Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What the F is a “black media chief?” Leftist Website Calls for Hillary’s “Scalp" Great: TSA Scanners Increase Cancer Risk to Everyone, Cali Democrats don’t care about poor people, The World Sucks Report Headlines...

Lewis named black media chief - Politico

Kevin Lewis has been promoted to be the White House director of African American media. He has been working for press secretary Robert Gibbs and was the spokesman to African American media for the Presidential Inaugural Committee.
What the fuck is a “black media chief?” Really? Seriously? Is it because black people are not sophisticated enough to watch Meet the Press or The McLaughlin Group?

Hey ease up folks I did not say that… Obama did!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Video of Obama: Black people not sophisticated enough to watch "Meet The Press" The Blogprof

The audio level is a little low, but the slight comes at the 0:25 mark:

Assuming of course that it is a slight. I don't watch the show either. That aside, this was a meeting with just black bloggers. Can you imagine what would have happened if Bush held a bloggers meeting with only whites?

Partial transcript via RCP:

"The media is changing so rapidly that websites, like you guys do every day, do two things. Number one, it allows us to reach audiences that may not be watching Meet The Press. I’m just saying, it might be a different demographic."


Woah! Leftist Website Calls for Hillary’s “Scalp” After Wikileaks’ Revelations - Gateway Pundit

Pakistani-Saudi relations were not the only casualty from the Wikileaks release this this week. The far left Obama Administration is getting pummeled by the disclosures. And, democratic darling Hillary Clinton is taking a huge hit.

Say, About That Old 'Bush Lied' Trope, Looks Like Wikileaks Proved Obama Repeatedly Lied About Middle East Policy - Doug Ross


Evan Sayet: Social Justice and the Modern Liberal Modification therapy - Via RightNetwork

Seeking not “Truth” but “true lies.”To understand how the Modern Liberal thinks it is helpful to look at the language they use. The first place to look is at the origins of “Political Correctness.” Since Modern Liberalism is Orwellian – their belief is that paradise can be achieved if only everyone would forfeit their knowledge of right and wrong and exist as if there were no difference between truth and lies – it needed an Orwellian conceit, “Newspeak” – to prevent the speaking of the truth.

Here, then, lies the fundamental difference between the Left and the Right. The Right seeks to be correct. The Left seeks the opposite of truth so they need to add a modifier to the concept. They are seeking “modified” truth, not “correctness” but “political correctness” which is, by definition, incorrect.

This is not the only concept that the Modern Liberal seeks to modify. Notice that, while the Right seeks “justice” the Left seeks a modified version of justice – social justice, the modifying of justice causing—by definition – something other than justice itself.

What is “Social Justice?” It’s a conceit that allows the Modern Liberal to champion all that is evil, failed and wrong and the attack all that is good, right and successful and do it in the guise of “morality.”


Good News! TSA Scanners Damage DNA, Increase Cancer Risk to Everyone, But Will Kill Small Children and TSA Agents First - Confederate Yankee

Reason TV: California Democrats continue to end up harming poor people and minorities - The Blog Prof

SanFran bans sitting, lying on sidewalks...

The World Sucks Report Headlines...

Man serving 7 years -- for guns he owned legally...

High School, armed student holds classroom hostage in Wisconsin...

SHOCK: Man Falls To Death While Hanging Christmas Lights On Home...

Grandmother charged with throwing toddler to her death...

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