Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lookie Here... Obama/Democrats/Liberals Destroy The Country and The Lives Of Others...Links From All Over

Pic: via Flopping Aces

Let the in-party fighting begin .. Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi .. none are too pleased with Obama's tax plan.

How well are American teens doing on international intelligence tests? Are you kidding me? Thank the teacher's unions for this one. Were not even in the Top 10!

Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, California, Illinois, Los Angeles and Chicago are simply the poster children for what happens when elected officials engage in reckless and irresponsible management of their economies.

For the 2011 fiscal year, Congressional lawmakers requested over 39,000 earmarks, valued at over $130 billion dollars.

Sen. Mary Landrieu: Allowing Wealthy Americans to Keep Their Money Is “Almost Morally Corrupt” - Gateway Pundit

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) went on a tangent yesterday after Barack Obama announced he would extend the current tax rates. The true democrat told reporters that the agreement between Obama and Republican leaders to keep the current tax rates was “almost morally corrupt.”
Obama Opens The Door To Raid Social Security - Legal Insurrection

The Republican lawmaker who is responsible for banning the incandescent light bulb now wants to undo the law.

The fate of the DREAM Act in the Senate hinges on seven Republican senators, according to a senior White House official.

Tax cuts are income redistribution? Does it count as redistribution when you get to keep more of the money you earn?

SHOCK POLL: Americans Believe China Has Surpassed USA in Economic Strength.

The catch-and-release of Taliban fighters is upsetting American troops in Afghanistan.

Town proposes ban on ALL energy drinks for teens.

There has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995

And here I thought the only thing our federal government was really good at was printing more money ...

Ladies and gentlemen, the future of our country.


Obama’s coming death blow for the economy - Flopping Aces

Gas prices are approaching $3 per gallon and may go considerably higher. $100 a barrel oil is seen as likely. Obama has choked off some oil production in the Gulf and made us more dependent on foreign oil. The economy is in tatters. Unemployment is at 9.8%. Barack Obama has brought this country to its knees.Now comes the knockout punch.
On April 19 EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson ruled that carbon dioxide, a gas vital to the growth of green plants, is a pollutant. The ruling gave the White House an almost unlimited control of the country and its energy.

Small-Biz Killers: Who Pays for Jobless Benefits? - Michelle Malkin

Tuesday's Column: Deal with the devil: Temporary across-the-board tax relief for more endless jobless benefits
Today’s column takes a closer look at how small businesses are getting whacked by skyrocketing unemployment insurance tax hikes across the country. Friends of mine here in Colorado Springs first alerted me to their massive bills, which have arrived over the past two weeks. Business owners from several other states have written me with similar horror stories — and I’ve included some of their experiences below. It’s yet another example of how the hidden Obama jobs death toll is wreaking havoc on America’s wealth producers.


Boy King dragged kicking and screaming to bipartisan compromise; reasonable, rational Leftards wail like infants over it - Cold Fury via What Bubba Knows


Deportation Distortions - The American Spectator

Barack Obama might tell Hispanic voters that Republican opponents of "comprehensive immigration reform" are "enemies" who deserve to be punished. His Justice Department might have sued Arizona. His appointees in the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services may circulate memos talking about how to implement amnesty administratively if Congress won't act. Unionized customs officers and border patrol agents may protest that immigration laws are going unenforced.

Don't let any of that fool you, however: Barack Obama is tough on illegal immigration. The proof? He has presided over a record number of deportations. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and irritated liberal bloggers reported that more illegal immigrants have been removed from the country under Obama than ever before. "When the secretary tells you that the numbers are at an all-time high, that's straight, on the merits, no cooking of the books," John Morton, Obama's head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), boasted at an October press conference.

SNAP: College instructor arrested for taking off his clothes in class...

Axe-wielding homeless murdered man 'who wanted sex' in DISNEY town...

Head Of NY Taxi Union Tells Drivers To Racial Profile
Folks remember I wrote about this...

Granny's $100 ticket -- for throwing out newspaper!


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