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Indiana Residents Support Racists, Redneck Bastard: “No Negros Allowed” Sign On Future Business, Racist Cupcakes, Was America really ready for a black president? Don't know about black... but stupid... NO!

Indiana Residents Support Racist “Kolored Kids” Soap Seller

A business owner in Nobesville, Inidana has been selling soap with racist slogans. Residents of his town have come to support him after he was criticized for the racist soap. Fox 59 Reports:

The controversy over soap with racist labels being sold at a Noblesville store continues. In addition to those who are offended by the store selling these items, there is also growing support for the vendor who has been ordered to take the soaps off the shelves or face eviction.

After hearing about the soap, Carolyn Gentner bought two bars including one labeled “Kolored Kids.”

“I don’t think they’re offensive, I think they’re nostalgic,” she told Fox59 News. “I believe if this is going to be an issue, we should be in Kroger for selling Aunt Jemima syrup.


REDNECK FUCK:  Wisconsin Man Posts “No Negros Allowed” Sign On Future Business
Milwaukee — A sign excluding black people from a future business is enraging some people in a small town. Now, the man who put it up is speaking out.

Federal and State law says if the business is open to the public, prohibiting people based on race is illegal. If the man’s proposed gentlemen’s club was going to be a private club, then an African American historian says he could discriminate. Legalities aside, his is a sign that many say is appalling.

“If I’ve got a problem with you it’s going to be on the front of my store,” says Mark Prior.

Prior posted his ‘No Negros Allowed’ sign after he says he had some problems with black people in the past and needed to make a policy against them.
KU research shows Asian-American men earn less than white men - Lawrence Journal-World
A Kansas University sociology researcher has found that Asian-American men earn significantly less than their similarly qualified white counterparts.

The gap is even true for Asian-American men who were born in the United States and speak perfect English. They earn 8 percent less than whites, even after factoring in college majors, places of residence and levels of education.

ChangHwan Kim, assistant professor of sociology at KU, led the study.

“We have not reached a color-blind society yet,” he said. “As an individual, you can reach as high as president,” but ethnic groups as a whole have yet to reach full equality with whites.


Nixon in Racist Rants on New White House Tapes
If you think you've heard the last of those infamous audio tapes from the Nixon White House, you'd be wrong.
The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum released 265 new hours of tapes to the public. And like the other thousands of hours of tape previously released, they do not show the former president in the best light.
In these tapes, we hear Richard Nixon's less-than-enlightened views on blacks, Jews and other ethnic groups. Basically, he repeats every stereotype we've ever heard as if they were fact.
About blacks, this is what Nixon had to say in a conversation with his secretary, Rose Woods, about Secretary of State William Rogers' views about them.
"Bill Rogers has got somewhat - and to his credit it’s a decent feeling - but somewhat, sort of, a sort of blind spot on the black thing because he’s been in New York,’ Nixon said on the tapes.
Duncan Hines Hip Hop Cupcakes Being Considered Racist!

On the other end of the racial stupidity spectrum...

Is Peyton Manning Trying to Get His Black Coach Fired?
Before we even start, let me just say that this post will be highly speculative, inflammatorily racist, and probably even flat our wrong but hey, that’s what I’m here for!

I’ve never been a fan of Peyton Manning. I thought he was a bum coming out of Tennessee and seemingly had those thoughts confirmed when, after Manning’s four straight years of losing to the University of Florida, Tee Martin, the very next quarterback and a Black dude at that, won the National Championship with Manning’s old Volunteers.

I was convinced that Manning would go the way of Dan Marino.

A bum yes, but a highly celebrated, statistically spectacular bum that could do anything and everything but win when it counted.

However, head coach Tony Dungy, a Black man, got Manning a Super Bowl ring in 2007, simultaneously becoming the first Black head coach to earn one himself.

Then strangely, oddly, ridiculously, Dungy resigned after the 2008 season.

As a condition of his resignation, Dungy left assistant coach and fellow Black man Jim Caldwell in charge of the Colts from the 2009 season on.

In his first season as head coach, Caldwell guided the Colts to a 14-0 start and a Super Bowl appearance that resulted in a loss to the New Orleans Saints.

This year, going into last night’s game against the Tennessee Titans, the Colts were 6-6 and Peyton Manning had thrown 11 interceptions in his last 3 games.

Read that stat again: 11 interceptions in 3 games and four of them have gone the other way for touchdowns.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Peyton Manning’s an overt racist. Still, as the corresponding approval ratings for former president George W. Bush and current president Barack Obama attest, more Americans would rather follow a white nincompoop than a Black genius.

Was America really ready for a black president?

By LYDIA HILLIARD - Philadelphia Daily News

TWENTY-five months ago, I watched in awe as people of all colors stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. Some even wept with joy. The moment was Nov. 4, 2008, the night our 44th president, Barack Obama, was elected. Our first black president!
The euphoria I felt was unexplainable. America had spoken - enough of the current administration, enough of the rich getting richer, and no one giving a hoot about the poor. Enough of industries drying up, enough of the war - and enough of George Bush!

I remember sometime in 2007, sitting in the doctor's office waiting for my annual physical, browsing through a magazine. On the cover was the picture of a handsome young man whom I'd never heard of with one of the most interesting names I'd ever heard - Barack Obama, a fresh new face in the politics. But even then I possessed skepticism that the U.S. would actually elect a black president.

Now, post-Nov. 4, everyone appears to have jumped ship. Obama has two more years until the next election, and people have already written him off as a failure because, amazingly, he didn't turn out to be the messiah they'd expected.

So since there seems to be very few voices espousing our president, I've decided to be at least one saying, People, it's not over yet!
I'm really sick of articles like these I have been reading on black websites but let me just say again for the record just in case any sane Negros read this. As a black man I don't give a fuck what color the president is. All I care about is whether or not he is a fucking idiot and is competent enough to run the country without screwing shit up.
I knew from the first time Obama became a serious candidate for president that he was not smart enough nor did he have the mindset to move this country in the right direction... because he is a left wing ideologue.
(read: Barack Obama -- philosophical pragmatist or left-wing ideologue?)
Now that the country is now indeed screwed up black folks still want to make excuses for him because in the minds of idiot black folks color trumps performance.
But lets not forget black journalists were given seed money to spread positive jive on black websites and blogs. Hopefully when that money runs out you will stop seeing such moronic drivel.



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