and declare that America is “not yours” again?

Black folks have achieved great things, far greater than an individual becoming president.
Obama simply won a popularity contest he is merely the “spokesperson” for American ideals and values.

If you want to celebrate an achievement that could not be matched in any other country, that of a half black man becoming the leader of a country where his racial demographic is but a small part of this nation then fine, I’ll concede that today is a great day.
But again another white man or woman will be president and if after Obama’s term in office you are still a whining bitter Negro still blaming whitey you will not have any more race cards to play. Game over.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
More Random thoughts: Obama, Negros and Democrats… I was wrong….

Since Obama is now the (HNIC) Head Nigga in Charge, I was in the mood to go back and revisit some of my old material and see what I ranted about years ago.

October 19, 2005

“there will not be a black prez in our lifetime, unlike most people I don't even process the thought. This is a white country and the majority of people regardless of the political affiliation want someone to lead them that "look" like them. I'm stealing these thoughts from Susan Estrich at a lecture she gave awhile back, but it’s not necessarily "racism". White people want to live next to people who look like them, have the same supposed interests as them, who attend the churches that they do, party at the bars they party at and so on.
But Negros as well as some other colored folk is still the great unknown to
some whites.
There are still large segments of people in this country who have never even been introduced to a Negro, you honestly think that want dem people running Da Gubment!! Not likely.”

Who knew, shit I was wrong, what ya gonna do…

On the old blog I received an e-mail from a young black kid who found my blog and found my hyper conservatism very unusual so he hung around the blog for awhile.
Basically he ranted on why “African Americans shouldn’t vote in the coming election”.
He ranted that “African Americans” are taken for granted and thought withholding their vote would send a message.
Unfortunately he revealed himself to be a tad bit misguided as he quoted Jesse Jackson as his inspiration clueless to the fact that Jesse Jackson was, hell still is an opportunist and an extortionist. Jackson’s boycotts have made Jackson a multi-millionaire and done little for the black community.

After some chatting back and fourth dude without realizing it brilliantly summed up in a few words the entire philosophy of Negro voter. “There is only one party we can vote for”. He had never been told voting is the way we change those persons we disagree with. He had never been told the purpose of a two party political system is to generate responsibility through competition. He had never been told, “You do have a choice.” and it’s that “choice” that provides a better brand of leadership.

Today I wonder where that dude is and what he is thinking today after no doubt participating in the campaign of Obama and now seeing him take the oath of office.

In one of my replies I quoted a black professor who in 2005 had a blog where he was one of the few black individuals in academia who gave a complete history of black folks.
In one of his articles he gave a short history of Blacks America before 1900. How the first black who came to the new world was Pedro Alonzo Nino in 1492 as the navigator of the Nina. One of Columbus ships. Crispus Attucks led the first uprising against the British in the American Revolution. In 1770, Benjamin O Davis Sr. born in 1877 became the first General in the Army. His son Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Commanded the Tuskegee Air man in WW II and became a General as well. The first American Flag planted at the North Pole was placed there by a black man. The first street lights installed in New York where installed by a black man. Some of the inventions and discoveries of black men are air brakes on trains, shoes designed to fit each foot, granulated sugar, the first research and development for a verity of uses for peanuts. There are so many more.

I used this brief history lesson to prove to this dude that Blacks are indeed as qualified as any one when presented with the challenge and the opportunity and not restrained by bigotry or political mandates.

The article went on to point out a New York Times World Almanac list of sixty-seven noted Blacks in Americans history men who defied slavery, racial bias, un-equal opportunity to go on to create a spot in history. They did it with out affirmative action or government grants. They did it with the belief they were their own masters.

This is why all of the gushing over Obama personally bothered me to some extent.
And as a black man I’ll freely admit that this Obama gushing is frankly embarrassing.
Now I know that people are entitled to their opinions and we are all free to express it, but I know that all of the black gushing and fawning over Obama was because it was like Obama was the first black dude to ever achieve anything significant in America when that is not even close to being accurate.
Obama gives uneducated Negros more of a reason to cling onto the typical liberal mindset.
As I said yesterday, Obama is “gonna hook a brotha up,” or he will provide this vision that Negros can achieve anything as if they never had another Negro to look up to or admire.

Now we all know why the Democratic Party controls the Black vote. They have given so much to the black community; so much they deserve their vote so say your typical conniving liberal politician.
Democrats created ghettos and call it public housing. They divided husband and wife and called it welfare. They created illegitimate children and call it assisting dependent children. They gave substandard nutrition and called it food stamps. They deprived fundamental education and called it compassion. The promoted advanced education on unqualified and children and called it affirmative action. They ignore the effects of drugs and immoral behavior (Maury baby mama drama) and call it civil liberties. In fact the only time they embrace the “Black community” is at election time.
Just like clockwork here come those wearing tricked out silk suits, Rolex watches, driving pimped up cars with the gold teeth rambling something in Ebonics eager to screw over their brothas and sistas. They moved in to take advantage of a community not ready for what a single stroke of a pen gave them.

I have read numerous articles with right wingers hammering the Republican party in general because Republicans have ignored the “Black community”, although President Bush tried to extend an open hand to the “Black community” offering black folks numerous presidential appointments to high office positions. Oh but that did not matter because they we nothing more than Negro puppets doing the bidding of a white man just like any other house nigger, yes I know.

But for me the next 4 years will be interesting; the Democratic Party the party of handouts now has the top Socialist dog in the White House.
Remember the You Tube video of the lady saying that she does not have to worry about putting gas in her car because Obama I guess was going to pump the fucken gas for her.
We on the right have written post after post giving reasons why Negros should not vote for Democrats because Negros should vote for a candidate that will offer more than handouts. We lament Negros for their narrow choices because common sense would dictate that any sane individual would demand more than just simple rhetoric they should demand action.

What is going to happen if Obama can’t deliver the goods?
Black folks crying and celebrating Obama’s inauguration like they are newly freed slaves, think about it, Obama is the man now and all of the goods Negros have been bitching about for years, when those goods can’t be delivered what the fuck are they going to do. If he fails who will Negros turn to for support and hope, just who will they blame for their miserable trifling ghetto existence (AO) as Spike Lee says after Obama.

We use to warn Negros to dismiss their black masters like the NAACP and other groups who would charge Negros for stealing their money, stealing their dignity, stealing their opportunities and their right to be called an American without adding the obligatory Negro hyphen just to brand themselves as second-class citizens.
Never mind that it was never white America who insisted on the hyphenated identity it was you retarded fucks in the Negro community who insisted on the separate identity.
Obama is in charge now are you still going to be hyphenated Americans.

For the sakes of Negros everywhere, Obama must succeed. Negros are already in a fucked up state of confusion, just imagine the state of mind of Negros if the Magic Negro fails to produce the magic many Negros are so hopeful of?

Just wondering?


Monday, January 5, 2009
How Long Will It Be Before White People Turn On Obama?

In one of last ranting on my old blog I bemoaned the fact that Obama was elected because there were shit loads of guilty ass white or more accurate gullible ass white people who decided that a black man needed to be president to heal the racial divide that grips this nation.
Never mind that the majority of white people who voted for Obama I bet have few black friends or counterparts.
I would bet that the 30 percent of white people who voted for Obama has never had a black individual in their home, 50 percent of more has never attended church with a black individual, 20 percent has never had a black classmate, and 70 percent has never had a black boss.
I have no proof of these statistics but to any of you white people who doubt my findings feel free to have this discussion at your next dinner party or martini bash and fill me in on the findings.

Obama did not win the “white vote” although liberals touted the fact that Obama’s electoral victory was some sort of racial breakthrough.
While it's certainly true that enough white people voted for Obama to put him in the Oval Office fact is that a majority of white people did not.
Obama beat John McCain in the popular vote by an impressive seven-point margin; McCain beat Obama among white voters by an even more impressive 12-point margin. Obama got 53 percent of the broad electorate to vote for him but only 43 percent of the white electorate. All white voters period.

There has been little coverage on Obama's white-vote deficit. A rare exception was a Times article "Level of White Support for Obama a Surprise", which predicted that Obama would fail to win a majority of white votes before moving on to the more hopeful news that Obama had made greater inroads among whites than most recent Democratic predecessors. The sad reality is that no Democratic candidate for president since Lyndon Johnson has won a majority of white votes.

Now I’m not saying that any white vote against Obama must be counted as racist.
White people have all sorts of reasons for deciding who they vote for and most (though not all) white conservatives would have a hard time justifying a vote for any Democratic presidential candidate.
Nor am I saying that all or even most Republican voters harbor racial prejudice against Negros. Although a majority of whites was never going to vote for a black Democrat in 2008, it's entirely possible that a majority of whites might have voted for a black Republican.
Before this election I said that I would never see a black man as president in my lifetime, but I also said that if a black man were to be elected as president it would certainly be a black Republican and not a Democrat.
Remember more whites voted for Obama than for the very white John Kerry or Al Gore. That doesn't sound like racist behavior. It's Democrats who most whites dislike, not black people.

Even I refused to see the writing on the wall the certainty of an Obama election victory.
I predicted for months that Obama would not win the election because there would eventually be enough white people who would come to their senses and say to themselves this Negro has more baggage than the belly of a 747.
I had arguments with a number of white liberal types that the revelations of Obama’s Rev Wright ties and his socialist leanings would certainly doom his presidency.
Who knew that there would actually be You Tube videos with young white kids who did not even know what the hell a socialist was.
Now I knew that our latest generation of young people (in particular young whites) were developing into the most clueless bunch of retards in American history but after actually speaking to young people who were actively working in Obama’s campaign knew just about enough of Obama to fill a post it note I should have come to my senses and correctively read the tea leaves.

Now I’m sure you all have seen the You Tube clips of Howard Stern as one of his interns interviewed a bunch of black people and switched the political views of Obama and McCain and they were not the wiser.
I expect that level of stupidity out of a great number of black folks but not white folks in general.

You want to know who a black person will vote for, the person who promises the most.
Black people are all about gimmie, gimmie, gimmie and style over substance.
You can put a nice old white cracka in a sporty suit promising to name a crime plagued street after Martin Luther King and he will win the black vote.
Put an old cotton top whitey in the pulpit of a black church and have him say “thank you Jesus” a couple of times and he will win the black vote.

Yes millions of whites folks bit the bullet and punched the Negro into the Oval Office but white folks want results especially white liberals.
From the animal rights nuts, to gay rights, to anti-war loony liberals, liberalism is wrought with constituencies that need to be fed from the government tit.
Liberals are innately selfish and can only care about one thing at a time.
Global warming has nothing to do with saving a whale or saving a dog from the clutches of an ex football player. Homelessness has nothing to do with a communities need for corporate job development and high taxation.
War is evil, killing is wrong except when Hamas launches missiles towards innocent Israelis because Palestinians are angry that the world refuses to see their way of thinking.
The fact that these nutty Muslims routinely use civilians as war shields but it is America that is the great evil at least until Obama launches his first missile strike then the use of excessive force will not doubt be necessary.

The Magic Negro is simply not capable of keeping all of these fragmented constituencies satisfied.
When Obama flashes the black hand side showing his contempt for these over zealous liberals they will turn on him in a heartbeat.

Oh and let me not forget the liberal media, the individuals who orchestrated his improbable victory. This is easy; the liberal media is in the tank financially. Newspapers are closing everyday, revenues are plummeting. Having another old white dude at the helm of the country would have no doubt been boring.
Having a half white dude with the mannerisms of a typical “brotha” there is a never ending array of stories that can be written about him.
Remember the stories about Obama’s and Michelle’s “fist bump” rednecks thought it was some sort of Negro code.
There was a recent blog entry celebrating Michelle Obama’s phat ass, “we finally have a lady with a booty in the White House.”
There will no doubt be Iron Chef episodes featuring southern cooking such as the proper way to fry chicken and catfish and the proper amount of fatback to add to Collard Greens and features on black folks love of grits and pork skins.

I even read an article on how more white people are inviting black people to parties. Black people have now become the latest fashion accessory. Black people will no doubt soon be available for rent.

Afro wigs will be the new fashion add-on. White girls will soon have larger asses than black girls and they will not be afraid to flash em.

All of this sounds amusing… for now. But one thing I know is a white person will not tolerate being broke and suffering for long.
Many of my right leaning friends told me numerous times that they wanted Obama to win because he will likely take America down a liberal path so steeped in misery and failure that the pendulum will swing back far to the right.

Before the elections I saw Obama as an excessively arrogant individual eager to take this country in some sort of socialist excursion.
However after seeing him basically rehire a bunch of Bill Clinton’s old Democratic hacks I find him to be even less confident in his abilities and his political insight. He is not even willing to sacrifice his own political capital to invest in new smart upcoming political minds, the type of folks that would bring about this “change” he touted so much.
I mean if I were elected as president I would not have a single individual who served in a prior administration in my cabinet particularly if my campaign was all about change.

If he fails he can say that he tried to surround himself with individuals from the last “successful” Democratic administration so when he runs for re-election in four years against Hillary he can point to “Clinton” failures instead of Obama failures. Pretty savvy Negro if I do say so myself.

However when the stories of Obama’s blackness and Negroness wears thin and taxpayers grow weary of one bailout after another and the massive expansion of government the whites who voted for him will turn on him quickly while the rest of white America debates whether or not elevating this particular Negro to the highest office was in the best interest of this nation.

There are already stories about how black Democrats are already angry that he does not have enough black people in his administration. So people you tell my how long you think this honeymoon will last?



Anonymous said...

Magic-y, Magic-y, Magic-y,

Think if your guy McShame were elected the unemployment rates would be lower? If McShame were president think debts in places like Illinois would be lower?


The fact is no matter whom would be in the White House this month the economy would be in the crapper. We were led down his path by YOUR president Bush II.

Yep, the false Marxist Obama has contribted to the national debt like crazy but Bush II started it.


PeggyU said...

I’ll know that this country has made significant positive racial strides when I don’t have to keep hearing from idiot ass liberals constantly saying this same ole crap about the “first black” whatever the fuck.

I don't know what to say here, exactly. I'm finding myself in agreement with both you and dork face up there in the first comment. I think it's time to step back from both of these parties and start sorting out candidates by character. It is hard when there is such a dearth of character, though!

For example, I had thought I liked what I saw in Star Parker - she's not perfect, but she is someone who has learned from her mistakes and who professes some solid conservative ideals. But then I got this email asking for support because of the historic significance of having a black GOP female congresswoman ... and it doesn't sit well with me. "Black" and "female" should be irrelevant, and currently the label "GOP" is verging on irrelevant as well. This email pushed it closer to the edge for me. I suppose the race/gender card was played to appeal to minority women on the mass email list - but it assumes a low standard of thinking which I think I would find kind of insulting were I being targeted. I can't say what this means to black women, but I can certainly say that as a woman I don't really see "the first female (whatever)" as a real deal maker or breaker. It makes an interesting entry in the Guiness Book of World Records, perhaps, or might be useful to Jeopardy contestants. Certainly it could be seen as a notable personal accomplishment. But it doesn't really change the landscape in any substantial way.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Fact is lefty McCain was not elected and the blame Bush crap did not work. Talk to the folks in Ohio and Michigan, talk to the folks who lost their homes, talk to the number of folks I’ve interviewed for jobs many with Masters degrees applying for jobs making a fraction what they were making. They aren’t thinking about what Bush did they know who screwed this economy with bailouts and stimulus crap. You folks on the left can do all the political spin you want but the fact is this is Obama’s and Obama’s alone and as Democrats are escorted out of office all they will be thinking is “damn this nigga fucked us all!” Not Bush screwed us.

Anonymous said...

I wish more blacks like yourself would speak out like this. A friend recommended your blog and I can see why. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Dork face? Peggy U the bashing of dorks has to stop. I give dorks a bad name.

Look, I agree we need better characters in politics on both sides.Yet it never ceases to amaze me folks who think the GOP is the party of the working man.

And dear, Magic-y. This economic plight did not suddenly appear since January, 2009. It was a loooong time coming and Bush II is to also blame.