Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes Republicans had a big night… now what… Are California voters really that stupid? OH SHIT YES THEY ARE!

Yes Republicans you won… but victory is fleeting if you forget why you were sent to Washington.

Republicans have a nasty habit of fucking up a good opportunity. As good a yesterday was I’m still skeptical, I have a wait and see approach to all of this.

The American people said they want less government, they want earmarks stopped, they and they don’t want government run healthcare and they damn sure don’t want Republicans “compromising” with idiot Democrats.

This is a golden opportunity to take our government back.

I’ve posted this video numerous times and I will keep posting from time to time to remind myself and those who have not seen that we need more than words we need action.
All these years later after Reagan gave this speech we are still dealing with the same bullshit and I’m thinking when will the politicians start listening and do what the people want instead of what they want?

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Obama’s 1pm presser should be very interesting, very interesting indeed. If you’re lucky enough to have the day off (like me!), make sure to watch the agony. My inside sources tell my that TOTUS really tied one on last night, and had to be dragged out of a dorm party turned morose at American University at 4am, so, will not be on his game. Anyhow, what about his boss?

The White House is sending a “we-get-it” message following Tuesday’s Republican romp.

A top aide to President Barack Obama said not to look for a change in his “fundamental principles, but certainly there were messages that have to be heeded, and we will.”


Do you know how fucked up and retarded the voters of California must be to re-elect this idiot bastard to be the governor after kicking this idiot out years ago?
This idiot fuck was mayor of Oakland and further bankrupt the city and it is now the murder and drug capital of the country.

This is comparable to the idiot jurors acquitting O.J. of murder.

Oh that was in California too… my bad.


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STEPHANIE MILLER (21:08): One of your posts is if Republicans lose on Tuesday, there will be blood because there is always a chance in a democracy that the pundits could all be wrong.

LEE PAPA: That’s right. If black people decide that rain won’t hurt them [Miller laughs] than that way they and there’s a huge turnout for the Democrats and they get out the vote factor comes into play, then yeah, there is a vague chance.

Imagine a conservative making that crack- the firestorm would rage for days, if not weeks. How was this funny?
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PeggyU said...

Good Lord! I don't think I have ever seen Brown speak until his victory last night. I would swear that man was stoned!

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Peggy when I was a young teen, I went on a field trip to Sacramento and I got a chance to meet Jerry Brown, I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with the dude and listened to him speak back then. I also met him again later at another school event while in high school. Just as with most liberals/Democrats I met back in my elementary junior and high school days (this includes Pete Stark) all of them to me acted like they were stoned, I never thought they were particularly bright and even at a young age I found them condescending and arrogant. The fact that these people are STILL major political figures in California is nothing short of amazing.
I’m dead serious here folks… for someone to actually know about Jerry Brown and his history and you STILL go to the polls and vote for this crazy fuck is simply irresponsible.
How can the same people who would vote for someone like Obama who touted ‘change” vote for a career politician who at one time left the Democratic Party.
Jerry Brown being elected is one good reason to make the case that in order to vote you must take an I.Q. test.
Well they re-elected the arrogant bitch ass Barbara Boxer. The best thing that ever happened to me was going into the military and getting the fuck out of California.

Just a conservative girl said...

I have decided that California is not too big to fail. No bailouts. We can just kick them out of the union. They deserve everything that they get.