Monday, December 13, 2010

Obama: "Loser" Obama Losing Support, Democrats Pissed At Obama, Hey Michelle "Shut Up" More Palin Hatred, Hey Steele Do The GOP A Favor Go Away, Oil Higher Thanks Obama, Mexico is America’s Next Afghanistan

Why Obama’s abdication at Friday’s press conference matters

The surreal week in Washington was brought to a fitting climax on Friday when Barack Obama handed the presidency over to Bill Clinton for 20 minutes. “I’m going to take off,” he said.

“You’re in good hands,” the president informed the press corps, patting his predecessor on the back. And take off the president did.

It wasn’t an official, unofficial or illicit transfer of power in any way, of course. But it somehow felt like it.

What happened here has, to my knowledge, never happened. When the president finishes speaking, whenever the president finishes speaking, the event ends. Period.

Poll: Obama's losing support; Romney would beat him now...

House Democrats still whining about Obama

WASHINGTON — As House Democrats met privately to weigh the tax deal negotiated by the White House, an angry chant spontaneously rolled across the room.

“Just say no, just say no,” rebellious lawmakers cried. Vulgar words were aimed at President Obama. Incensed members spoiled for a fight.

The fury coursing through the meeting last Thursday in the basement of the Capitol was just the latest manifestation of the foul mood of House and Senate Democrats as they suffer through the final days of the 111th Congress, watching their power ebb while scores of them cast their last votes.



Media Creates New Palin Scandal! Sarah Accused of Bringing Hairdresser on Haiti Trip - Free Republic

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin traveled to Haiti this weekend as a guest of the Rev. Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse to spotlight the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the earthquake and cholera-stricken Caribbean (half an) island nation. Instead she has found herself embroiled in a scandal, accused of bringing a hair stylist on the trip to make herself look good for the cameras and "photo-ops.".

The Associated Press transmitted a photo from Haiti of Palin captioned, "Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, center, has her hair done during a visit to a cholera treatment center set up by the NGO Samaritan's Purse in Cabaret, Haiti, Saturday Dec. 11, 2010. Palin arrived Saturday in Haiti as part of a brief humanitarian mission. Dieu Nalio Chery / AP"

That photo and caption set off rabid attacks on Palin from the Huffington Post, the U.K.'s Daily Mail and, of course, Palingates.
Good News? Maybe?

Steele to drop out? - Hot Air

The troubled stewardship of the RNC appears to be heading to a close.According to Politico’s sources within the Republican Party, Michael Steele will announce his withdrawal from the upcoming election of chair, ending his bid for a second term after a controversial two-year run:
Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele intends to announce his reelection plans on Monday evening, and key supporters expect him to drop out of the hotly contested race, top Republicans tell POLITICO.
A new chairman will be elected next month during the committee’s winter meeting.

Oil prices rally above $91...

NKorea threatens SKorea with nuclear war...

Top gun dealers for Mexican cartels are in Texas...

Like it or Not: Mexico is America’s Next Afghanistan - Red State

With the exception of, perhaps, Texas governor Rick Perry, no public official wants to publicly admit an obvious fact: The United States of America will likely be forced to invade Mexico. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  The question then becomes: What to do with Mexico after we invade it and wipe out the drug cartels (as much as can be). Does the United States merely return Mexico to a nation state of corrupt politicians, failed economic policies, and lawlessness, or do we annex Mexico and turn it into the 51st state?
For many of us, there is a certain false security in believing that, since most of America’s streets are not filled with the murder and mayhem that is going on just South of our borders, we have nothing to worry about. The feeling that most Americans likely have is: Well, it’s their problem, not ours. However, that illusion of security is quickly being eroded with the stories of American police officers being threatened by Mexican drug cartels, of kidnappings and drug murders in Arizona and Texas, of control of certain parts of Arizona and forays into New Mexico and Colorado by drug cartels, of teenagers being turned into hitmen, and American tourists being kidnapped or killed while on vacation in Mexico.
Mexico, with its kidnappings and more than 28,000 murders in the last four years alone, is being terrorized. Now, instead of economic refugees coming across our borders in search of jobs and income, humanitarian refugees are fleeing Mexico in order to stay alive. However, despite all of that, if one thought that only certain parts of Mexico are under the control of the cartels, that illusion was shattered on Tuesday when this map (see upper right) was presented on a heart-breaking post on RedState that shows that almost all of Mexico has been taken over by drug cartels.
Mexican Authorities Are Impotent, Unable to Control the Chaos

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