Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where is Obama From? Democrat Idiots, Please Get Rid Of Michael Steele, More Screwed Up School Mess

DEMOCRAT NADLER Calls Republicans “A Bunch of Gangsters” For Not Wanting to Increase Taxes - Gateway Pundit

Stimulus cash funded China trip -- to study dinosaur eggs!


Mark Levin – Republicans Have Nothing To Be Giddy About; Don’t Allow Democrats To Shape The Message - Flopping Aces

You know I’m a little concerned, I see all these Republican operatives on tv and radio, they’re very giddy. Republican columnists, Republican websites, they’re all excited. Think they have Obama on the run. Think the Democrats are imploding. All giddy.

Well count me out. I’m worried. They have nothing to be giddy about. I’m worried, very worried, and let me tell you why.

You’ve got Obama being attacked for not being radical enough…and he’s a radical! And so the big media and Obama’s staff are positioning him as a centrist or a moderate of some kind. And he’s positioning himself as a populist. So the more they squawk on the nutjob left, of which Obama is a member, the more reasonable he’s going to appear. And this worries me.

Watch even 'Barack Obama' doubt his birthplace!

'Saturday Night Live' character says he's beginning to wonder

"Saturday Night Live" has again drawn upon the ongoing issue of President Barack Obama's refusal to release his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate in a comedy sketch in which the "president" says he's beginning to doubt his own birthplace.

The NBC program premiered a skit in which Obama, portrayed by comedian Fred Armisen, explains how he's been suffering from Stockholm Syndrome – the condition in which captives eventually sympathize with their captors – after being "held hostage" by Republicans over recent tax law negotiations.

Armisen's "Obama" then quotes Rush Limbaugh, extols the virtues of "trickle-down economics" and announces his plans to go on tour with Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly before making the following joke about his birthplace:

"In closing," the "president" says, "let me reassure you that however long it takes, this nation's current troubles will pass because you Americans never have and never will give up. I say 'you Americans,' because even though I always thought I was born here, uh, lately I begin to have my doubts."


Teacher Suffers Miscarriage Breaking Up Classroom Brawl


Older School said...

The little SOB's should be held responsible for their pathetic conduct. They had to know she was pregnant and they chose to slam her in the stomach. I certainly hope the DA will follow through on criminal charges.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Oh I agree but you know the parents and everyone else will make excuses for them.
Schools everywhere now are filled to the rim with a bunch of misbehaving crazy little bastards.

Our future does not look bright.