Friday, May 27, 2011

Today’s Civil-Rights Issue

Folks this is not a black or white issue. If we don’t fix this problem with public education and its corrosive effects on black children we all will be paying for the problem down the road.

Public-school reality today for black kids is one that overwhelmingly keeps them incarcerated in failing, dangerous schools.
Criminal charges against one single black mother and conviction of another for sending their children to schools in districts in which they are not residents provide yet more indications of deep-seated problems festering in our country.

Moreover, it makes you wonder about how long it is going to take for blacks to wake up to their real problems

In one case, a single, homeless black mother in Connecticut is now charged with larceny for supposedly “stealing” $15,686 in education services because she sent her 5-year-old son to kindergarten in a school district where she doesn’t live by using her babysitter’s address.

Earlier this year, a single black mother in Ohio was convicted and sentenced to 10 days in jail and three years probation for using her daughters’ grandfather’s address so the girls could attend better and safer schools.

Did these women break the law? Technically, yes. But I would call this reality the 2011 version of the Fugitive Slave Act.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

TSA Patted Down Child, Little Old Lady; Ignored Man In Arab Garb... Dick Riding Obama... Health Care To Be a Right... STILL More Obama Birth Fraud... Some Actually Think Country moving in right direction!? Queen E disses Obama...

Congressman On Recent Flight: TSA Patted Down Child, Little Old Lady; Ignored Man In Arab Garb
The Hill reports: "I walked through … right behind me there was a grandmother — little old lady, and she was was patted down," Rep. Paul Broun (R-Georgia) said on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal."

"Right behind her was a little kid who was patted down. And then right behind him was a guy in Arabian dress who just walked right through. Why are we patting down grandma and kids?"

John McWhorter: "Hooray For Twitter's Black Tilt" Some 25% of Twitter users are black Americans.

Dick Riding Obama

Breaking: Vermont Makes History: Health Care To Be a Right, not a Privilege. Single Payer is Law!

GOP Voters Still More Critical of Their Congressmen Than Democrats Are
Republican voters are slightly less critical of the job their representatives in Congress are doing, but most still think the legislators are out of sync with the party base. Democratic voters, by contrast, are not as happy with the performance of their congressmen as they were a year ago.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 31% of Republican Likely Voters believe their members of Congress have done a good job representing GOP values over the past several years. But 61% believe they have lost touch with Republican voters throughout the nation.


29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

These people are clearly sitting on a beach somewhere sipping adult beverages with umbrellas in them… idiot bastards!

See Video above: Dick Riding Obama...

From A to Z: What's wrong with Obama's birth certificate?
Examine for yourself mounting evidence that president's document isn't genuine

Man these people won't let this shit go!

Funny... Awkward Moment in Obama's Toast to the Queen

New York Magazine: President Obama Has No Idea What Year It Is

USNews: Royals, Obamas Sip $1,000 Vino

ABC: Awkward Moment During Obama Toast to Queen

Price of Unwed Births Far Greater than the Hospital Bills
A recent piece in The Wall Street Journal noted that “Unintended pregnancies likely cost the federal and state governments more than $11 billion a year,” based on research published by the Brookings Institution.
A major reason for the cost to government, notes the author, is that “women who unintentionally get pregnant are more likely to be low-income” and thus “are more likely to be eligible for government-financed medical care.” The Brookings report also notes that the majority (57 percent) of these births are to women who are unmarried: one of the greatest predictors of child poverty in the United States today. The strong link between unwed childbearing and poverty creates little wonder that the majority of births to unmarried women are financed by Medicaid.

Betrayal Continues with Bill Clinton – Actually Caught Giving Aid to the Enemy
Bill Clinton is At It Again… This Time, It’s Medicare


Beltway Newt: No, really, I’m you!
Gingrich: ‘I’m not a Washington figure’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said he doesn’t view himself as a “Washington figure,” positioning himself as an anti-D.C. candidate in his campaign for president.

Gingrich railed against the Washington establishment in a breakfast Monday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, claiming the mantle of the “change” candidate in the field of GOP presidential aspirants.

“I’m not a Washington figure, despite the years I’ve been here,” Gingrich said. “I’m essentially an American whose ties are across the country and is interested in how you change Washington, not how you make Washington happy.”


OBAMA FLASHBACK: 'When I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure we are not spending money unwisely'...

Administration Not in Favor of Taxing Drivers by the Mile... Really!? Seriously!? Ed Schultz... slut... New to me, Laura Ingram back in the day... Did You Know There Are More Than Two Genders!?

LaHood: Administration Not in Favor of Taxing Drivers by the Mile

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was adamant in telling on Wednesday that the Obama administration does not favor tracking and taxing Americans for every mile they drive--a so-called Vehicular Miles Traveled (VMT) tax.

LaHood had personally suggested that the administration look at a VMT early in his tenure at the Transportation Department and it had recently been reported that the administration was considering such a tax.

Fucking liars, let me tell you from talk I have heard from leading Democrats and Democrat strategists this administration IS IN FAVOR of this and there are people actively trying to manipulate the wording and application to enact this type of a tax.
If Obama wins a second term it will be a certainty that this administration will indeed implement a drive by the mile tax.

Also there is a plan to implement electronic mileage detectors that will track your speed by estimating how fast you traveled from point A to point B and on toll roads if you reach toll plazas faster than the posted limit you will be ticketed. Call it what you want but it is indeed a tax! Fucking liberal Democrats make my teeth hurt!


MSNBC Suspends Ed Schultz After He Calls Laura Ingraham a ‘Right-Wing Slut’

Humiliated Ed Schultz: ‘Laura Ingraham, I Am Sorry, Very Sorry’ for ‘Vile Language;’ Concedes He’s ‘Embarrassed’ MSNBC

Hey this is slightly amusing... Laura Ingram


California Teacher Tells Kindergarteners There Are 'More Than Two Genders'
Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, CA has joined the chorus of those wishing to mainstream “gender-bending” by enacting a program this week that, according to a press release, tells kindergarteners “there are more than two genders.”
The kindergarten through fifth grade school hosted a 2-day program for students titled, “Gender Spectrum Diversity Training,” in which single-sex Hawaiian geckos and transgender clownfish were brought in to teach children that “there are different ways to be boys. There are different ways to be girls,” according to Redwood Heights principal Sara Stone. Students received gender diversity training as they learned about “boy snakes that act ‘girly’.”

Joplin Satellite Photos Amazing... Schwarzenegger...Dumbass... Girl Shot Dad With Arrow For Taking Away Phone... Botched Pot Raid...Banned From YouTube As “Hate Speech.”

The six-block scar: Amazing satellite photos pinpoint devastation of Joplin, the town wiped off map by deadliest tornado in modern times


Schwarzenegger facing criminal inquiry

According to reports, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is facing a criminal inquiry (by whom?).  Schwarzenegger allegedly misused tax payer funds by using his security detail to cover up sexual liaisons (see what former security guards say).

Cops Say Girl Shot Dad With Arrow For Taking Away Phone
TAHUYA, Wash. – Authorities in Washington state say they’re arrested a teenage girl for allegedly shooting her dad with an arrow after he took her cell phone away.

Mason County detective William Adam says the man told officers that his 15-year-old daughter used a hunting bow to shoot him Wednesday evening after he grounded her and took the phone.


Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid
On May 5 at around 9:30 a.m., several teams of Pima County, Ariz., police officers from at least four different police agencies armed with SWAT gear and an armored personnel carrier raided at least four homes as part of what at the time was described as an investigation into alleged marijuana trafficking. One of those homes belonged to 26-year-old Jose Guerena and his wife, Vanessa Guerena. The couple's 4-year-old son was also in the house at the time. Their 6-year-old son was at school.

As the SWAT team forced its way into his home, Guerena, a former Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq, armed himself with his AR-15 rifle and told his wife and son to hide in a closet. As the officers entered, Guerena confronted them from the far end of a long, dark hallway. The police opened fire, releasing more than 70 rounds in about 7 seconds, at least 60 of which struck Guerena. He was pronounced dead a little over an hour later.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department initially claimed (PDF) Guerena fired his weapon at the SWAT team. They now acknowledge that not only did he not fire, the safety on his gun was still activated when he was killed. Guerena had no prior criminal record, and the police found nothing illegal in his home.


Elizabeth Warren Needs a Civic Lesson
Remember when Democrats screeched about an “imperial presidency” when George W. Bush asked Congress for authorization for military action, and when he fired executive appointees in the Department of Justice? Good times, good times. In the past few weeks, we’ve been treated to a new war without the President bothering to check with Congress at all, and now one of his key appointees telling Congress that she has better things to do than answer their questions...
I’m sorry Ms. Warren feels inconvenienced, but perhaps she might want to take a civics course to understand the separation of powers and checks and balances in the federal system. Congress gets to hold hearings on operations in the executive branch, and they’re not required to put a time limit on their inquiries, especially a one-hour limit that barely gets by the opening remarks in most committee hearings. If Warren doesn’t like being held accountable to the legislature and to the people, well … she’s in the right administration, apparently.

From Right Wing News:
Regrettably, but unsurprisingly, Democratic Congressman James Clyburn gets racist emails.

Clyburn noted that he himself got hate mail, racist phone calls and offensive faxes on a regular basis. Asked how that relates to the president, Clyburn retorted: “We have the same skin color; that’s how it relates to him.”

Clyburn described a recent racist image of Obama that received widespread news coverage.

“When he sees his face being put on a chimpanzee’s body; do you think he didn’t see that?” Clyburn said. “And I suspect they send the same faxes to his office they send to mine.”
The people sending Clyburn racist missives are moronic cretins. Of course, so is James Clyburn.

“You know, I’m 70 years old,” he said. “And I can tell you; people don’t like to deal with it, but the fact of the matter is, the president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin.”
Really!? Seriously!? I swear old dumb ass Niggas make my teeth hurt!

See The Controversial Anti-Palestinian Video From John Hawkins That Was Banned From YouTube As “Hate Speech.”

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Residents of Joplin, Tuscaloosa Tornado Victims everywhere, Roker says: "blame climate change" - Abortion Rant.

Roker's Twister: Climate Change Brings Urban Tornadoes

Live from Joplin, MO yesterday, NBC weatherman Al Roker claims, "climate change is such now that we are seeing this kind of weather not just in rural parts of our country, but in urban centers as well.”


Are there still some of you folks out there that believe this shit…


Gallup: 61 Percent Say All or Most Abortions Should Be Illegal
( - Sixty-one percent of American adults—including some who describe themselves as “pro-choice”—told Gallup in a survey conducted May 5-8 that abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances.

The Gallup survey, published today, asked 1,018 American adults whether they considered themselves “pro-choice” or “pro-life” on abortion. It also asked: “Do you think abortions should be legal under any circumstances, legal only under certain circumstances, or illegal in all circumstances?”

Thank goodness I’ve not blogged in a while so nobody will see this. Let me be my old school blunt self.

First I think abortions are abhorrent, I do believe that it clearly shows a lack of humanity for someone to decide that sucking and shredding a human life to pieces is a good idea. But folks it really does not have shit to do with the procedure itself, it goes to human morals, character but most of all it shows remarkable human selfishness.

Let’s be real, a couple somewhere is going to hook-up today, tonight and fuck, the sperm will distributed and somewhere a random chick will become pregnant. Now of course neither will give a shit about the consequences of said pregnancy on the relationship if there is one, the family of each participant, existing kids if any exist and society as a whole.

Two horny idiots will fuck and the result is a child already three steps behind the field because of the selfishness, stupidity and horniness and you know who pays for it, we do.
To losers produce a loser hence society loses. Now this kid grows up fucked up, confused, angry, bitter and just as mayhem rears its ugly head on the Allstate commercials this child in all likelihood will takes its anger out on society. So the self-righteous among us cries “don’t abort because life is so precious” really!?
Life is precious? Hell read the headlines and tell me how “precious” life is, human being are inventing ways every damn day to screw over each other.
We will vilify those with whom we don’t politically agree with, disparage someone for being different, slander those we do not like or are angry with and abuse the most vulnerable in our society. Even kids being raised by clueless idiot parents have perfected the art of cyber bullying. Human depravity is starting younger and younger these days. Life is precious? Really!? Seriously!?

The dumbest among us are producing the most offspring and I’m being honest when I say there is nothing precious about a 12, 13, 14 or 15 year old uneducated girl having a baby, but FIRST these kids need to understand the consequences of pregnancy. Now I don’t know why I’m even saying this because as I have already pointed out today’s young kids are as dumb as a box of rocks. Thinking… consequences of our actions, what a silly concept.

Men/boys will stick their dicks into any warm orifice unfortunately the more intelligent of the human species continue to demonstrate that saying no or put on a fucking condom is not in their vocabulary. Single parent births are at a record high not to mention more than 70 percent of black children are born to single women. Shit the niggas who are already adults can’t get jobs now, even with a darkie in the White House. You know who will be taking care of these babies you will Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer either through welfare or jail. Life is precious? Really!? Seriously!?

This is not about abortion, or the procedure it is about common fucking sense. A friend said long ago while discussing with her son about pregnancy and responsibility said, “ask yourself, should there be more of this particular individual populating the planet and if the answer is no, walk away or at the very least wear a condom.”

Maybe this is why people prefer to abort because of the shame and guilt of fucking some worthless ignorant bastard the notion of a baby, the seed of that encounter being sucked ripped apart is comforting in some way.

Men on average last about 4 to 6 minutes during a sexual encounter, so the anticipation of that exhilarating six minute encounter overrides common sense and renders two adults unable to process the potential results of their actions, a baby.

Do I detest abortions? Yes. But should they be outlawed? Absolutely not. I’m sorry but don’t find these days that life is all that “precious.”

Comments, opinions rebuttal…

I didn’t think so.

Out… Gaius

Idiocracy: The Civil and Mental Decay of Humanity and other fun stuff!

Had an interesting conversation with some young folks and a couple of older adults like yours truly. We were chatting about basically what I deem is the accelerating decline of civilized society. In the verbal rendition of the sad sack shit I’ve been posting here I simply acknowledge what I observe. I know my disposition on life is a tiny bit warped and because some aspects of my life are not quite as enjoyable as I would like them to be but that does not dismiss the fact that maybe some of the misery I experience also run deep within our brethren across this nation and the world overall.
This post is in response to those folks, I’m making my position official by posting more gloomy rants.

Let me be clear I don’t discount the barbarianism and the ignorant ass mindset of folks back in the day. From the gunfights outside the saloon to settle arguments, to the flaunting of riches by kings and royal religious clergy types to belittle their citizens and to bully them into believing that distancing yourself from a church or from God and giving up part of your personal monetary fortune to support such beliefs or end up burning for eternity.
The insane obsession on race and color and how racist attitudes turned to such incredible violence and mind numbing lapses in common sense. White people, educated white people who would say that Negros could not fight for their country or sit at a fucken lunch counter.
It was ok for fathers to sleep with their daughters, or men to molest boys, abortions with clothes hangers, or to be prejudice and to discount anything or anybody you did not understand.
Barbarianism I guess is a subjective observation; I just believe that people are not as bright. The collective I.Q amongst the populous is in steep decline, don’t believe me just have a conversation with your average human. It is stunning what people believe, what they don’t know and the basic knowledge they lack.
When you have two horny and stupid I.Q. deficient human beings fucking and producing kids well it does not take long to figure out that little Johnny or Jane or Pooky more than likely will be a taxpayer problem one way or another.

The young kids I speak to think I am overreacting, I guess I’m overreacting like the old folk did back in the day. I have my own doomsday scenario I simply don’t think it will happen with a big bang, I see it as more termites nibbling at the foundation and the whole thing collapsing like a stack of cards.

Oh and (you know who you are) it has nothing to do with getting laid either! Sure I am not in a relationship per say (point being people in good relationships are happier) I do acknowledge that has some to do with my sullen outlook on things but the headlines don’t lie.

As I sit here I am also thinking about the folk down in Joplin, MO and what they are going through. There have been some significant disasters throughout the world and you do see the outpouring from people coming to the aid of others. Neighbors who otherwise would not say shit to each other are all of a sudden having to come together to rebuild and piece together their lives and their community.
I live in an apartment complex where folks don’t even wave. I don’t give a shit so much because I am pretty much a curmudgeon bastard. Now I will wave and smile and say hello and speak but it is as I have said often people in general simply don’t look happy.
I was at an outdoor mall and it was a beautiful day, families were all over the place, kids running around but you saw few couple embracing, holding hands or couples even engaging each other clusters of families not even acknowledging each other’s existence.
Here I was the one in a reflective mood, kinds sad sack, mopey lamenting my current existence and these people together or seemingly so… distant aloof as detached as I was and I was alone.

People all around have gotten accustomed to being perpetually unhappy. The economy sucks, gas is too damn high, crime everywhere, natural disasters everywhere hell even the possibility of no football in the fall robbing some of us with that well needed distraction on Sundays. Ah but watch as preachers start to evangelize that not football will bring many of us sinners closer to God.
“For all the bad Gaius ponders and polishes and displays his heart is so wounded and detached that he can’t see the good within.” Yes my telepathic abilities allow me to hear you hippie types saying that shit, who is right or who is wrong all depends on your own quality of life.

If I were on the water somewhere on a beautiful boat with my sweetheart basking in the sun oblivious to the struggles of the folks in Joplin or the mentally afflicted types who abuses puppies (see below), four dollar plus gas, wars and the never ceasing examples of human depravity and decay my outlook on life might be a wee bit more optimistic.

At least I am hopeful to some degree there is some hope in my future as I see it. If my dreams are realized I may not even recognize what I am writing about at this moment or I may not even be able to process why I think the way I do at this moment in my life.
Only time will tell. I will try not to focus so much on the negative. If you read this entire post do me a favor pass some good vibes around, help prove me wrong.

Out… Gaius

White House Adds New Position to Deal with Unfavorable Online Media...

CHOICE: Study shows girls increasingly aborted in India

Funny Nissan Ad Uses Woman's Bikini-Clad Breasts To Demonstrate Front Independent Suspension

If you have not seen the movie (Idiocracy 2006) Mike Judge, do so. You will see that ads like this are going to become more commonplace.

I know its fiction people but take a look around we are almost already there NOW! 500 years in the future, shit it won’t take that long. We have people throwing tantrums in fast food establishments and calling 911 because they can’t get chicken McNuggets!


I still contend that the majority of this crop of young people basically below the mid 20’s age group to pre-pubescence is some of the dumbest, socially clueless, exceedingly dependent, rude obnoxious bunch of bastards ever. When these people are running businesses and corporations and are the leaders in our government we are screwed.
Go to a college campus or a mall and see these young people with their I-Pods, chatting phones talking about nothing or simply listen to them talk. I’m not what we use to call an “old fuddy duddy” by any stretch but I swear young folks are fucked up and the amazing thing is it has NOTHING to do with how much education they have or how much money they have. We have today rich and well off dumbasses and poor dunbasses.
Thank goodness I won’t be alive too much longer after they take over shit or I will not give a shit so much or will be oblivious to what they are fucking up by them.

Shock Video: Man Caught Brutalizing Puppy Inside NYC Elevator

Grandmother Pretends She's Pregnant, Kidnaps Infant Granddaughter

Man Severely Burned In Prayer Group Fight

White People Face The Most Racism?
A new study by researchers at Tufts University and Harvard Business School shows that whites believe they are victims of racism more often than Blacks.

While that may elicit a raised eyebrow from most people, the title of the study “Whites See Racism as a Zero-sum Game that They Are Now Losing,” shows that many whites believe that as racism against Blacks has decreased, racism against them has increased much more.
Chris Rock once said "I'm a millionaire and no White man would ever trade places with me." Enough said.

Meth addicts: Before and after (38 pics)

Peter Fonda encourages his grandchildren to take up arms against 'Obama'

Fonda calls Obama a 'traitor'

Jesus, Obama is stupid in many ways and a shitty president but he is NOT a traitor, C’mon!


Sources Say DNA Matches Strauss-Kahn; Downtown Apartment Becomes Tourist Attraction
Strauss-Kahn’s temporary home on 71 Broadway in downtown Manhattan has become an instant tourist attraction, with gawking onlookers and news media from around the world gathered out front.

“It’s pretty crazy out there,” one man said. “I think it’s interesting that he’s across from Wall Street given that he worked for the IMF. In some way, it’s comical.”

The media attention, though, may be hard to escape.

“It’s the idea that we should glorify somebody who’s done something really stupid and really wrong. And we shouldn’t give him the privilege of having all the media here,”
Ok want to challenge my position on human insanity? People making a tourist attraction out of the place where a dude sexually abused and assaulted a woman. Really!? Seriously!?

Report: Strauss-Kahn’s friends trying to buy maid’s silence

The Big Payoff?! IMF Chief Attempted To Pay Off African Maid’s Family


Via Boortz

The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the State of California to release about 46,000 prisoners. The California prison population is at about 148% of capacity. Face it … California is a basket case. Perhaps one of the problems with the prisons is that prison guards can retire on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in pension benefits. That is money that could have been used to expand capacity. The only expansion has been the wallets of union prison guards.


Study: College Majors Are Highly Segregated By Race, Gender

PHILADELPHIA– The choice of undergraduate major in college is strongly tied to a student’s future earnings, with the highest-paying majors providing salaries of about 300 percent more than the lowest-paying, according to a study released Tuesday.

Based on first-of-its-kind Census data, the report by Georgetown University in Washington also found that majors are highly segregated by race and gender.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dammit!! The world did not end, gotta make that car payment after all…

To the three or four of you people who happen to be aware of this blog sorry for the somber tone of my rants. I have my moments from time to time but when you grow so skeptical of the world around you it is as I said before you see every blemish and sore and wart upon the world around you.
Nothing these days seem to be as crisp and clear as they should be.
So this am I am browsing through some stories and I find the following from the Huffington Post. It is clear that I am out of touch with the world around me, had no idea that the world was supposed to end on Saturday. Hell I was in bed anyway the middle of the afternoon sleeping away a beautiful afternoon. A combination of being too lazy to get my ass out of the house and the fact that even taking a joyride is very expensive these days. I am really tired of seeing gas stations as often as I do. In either case there is always an excuse not to participate in the world around us.

In my grim assessment of the world I have often said that the one thing needed to turn society around is to blow it all up and start over. Maybe that is why these doomsday folks may have been so giddy. Folks who are obsessed with the end of the world or other apocalyptic thinking as like yours truly are obsessively unhappy with life, full of regrets we can’t do a damn thing about, still believing that there is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or that Jesus Christ himself is going to swoop down and rescue us from ourselves.

Believers and unbelievers alike have the same quandary regarding life. Believers devastatingly disappointed that Jesus isn’t paying attention to their prayers so their life on earth has become this exceedingly depressing purgatory. To the non-believers well those folks have accepted that they are on their own. My biggest problem these days is that I lack any measure of faith these days. I simply lack faith in human kind. Sure we tolerate each other but we seriously don’t give a shit about our fellow man in any way shape or form and it shows on the faces of seemingly everyone I glance at.

Having said all of that I’m glad the world did not end, there is one big thing that keeps me from totally going over the cliff. What that is does not matter but because of that glimmer of hope something that just may be able to heal a wounded and bitter heart and soul we all have to find that little piece inside ourselves that gives our lives purpose and meaning. Common sense tells us that when life is good you want it to go on as long as possible. Attempting to see the world in a more positive light and having a better outlook on life would give end of the world types something more meaningful to devote their time to.

May 21 'Judgment Day' Believers React To Being Alive On May 22 - Huffington Post

'Judgment Day' came and went on Saturday, and John Ramsey hasn't been able to sleep.

The 25-year-old Harrison, N.J. resident had rearranged his life in recent months to devote himself to spreading a fringe California preacher's prediction that May 21 would bring worldwide earthquakes and usher in a five-month period of misery before the world's destruction.

Like many of those convinced of the Rapture was pending, Ramsey quit his job, donated "a couple thousand" to Harold Camping's Family Radio network and convinced family members to join him to spread news of the Rapture on Manhattan streets.

His family nervously huddled in their apartment living room Saturday, holding their Bibles open, switching between CNN, Facebook and Google for news of quakes in the Pacific.

They cried. They hugged. They argued. But mostly, they waited. Nothing happened.

On Sunday, a dejected Ramsey said he faces a "mixed bag."

He has to find a new job. So does his mother. His 19-year-old brother, who had quit high school the year prior ("It's pointless to graduate," the brother had said), is thinking of re-enrolling or finding employment.
His wife, Marcia Paladines, had come to accept that she might never meet her unborn baby, whom she and Ramsey had named John Moses. Now, she's praying for a healthy birth. The child is due as early as Friday.

"Life goes on," Ramsey said Sunday. "I get to live. I get to be a dad."

The May 21 prediction came from the Biblical numerology of Harold Camping, an 89-year-old televangelist who owns the Oakland, Calif.-based Christian Family Radio network. Camping had previously predicted a similar end-times scenario in 1994.

Harold Camping 'flabbergasted'; rapture a no-show

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The R-Word what a “Retarded” concept when retardedness is all around us…

BOSTON -- LeBron James apologized Monday night for his use of the word "retarded" in a press conference following the Heat's Game 3 loss to Boston on Saturday.

When a reporter asked his teammate Dwyane Wade whether he felt his foul that led to Celtics guard Rajon Rondo's dislocated elbow was a dirty play, James muttered "that's retarded" with his hand over his mouth, though it was still clearly audible as he was sitting behind a microphone.

The comment drew criticism from the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers, the Boston Globe reported.

"LeBron James offended millions of people with his use of the 'R'-word," CEO Gary Blumenthal said.

"Aren't we as a society beyond the use of such offensive language as the 'R'-word and other offensive words? There is no difference between racist language, homophobic language and language that insults people with disabilities. It is all offensive and hurtful."


Yes retardedness is a word at least in the Urban Dictionary.

But really!? There is so much retarded shit out in the world I think using the term “retarded” is completely appropriate.

We have a retarded congress who can’t or won’t fix an inflated budget which is spiraling this country into mind blowing debt.

We have a retarded president and I don’t need to explain to you the ways he routinely shows off his retardedness.

We have retarded folks who still believe in the mythical notion of climate change.

We have retarded liberals who say stupid shit like this:

1) When I see an American flag flying, it's a joke. -- Robert Altman

2) As you probably know, some American politicians and American journalists refer to Washington, DC as the “capital of the free world.” But it seems to me that this great city (Brussels), which boasts 1,000 years of history and which serves as the capital of Belgium, the home of the European Union, and the headquarters for NATO, this city has its own legitimate claim to that title. — Joe Biden

3) As to those in the World Trade Center…Let’s get a grip here, shall we? True enough, they were civilians of a sort. But innocent? Gimme a break. …If there was a better, more effective, or in fact any other way of visiting some penalty befitting their participation upon the little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers, I’d really be interested in hearing about it. —
Ward Churchill Read full article - Liberal "Patriotism" In Quotes

Every damn day while driving I have to deal with retards that drive slower than everyone while in the fast lane.

Retards who text while driving.

Retards who don’t understand the concept of “yielding” vs “stopping”

Retards that put expensive rims on shitty cars.

Retards who park on their lawn.

Retards who tattoo their faces and necks.

Retards who put bumper stickers on expensive cars announcing their candidate of choice, political affiliation or some idiot quote that nobody gives a fuck about nobody gives a shit, seriously the vast majority of us don’t, nor do we care that your child is an honor student!

Retards who “tweet” every fucking aspect of their lives like people give a damn.

People who Facebook every aspect of their lives not to mention putting exceedingly personal information about their private lives which can now be viewed by perspective employers and university recruiters.

Retarded shit can also be viewed HERE





Retarded Democrats!

CRS: Dem tax hikes on oil producers will raise prices, increase foreign dependency

this: Michael Moore, Blithering Idiot: Focus on Bin Laden’s Money, Not His Religious Motivations
and wow this: Study Shows Nearly Half Of Detroit Residents Are Illiterate

We are even driven to silly shit like this:
Raise Them Up! “Droopy Drawers” Bill Passes Outlawing Baggy Pants

This world is overwrought with stupid, silly retarded shit, so how is the term offensive when there are so many glorious examples of retardedness.

I know how each of us sees the world all depends on our status in life or basically how happy we are with ourselves in relation to the world around us.
I have developed this mental glaze that causes me to focus more on the negativity in the world these days.
We are exposed to so much information today when back in the day retardedness in the world was hidden from us.
Every retarded ass thing that is said by a celebrity, politician, athlete is jammed down our throats because hey we are voyeuristic fucks who rejoices in seeing people do retarded shit bringing comfort to our own little warped jacked up world.

I don’t have much hope for mankind these days and not even religion or faith can save us from the abyss and the pending demise of civilized society.

Blame my pissy behavior on male PMS I guess, but this is not a monthly cycle I have been feeling this way for a long time and the feeling of hopelessness only increased with the election of this “retard” president.

I know I need to get a better attitude, hopefully my outlook on life will get better here soon. But I doubt it.

If life for you is good, fruitful and full of happiness and joy consider yourself lucky and for God’s sakes never EVER take it for granted.

To do so would be well… retarded!

Take it from someone who has forgotten what it is like to be truly happy.

Out… Gaius

Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Food! Cars Now Half Price, Gas down to $2.00 Per gallon! Free Rent! Deals and more Deals can be found here!!!

Oh I’m sorry, did you come by this post because of my misleading post title? Well Obama said he would make America safer, mortgages would get paid, job created…
So who is the biggest liar, me or Obama?

No Virginia, Gaius does not give a shit whether or not Obama was born in the U.S.
What I care about far more is common sense something sorely lacking today.
As I said before with all of today’s technology and information exchange the average citizen is as clueless and as ignorant then at any time in our history. I have often wondered does technology make us dumber.

This is not to attack the many friends and family and other acquaintances but c’mon folks we all know of a number of people who have internet at home and at work, on our cell phones. I have had a number of people tell me that they spend hundreds of dollars a month on some sort of service plan that gives you access to games, restaurant reviews and countless “apps” that gives you instant information on everything from gas prices to gardening tips. However when it comes to how the president fucks shit up people remain out of touch, ignorant, clueless or just plain apathetic.
Hell as vigilant as I was for years about the who, what, when and why of politics I tried to ignore what went on. But now that I am restricting my trips in my car to save gas money and many of my friends are having trouble finding work how do you ignore the carnage that surrounds us.

On Drudge there is the following headline:

FLASHBACK: Biden declares: 'We're going to be creating between 250,000 and 500,000 jobs a month'...

Also at the top of the site the headline talks about 9 percent unemployment. Another headline notes that 244,000 jobs were added in April with 62,000 coming from McDonalds.

Obama fans heard Biden’s ignorant ass statement and of course took that as an iron clad guarantee. I learned long ago that presidents don’t create jobs. The best thing a president can do is shut the fuck up and get out of the way and allow the engine of free enterprise and capitalism take over and that creates jobs and thereby wealth.

If people are going to be downloading cell phone apps then why does someone not create an app that alarms you every time our president fucks up, tells a lie or breaks a campaign promise.

Irish playwright Oliver Goldsmith was quoted as saying “ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies.” If Goldsmith were alive today he would probably want to meet President Obama and most of his cabinet and appointees so he could see those who have brought his coined phrase into a daily standard of practice.

Since I had not blogged I am reacquainting myself with the blog world. I have not read many of my favorite blogs and websites since before Christmas. I was not doing very good my world has been a rollercoaster but I’m slowly getting myself together. In between moments of moodiness and self-pity I do look out and about at so many people who are not doing very well. My life is not perfect and I wish time would speed up my pending happiness but I have learned to be patient and to be thankful. The only person I am responsible for is myself. No I am not stressing about a mortgage, pay cuts, staff reductions, a child’s education funding, family health issues or the ever present “keeping up with the Joneses.’ Obama has made that more difficult than ever and what kills me is the very people screwed by this presidents persistent lies and incompetence will indeed vote for him again.

I unfortunately believe that Obama will be elected to a second term. I’m not even going to try and pretend otherwise and the behavior of many of the Republican challengers and shit like this (CNN SHOCK POLL: RON PAUL HAS BEST CHANCE TO BEAT PRESIDENT... ) only adds to that fear.
Despite the lies and the incompetence the average citizen will no doubt be distracted by “the shiny things” in life.

The unfortunate thing about this presidency is that I’m afraid that the office of the president will never be as respected as it was in the past. Respect must be earned and I never had respect for this president before he was elected and still don’t.

When you see headlines like this: 9/11 Families Snub Obama, Want Proof Osama Dead that tells you everything you need to know. People simply don’t trust him, and to the average silly Negro no it does not have shit to do with racism!

This man is indeed the greatest liar and fabricator in American history, far exceeding Bill Clinton.
Does this president himself know what the truth is? Is it possible that he has fallen victim to his own rhetorical hyperbole, ersatz and fairy dust. Does the narcissistic flower cave in on itself eventually and return to crumpled ugly and unattractive?

Remember the McCain ad during the campaign celebrity comparing Obama to useless humans like Paris Hilton.
If the president lies, what kind of a president do we have? That leads to the second question. If he is misinformed, what kind of a president do we have? This is obviously a two for one but it is no special, it is a sad commentary about a man whose initial popularity has far outshined his record of accomplishments and his ability to lead and any reasonable claim to basic honesty.

Lies During Second Year

No signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law

Obama Lies to Keep Czars
No “boots” on the ground Libya

Anyone that has worked with the AC-130 gunship can tell you, you need spotters to let aircraft know where the targets are.  Usually it is Special Forces, Rangers etc trained for this mission. It’s CIA Agents in Libya on the ground
Reform will also rein in the abuse and excess that nearly brought down our financial system. It will finally bring transparency to the kinds of complex, risky transactions that helped trigger the financial crisis.

Obama Lies About Financial Reform Bill
All Americans WILL BE were, “surprised, disappointed and angry” about lockerbie bomber

Obama Memo
I will not rest until the BP Oil Spill stops

Obama’s Schedule

The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.

Campaign and Presidency

If you like the health care plan you have you can keep itTownHall
“Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., September 9, 2009.
ObamaCare Fee is not a new tax

Obama denies healthcare is a new tax on all Americans
We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.

Obama’s oval office speech in June 2010
Now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen.

Arizona Immigration Law
The Health Care Package will pay for itself

Republicans don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas — not one.
Hmm Immigration?

Frankly we don't need sites like these anymore, because the regular news cycle has made it all more apparent than we all may want to admit.

Who were those twenty million voters who trumped the McCain voters and brought this obscure, golden Negro to the Oval Office? Did they think they were voting for the latest American Idol or reality show icon? My answer is both simple and understood. Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.

You need to ask yourselves if we are threatened with the outbreak of a disease we would expect our health officials to warn us of a possible pandemic. If someone is border line pathologically dangerous we expect someone in counseling or psychiatry to take notice and head off any potentially dangerous bad behavior. But we rarely recognize that if we have a societal sickness or a spiritual malaise there are people who are qualified and prepared to warn us of that as well.

In my fleeting moments of intellectual clarity I have come to the conclusion that some people may want to know is who is the antichrist or when will Armageddon take place. However the majority care less about the signs leading up to these people or events and thereby are often found in the middle of the very fulfillment of prophetic utterance but remain totally aloof. A sick or spiritually ailing society is harder to see if you can't question your own place in it.

This is a president who sails off to Brazil with offers of help with drilling offshore in the huge Brazilian oilfields at the same time he is severely restricting drilling anywhere in the continental United States or offshore. Then he tells us in glowing terms what a wonderful result is going to emerge from this policy in only ten short years. Is this a lie, misinformation or could it be the onset of the much more serious aforementioned state of reprobation?
Who would dare to say (except for yours truly) that an entire nation is becoming delusionary? When a president can be this incompetent, intellectually challenged, marvelously deceptive and STILL garner close to 50% approval and I dare say again more than likely to be elected again… Still doubt this nation is fucked?
Oh I will be posting this again the moment Obama is declared the winner of a second term as president.


Other stuff I read today...

Becker: Save Unions by “Restraining Freedom of Capital”

Oh my: Release of Obama birth certificate cuts number of Birthers in half

Al Qaeda Threatens To Retaliate Against U.S. Over Bin Laden Death

Linked: White House and 'urban terrorism'
Book documents president's dedication to organization set on collapsing America

Herman Cain Wins Fox News GOP Presidential Debate

If you were to ask me who would be my GOP dream ticket it would be Paul Ryan and Herman Cain...


Mother Encourages Son To Fight Bully
BALTIMORE (CBS) — Shocking video of a mother in Baltimore encouraging her son to fight off bullies has been released. In the video, the mother can be seen shouting obscenities at her son in an attempt to make him mad and fight his tormentors.

Out Peace, Gaius

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I don’t know who is crazier, Obama or the people who continue to support him…

Obama floats plan to tax cars by the mile

The Obama administration has floated a transportation authorization bill that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive.

The plan is a part of the administration's "Transportation Opportunities Act," an undated draft of which was obtained this week by Transportation Weekly.

This follows a March Congressional Budget Office report that supported the idea of taxing drivers based on miles driven.

Among other things, CBO suggested that a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax could be tracked by installing electronic equipment on each car to determine how many miles were driven; payment could take place electronically at filling stations.

After reading this story I developed a massive headache, I honestly could not figure out what to fucken say about this story.
I know I feel as though I keep repeating the same old shit regarding this idiot president, I know I have said long before I went on my blog hiatus that I have never disliked a political figure as much as I do Obama and it is idiot shit like this that just makes me dislike him even more.
Folks are losing their jobs, folks can’t find jobs. Our national debt is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, gas prices are through the roof, food prices are higher than they ever been (I pay attention to this more than ever now) and this fool ass administration wants to tax mileage. Fucken Democrat, just like this idiot tard Negro here in Kansas who wanted to tax speeders on the turnpike by fining them if they got to the toll booth too quickly. Here you have the majority of Negros who would rather pay high dollar for hair weaves and rims but they vote for someone who wants to jack them via taxes at every turn. Jesus this country is so screwed.

Dutch Duo Report Obama to Cops for Osama 'Murder'
Leave it to the Dutch. Two men stormed into a police office in the Dutch city of Tiburg this week to report Barack Obama for Osama bin Laden's "murder." There "is a murderer who has admitted the deed on television and who dumped the evidence at sea. And the whole world is celebrating," announced Ruud Snoeren, a lawyer. "We are very angry." Dutch cops recorded the complaint, but told the men to take their beef to the World Court in The Hague, reports the Telegraph. "It is not that we do not take the case seriously, but this is not something for Tilburg police," said a spokesman. "We are not going to commit police resources to this."

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell “America Overreacted to 9/11″
Did you know that America ‘overreacted’ to 9/11?

Another day, another ‘spit take’ caused by MSNBC.

Lawrence O‘Donnell’s nightly show on the cable channel features an opinion segment called ‘Rewrite.’ Tuesday‘s ’Rewrite’ was also an attempt to rewrite history.

Like many folks on both sides of the aisle, Mr. O‘Donnell wants to find a way to associate the ’good news‘ part of Bin Laden’s death with his political party of choice while also managing to lay blame for any bad elements of this event on the opposition. Supporters of GITMO and the enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding are proudly stating, we would still be looking for OBL were it not for these tools of war. CIA Chief Leon Panetta admitted that information from Waterboarding helped in locating bin Laden.

Click link to see for yourself... This is just stupid beyond words.

Killing Bin Laden Once Again Makes The Case For Assassination

Why football players should play football and shut the fuck up...

and why do people "tweet?"

Steelers RB Writes Clarification Of Osama, 9/11 Tweets

PITTSBURGH — Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall wrote a “clarification” of his comments made Monday on Twitter regarding the death of Osama bin Laden.

In a tweet posted around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, he linked to an in-depth blog post. In that entry, he wrote that he does not support bin Laden, and that he aimed clear things up, for not only himself, but also the Steelers.

On Monday, Pittsburgh’s leading rusher caused enough of a stir with his tweets, that the Steelers felt compelled to release a statement.

Among Mendenhall’s posts, the day after the bin Laden news broke, was: “What kind of person celebrates death? It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side…” He also tweeted on the Sept. 11 attacks: “We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style.”

Wednesday’s offering, though, was a different story.

“I appreciate those of you who have decided to read this letter and attain a greater understanding of my recent Twitter posts. I see how they have gotten misconstrued, and wanted to use this outlet as a way to clear up all things that do not truthfully represent myself, what I stand for personally, and any organization that I am a part of.

Liberals and Democrats will always tell you who they fear when they start digging for dirt so early…

Paul Ryan: Secret Union Lover?

The GOP lawmaker's generally anti-union track record has one outlier: a pro-labor law that affects his family's construction company.

Republican golden boy Paul Ryan is hardly known for his sympathies to organized labor. With his drastic budget proposal to privatize Medicare and unabashed support for Governor Scott Walker's anti-union bill, the Wisconsin congressman has become the new face of the GOP's right flank.

But a closer look at Ryan's voting record reveals a single eyebrow-raising exception when it comes to labor unions: Ryan has consistently broken with his party to defend a law protecting the wages of unionized construction workers. His stance on the issue has earned him the support of a handful of unions back home, setting them apart from the majority of Wisconsin's labor community, which who has cast Ryan as public enemy No. 1. What explains this break in GOP orthodoxy? Ryan's family owns a construction firm that relies heavily on union labor—and the company could suffer if the law were repealed.
Since he was first elected to Congress in 1998, Ryan has been a staunch supporter of the Davis-Bacon Act, which prevents federally funded construction projects from undercutting the prevailing union wages in any local area. Republicans have been pushing to repeal Davis-Bacon for years, claiming that it benefits unions at the expense of taxpayers. In a handful of states, GOP lawmakers have already succeeded in overturning state versions of the law. But as recently as February, Ryan joined 47 other Republicans and 185 Democrats to oppose overturning Davis-Bacon, defeating the repeal bill.

wow... to think I ignored shit like this...
Alabama to Undocumented Kids: No Prom For You!
Having trouble finding a date for the prom? Don't worry; under a bill that recently passed the Alabama state senate, undocumented teens might not be able to attend either. SB 256, the "Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act," takes steps to block employers from hiring illegal immigrants, gives law enforcement more authority to check immigration status, requires voters to bring proof of citizenship with them to the polls—and prohibits "participation in any extracurricular activity outside of the basic course of study" for K-12 students who aren't legal residents.
The bill, sponsored by GOP state Sen. Scott Beason, has many of the same features as the controversial law passed by Arizona last spring, with a few twists. Police officers would be required to to ask drivers for their immigration papers during routine traffic stops, if they have a "reasonable suspicion" the driver is not in the country legally. And because undocumented residents are already prevented from obtaining driver's licenses, the bill goes one step further, making it a crime to knowingly give a ride to an undocumented resident.
Beason, who did not respond to a request for comment, has previously called his measure a "jobs bill." He drew criticism in February when he told a county GOP meeting it was time to "empty the clip" on immigration reform. In the same speech he said this:
Liberals are always going to want to create their utopia—if they just have a little bit more tax money, if they just let a few more illegal immigrants in—they would just create this wonderful melting pot and it would all be beautiful and we'd run through the field of flowers. Well that’s not going to happen.

Out... break Gaius

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Grinds My Gears Part 2 - Ignorance and Freedom are Incompatible

You know we bring a lot of stuff on ourselves as a people. No matter what our race or gender, in America, there are certain things expected if one wants or claims to be a citizen of this country.

First off, I am one that believes if one doesn’t know their rights, hey you have no rights, constitutional shit aside and forget about those amendments… amendments!?  

We all know that a small fraction of the populous have even read the constitution, hell even me… shit and I consider myself to be relatively civic minded. 

I would venture to speculate that most folk’s have never even read the constitution and may have even complained when they had to read it in middle school. I once told a student I work with that I studied civics in 4th and 5th grade and she was dumbfounded cause she said that civics was not part of her curriculum until the 10th grade! Jesus H. Christ what a recipe for fucking disaster. 

The constitutional convention in the late 1780s was implemented to limit the power of the federal government. I mean that’s what they fought against right.
To buttress this position, they also created a Bill of Rights to formalize the rights of the individuals but for many of us, this means nothing, but yet we always complain about what other folks (politicians) do to us versus what we do to ourselves.

To prove how far we have slid down the silly scale it is far more important to know what dress that chick in England was sporting during that wedding, or What Michelle Obama is wearing or dancing to, or who was the biggest loser, or what NBA star got busted by his wife and subsequently was attacked with a box cutter. (Google It)
None of this shit is important or even remotely essential to our survival.

I say this to repeat the obvious, that our problems, our foibles and our consternation, especially as it relates to government, community, family and politics is our own fault. For we are a dumbed down and stupid nation as a whole, it makes me realize that that is what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said, “ignorance and freedom are incompatible.”  Wow what a revelation!  

There have been many life forms and societies before us. They have all run their cycles and gone the way of the dinosaur or in the case of civilization, the way of the Roman Empire and so will we unless our chosen leaders decide to or choose to save us and not themselves. They are showing instead that they only care about their party's interests and are enriching themselves while they can.  Just go to any or just about any left or right wing website many choose to participate in the carnage most free of charge, well with advertising royalties pimped in.

The sad thing is so many of us consciously or not allows this to transpire each and every fucking day.

Read one blog, online news journal or the New York Times and they would point out the “corruption, perversion and downright treason routinely and underhandedly displayed under that Bush dude while our republic was allowed to flounder.”

During the 2008 campaign liberals told us that Obama was that shining light that was to save us from the dark tunnel Bush led us into never mind the fact that so many Obama supporters could not even tell you where he stood on issues, they did know that he was black because we kept being reminded.  Yes “ignorance and freedom are incompatible.”  Never mind his views on issues, pimp the black thing, "ignorance and freedom are incompatible.”

Leftists told us that we needed someone to save the ship called America off the rocks because it was sinking and Obama was obviously the individual who could save us.

But no right-wingers more content on destroying the republic would rather sow the seeds of failure and heap this failure upon this foreign-born half breed nigger.
No amount of birth certificate releases will ever satisfy any sheet-wearing idiot right!?
Oh but folks I don’t wear a fucking sheet and no I don’t have to root for Obama to fail he does that well on his own. 
I knew what he was about back in the day, which is exactly why you can’t even get a straight answer about how the worlds most notorious towel head was whacked because Obama can’t figure out which fish story to spew. But hey it does not matter because  “ignorance and freedom are incompatible,” people celebrated his death because hell they were bored and wanted to get out of the house, any excuse to throw a party is good enough for today’s American.

I routinely watch the immorality displayed by BOTH party's, and I know some of you become disenchanted yes the perverts, liars, molesters and gangsters all on the take in DC that goes on and on and on.
This is the society we created and molded, ignoring history’s past.  I realized these are people taking what they can while using our own ignorance against us to perpetrate their greed.  Shit I’m broke these days, not living paycheck to paycheck mind you but hey I would love to be in a position to get a little somethin… somethin… to pad the bank account so why not use American stupidity to obtain some dead presidents.      

 Those of us educated enough to understand the fall of the Roman Empire knows greed and human failings are part of the degradation of every society.  I use to think that we could turn this around; politicians have to want to save it and not themselves, but this is silly talk despite the fact that they all have children parents and family.
When you are encrusted in your own shit you become immune to the smell and that family support forgives the odor, yes even a bottom feeding lying sack of shit will still be loved and forgiven by someone.
We are at crossroads… not to be so melodramatic but we have been at the proverbial crossroads for some time…  but until I can retire the phrase “ignorance and freedom are incompatible.” Our beloved republic will continue to circle the drain while most oblivious to the consequences smile gleefully and plead… well you know…

Out… Gaius   

Sen. Brown: 'I've seen the picture, he's definitely dead'...

Top GOP lawmaker: Too risky to release bin Laden death photos...

'Conspiracy theorists will just claim photos doctored anyway'...

Boehner: I Don't Need to See It...



Muslim 'sensitivities' trump transparency?

What bin Laden photos show...

FLASHBACK: Obama planned release 2,000 photographs of prisoner abuse...

White House rejects federal disaster status for Texas wildfires...

What Grinds My Gears? Osama Binny Laden.

Don’t mind me people since I have been under a rock for the better part of several months I must fine tune my rants.
Now I will go back to my routine of finding what is interesting to me and hook you folks up so to speak.

Now what grinds my gears today… Osama Bin Laden, the mutherfucker is dead and he is giving me a bigger headache supposedly dead than when he was alive. Check out these links:

Was Osama Bin Laden A “True” Muslim?

Bin Laden Was Unarmed, White House Revises Earlier Reports

Indian leaders blast 'Geronimo' codename for Bin Laden...

RASMUSSEN: Still No Bounce for Obama...

Obama Approval Index: -13

Strongly Approve 24%

Strongly Disapprove 37%

Total Approval 48%




WH SPOKESMAN: 'Resistance does not require a firearm'

Official: Appeared to be 'reaching for a weapon'

Wife not killed, shot in leg

Young Osama Daughter: They Captured My Father Alive & Shot Him Dead In Front of Us

Leon Panetta: Okay, I Admit it. Waterboarding Gave Us Some of the Information That Led to the Killing of bin Laden

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment Shoots Down Years of GOP Terrorism Lies

New wingnut spin: POTUS didn’t kill OBL fast enough...

Obama took SIXTEEN HOURS to make up his mind about Bin Laden mission

With the demise of a cult leader Osama Bin Laden the obligatory posturing and political bullshit begins.
Rep. Eric Cantor mentions the President, but only that “..he is following the vigilance of President Bush”

“a testament to the leadership of President Obama..”. Really!? Seriously!?

Leadership from this dude?

Thousands of government employees have been tasked with this mission for more than 10 years, even prior to 9/11 under three U.S. presidents, culminating with those soldiers and support personnel that landed in that compound. Those are the persons we should be saluting. I doubt that those soldiers gave a shit whether their Commander in Chief was a Republican or Democrat. The collective reduction of intelligence in the American population has reduced us to politicizing every single fucking event in American life.
Some of those celebrating and rejoicing over the whacking of Binny were the same folks bitching and moaning about water boarding and Leon admits that waterboarding led to some key 411.

Folks this is just retarded, we are not any safer today than we were before Binny got his dirt nap and burial at sea. Let’s get a little common sense perspective here. According to Google research there are 6,775,235,700 on the planet give a take an abortion here, a child dying of starvation there, and those staring into the bright light as I type this.
In between are some of the most selfish, self-centered, racist bigoted, religious zealot, manic, evil, twisted, greedy, murderous fucks this world has ever known just waiting for their chance at 15 minutes of fame by either driving their kids into a river, or running into someone in their car while under the influence, or some lunatic blasting himself in the name of religion.

I mean seriously, the world is safer without Binny? Shit we can’t even agree that the bastard is dead, people want to see the death pics, people are making up death pics. This is a sick fuck world we live in. With all the trappings of instant information at our disposal we can’t even decipher what is real and truthful and what is not.
Folks I had the pleasure of listening to an administrative official during a presentation in which he revealed that there are legions of paid individuals to monitor, news sites, blogs, local papers to monitor what people say in things like op-ed columns and write corresponding entries to combat what he deems as “right wing noise.” Now you folks who are smart enough to have followed my ranting already know this but I have never had someone from such a relatively high authority admit it and smile while he says it.
So now we can’t even know that the letters to the editors from supposedly average ordinary citizens are even legit.

In my mind the people who were on the streets celebrating his death was over the top silly and did not make sense to me because I would bet anyone a case of beer that Obama operatives put up shit on Facebook to create these fake celebrations to make Obama look good. That is my spin to add to the confusion.

Fucking people talking about how “proud” they are of the soldiers, some mutherfuckers aren’t proud of the soldiers because a Democrat is in the White House. If a Republican were in the White House leftists would want to put the prez up on charges for murder and not giving Binny due process.

This is a crazy silly world we live in, I tried to ignore it for several months thinking that it would help my sanity, it didn’t.
You are either left with wrestling your own demons or you can chose to insert the demons from the outside world to hide you own pain.

I remember the “Morning in America” commercials during the Reagan campaign. I don’t know if we will ever see that kind of serenity in this country ever again. There is simply nothing “uniting” us these days and no celebrating the death of some terrorist fuck does not count.

Out… Gaius

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World Class Stupid... I've been in a cave and the brightness is staggering...

Ok I wrote this before I closed the curtain on this blog months ago.
After seeing people cheering the death of Bin Laden (don’t get me wrong folks I’m glad the fuck is dead) I am flabbergasted that most were too clueless to process that fact that people who actually lost someone on 9/11 were not celebrating Bin Laden’s demise cause his death won’t bring their loved ones back AND all his death will do is move another towel head up the terrorism depth chart.

“hopelessness, fear and hate and a case of world class “stupid” has made the world’s greatest military power, not only a threat to world stability but an outright embarrassment”

Was at the mall killing time and I went into one of the bookstores and was browsing through the political book section and came across a book “The Dumbest Generation” as I browsed through the political and societal book section.
I have been intrigued by this subject and the pessimistic view I have on our society. I have written before about the downturn of moral and intellectual values in our society.
Don’t get me wrong people, I’m hardly a saint, nor do I possess all of the moralistic values I think would allow me to be escorted through the pearly gates on a red carpet.
I have always known that I am an intrinsically flawed human being ever since I was very young.
I process and over process thoughts and feelings and I will be the first to tell you I have some pretty fucked up thoughts rambling around in my head. From my bitterness towards certain individuals or what can even be characterized as utter hatred or contempt for certain people. I tend to be bitter and angry some days as I recall things that have been done and said about me.
Some of you may have read an angry post I wrote where I wished I had a magic wand where I could simply wave it and wipe out human existence in the blink of an eye so that we could just start all over.

I was watching a 60 Minutes segments last night where there were these people who had extraordinary memory capacity and could recall virtually every day of their lives.
While I can’t recall specific days like these individuals could I can not only vividly recall many specific days in my life but I could relive how I felt at that particular point in time as well.

I think this is why I have such a pessimistic view of life in general. I can recall so much shit… the pain, the anguish, the nonsense, the hypocrisy of so many I have come in contact with I often seriously doubt the existence of a “Heaven” because as the Curtis Mayfield song states “if there is hell below then we’re all gonna go.”
Is it possible to focus on and clearly see the deterioration of human existence right before our eyes? Can we all see it or do some of us simply choose to ignore the deterioration.

I don’t know about you but when I look at a lot of young people when I go about my day I clearly see a deterioration of the soul and the mindset of a lot of young people.
One of the things I read in the book as I browsed through it was the fact that it mentioned this current generation of younger folks generally those under the age of 30 are clearly unconscious of just how fucked up they are.
A great number of them are clearly some of the most selfish, egotistical, self-righteous, rude, morally bankrupt human beings on the planet.
Most young people today have this over inflated sense of entitlement and what is worse is the parents of these young cretins are the most guilty of feeding this mentality.

While some of you may cringe at my very over the top pessimistic assessment I believe that time will prove that I am indeed correct in my judgment and that we all will suffer the consequences. The deterioration of the human mind, morals and common decency of the common man will prove to be our downfall and unfortunately I may still be alive the witness this demise. Unless I am fortunate enough to die as most black men do to a heart attack or diabetes.

Here in the United States of America, the greatest nation this planet has ever known is facing a significant brain drain. We all know it and there have been plenty of studies to back up what I am about to regurgitate.
None of this will be a surprise to anyone who reads this or has been paying attention.

Now I am going to preface this by saying this, I know you may ask Gaius what the fuck is your problem?

Writing… even some of the incoherent and angry, grammar and punctuationally challenged rants have indeed saved me mentally from time to time over my past.
I want someone long after I am gone to read this and say, shit this dude got it, he saw the tide go out unexpectedly… the pending tsunami those of you who understand that if you are ever on the beach and you see the water being sucked away from the shoreline, run really, really fast. What I am talking about here folks is the human equivalent of that. We can either ignore it, do something about it, or run really fast.
Or we can just smoke some really strong weed and pretend it does not exist.

What do we know…
U.S. students ranked 25th of 30 advanced nations in math and 24th in science. Several other facts paint a worrisome picture. First, the longer American children are in school, the worse they perform compared to their international peers. In recent cross-country comparisons of fourth grade reading, math, and science, US students scored in the top quarter or top half of advanced nations. By age 15 these rankings drop to the bottom half. In other words, American students are farthest behind just as they are about to enter higher education or the workforce." That's a sobering thought. The longer kids are in school and the more money we spend on them, the further behind they get.
What is amazing to me is we are confronted by this statistic all the time and most of us routinely ignore the obvious.

I wrote about a month or so ago about the plight of black and minority students which is by all accounts a national disgrace. On average, black and Latino students are roughly two to three years of learning behind white students of the same age. This racial gap exists regardless of how it is measured, including both achievement (e.g., test score) and attainment (e.g., graduation rate) measures. Scores for math and reading across the fourth and eighth grades, for example, 48 percent of blacks and 43 percent of Latinos are below basic,' while only 17 percent of whites are, and this gap exists in every state. A more pronounced racial achievement gap exists in most large urban school districts.

The teaching establishment and politicians have mindfucked taxpayers into believing that more money is needed to improve education. In Washington, D.C the school budget is about the nation's costliest, spending about $15,000 per pupil. Its student/teacher ratio, at 15.2 to 1, is lower than the nation's average. Yet student achievement is just about the lowest in the nation. What's so callous about the Washington situation is about 1,700 children in kindergarten through 12th grade receive the $7,500 annual scholarships in order to escape rotten D.C. public schools, and four times as many apply for the scholarships, yet Congress, beholden to the education establishment don’t support voucher programs.

Now is the dumbness of the current generation only dude to poor schools or lack of school choices?
I read a piece and I did not find it before I started ranting here about how technology is actually screwing up the minds of this generation.
When I am ever called upon to drive on campus you are hard pressed to find anyone not speaking on a cell phone or without an I-pod attached to their ears.
I watched a video entitled “Are Some Young People Too Dumb To Vote?” from 2008 as some young people who considered themselves politically astute could not identify prominent members of today’s political leadership.

Stupidity is accepted behavior and even celebrated. But lets be real here folks this isn’t one political side, one race, one religion, its everyone. At first the complaints talk about a government nobody can stand but it all comes back to one thing, stupidity. We talk about how stupid and out of touch our politicians are but these same tards keep getting elected somehow.

All Barack Obama had to do was promise “hope” and overwhelmingly young people followed him in droves, hundreds of millons of dollars were donated to his campaign even while those who supported him could tell you little or nothing about him and some even more intellectually challenged mistook Sarah Palin’s political positions for his. Now if that is not the height of stupidity I don’t know what is.

Now folks as I sit here bemoan human existence I know that all Americans believe that all other Americans are stupid. In doing so this doomsday way of thinking (something I do very well) causes feelings of alienation, loneliness, frustration and, most of all, anger. Americans are angry. Yes Gaius is indeed angry.

Every two years there are elections, state, local and federal with a presidential election every four years. The presidential elections are worst of all. They are increasingly dreaded by all Americans with daily polls telling them their candidate is hated for this or that no matter how ahead they may be. Polls are simply made up, one polling company works for one party and another for the opposition. Instead of information, they are meant to confuse, dismay and make the public feel helpless. This is the key to everything, helplessness.

Thus far, we have hit on two feelings, anger and helplessness. These feelings are driven by what Americans are told. The question is, who is actually doing the “telling?” This may be where the “stupid” comes in. Americans never ask who is telling, government, news organizations, industry or is there really some secret organization running everything, some backroom sect of devil worshiping war mongers and cannibals? This brings another card into play, the internet. Americans generally accept that news organizations are controlled by some evil force. Many Americans believe that Fox News, the pro-Israeli and ultra-right wing network is the purveyor of all that is good and true. Others follow CNN or ABC, perhaps MSNBC. However, even the most rudimentary investigations show ownership and management of all these sources, newspapers, magazines, all are intertwined. They are all the same and any imagined differences are just that, imagined but the average person lacks even the most basic sense of common sense to decipher what is painfully obvious.
With all the technology we possess and all out access to information we have become more and more intellectually lazy.

The internet may be where “stupid” really takes root. Stupid is one thing but when combined with outright insanity and the inherent paranoia and lack of judgment that go with it and the utter lack of discernment that stupidity is famous for, an opening is created, more like a festering wound. Even those who spend thousands of dollars being educated at our finest universities are seemingly the most vulnerable to stupidity.
Stupid has allowed public education, even at university level, to become little more than indoctrination. The baseless mythologies pushed forward, the real government conspiracies and the lies used to cover them up, become an “unquestioned” part of our national history, the real heritage of an age of stupidity and unreason. Up becomes down, right becomes wrong and truth becomes lies. More accurately, truth becomes “conspiracy theory” and the wildest conspiracy theories, the really dangerous ideas, are parroted across the airwaves, and even make it into our schools and text books.

Stupid is a corrosive that cannot be contained...