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Idiocracy: The Civil and Mental Decay of Humanity and other fun stuff!

Had an interesting conversation with some young folks and a couple of older adults like yours truly. We were chatting about basically what I deem is the accelerating decline of civilized society. In the verbal rendition of the sad sack shit I’ve been posting here I simply acknowledge what I observe. I know my disposition on life is a tiny bit warped and because some aspects of my life are not quite as enjoyable as I would like them to be but that does not dismiss the fact that maybe some of the misery I experience also run deep within our brethren across this nation and the world overall.
This post is in response to those folks, I’m making my position official by posting more gloomy rants.

Let me be clear I don’t discount the barbarianism and the ignorant ass mindset of folks back in the day. From the gunfights outside the saloon to settle arguments, to the flaunting of riches by kings and royal religious clergy types to belittle their citizens and to bully them into believing that distancing yourself from a church or from God and giving up part of your personal monetary fortune to support such beliefs or end up burning for eternity.
The insane obsession on race and color and how racist attitudes turned to such incredible violence and mind numbing lapses in common sense. White people, educated white people who would say that Negros could not fight for their country or sit at a fucken lunch counter.
It was ok for fathers to sleep with their daughters, or men to molest boys, abortions with clothes hangers, or to be prejudice and to discount anything or anybody you did not understand.
Barbarianism I guess is a subjective observation; I just believe that people are not as bright. The collective I.Q amongst the populous is in steep decline, don’t believe me just have a conversation with your average human. It is stunning what people believe, what they don’t know and the basic knowledge they lack.
When you have two horny and stupid I.Q. deficient human beings fucking and producing kids well it does not take long to figure out that little Johnny or Jane or Pooky more than likely will be a taxpayer problem one way or another.

The young kids I speak to think I am overreacting, I guess I’m overreacting like the old folk did back in the day. I have my own doomsday scenario I simply don’t think it will happen with a big bang, I see it as more termites nibbling at the foundation and the whole thing collapsing like a stack of cards.

Oh and (you know who you are) it has nothing to do with getting laid either! Sure I am not in a relationship per say (point being people in good relationships are happier) I do acknowledge that has some to do with my sullen outlook on things but the headlines don’t lie.

As I sit here I am also thinking about the folk down in Joplin, MO and what they are going through. There have been some significant disasters throughout the world and you do see the outpouring from people coming to the aid of others. Neighbors who otherwise would not say shit to each other are all of a sudden having to come together to rebuild and piece together their lives and their community.
I live in an apartment complex where folks don’t even wave. I don’t give a shit so much because I am pretty much a curmudgeon bastard. Now I will wave and smile and say hello and speak but it is as I have said often people in general simply don’t look happy.
I was at an outdoor mall and it was a beautiful day, families were all over the place, kids running around but you saw few couple embracing, holding hands or couples even engaging each other clusters of families not even acknowledging each other’s existence.
Here I was the one in a reflective mood, kinds sad sack, mopey lamenting my current existence and these people together or seemingly so… distant aloof as detached as I was and I was alone.

People all around have gotten accustomed to being perpetually unhappy. The economy sucks, gas is too damn high, crime everywhere, natural disasters everywhere hell even the possibility of no football in the fall robbing some of us with that well needed distraction on Sundays. Ah but watch as preachers start to evangelize that not football will bring many of us sinners closer to God.
“For all the bad Gaius ponders and polishes and displays his heart is so wounded and detached that he can’t see the good within.” Yes my telepathic abilities allow me to hear you hippie types saying that shit, who is right or who is wrong all depends on your own quality of life.

If I were on the water somewhere on a beautiful boat with my sweetheart basking in the sun oblivious to the struggles of the folks in Joplin or the mentally afflicted types who abuses puppies (see below), four dollar plus gas, wars and the never ceasing examples of human depravity and decay my outlook on life might be a wee bit more optimistic.

At least I am hopeful to some degree there is some hope in my future as I see it. If my dreams are realized I may not even recognize what I am writing about at this moment or I may not even be able to process why I think the way I do at this moment in my life.
Only time will tell. I will try not to focus so much on the negative. If you read this entire post do me a favor pass some good vibes around, help prove me wrong.

Out… Gaius

White House Adds New Position to Deal with Unfavorable Online Media...

CHOICE: Study shows girls increasingly aborted in India

Funny Nissan Ad Uses Woman's Bikini-Clad Breasts To Demonstrate Front Independent Suspension

If you have not seen the movie (Idiocracy 2006) Mike Judge, do so. You will see that ads like this are going to become more commonplace.

I know its fiction people but take a look around we are almost already there NOW! 500 years in the future, shit it won’t take that long. We have people throwing tantrums in fast food establishments and calling 911 because they can’t get chicken McNuggets!


I still contend that the majority of this crop of young people basically below the mid 20’s age group to pre-pubescence is some of the dumbest, socially clueless, exceedingly dependent, rude obnoxious bunch of bastards ever. When these people are running businesses and corporations and are the leaders in our government we are screwed.
Go to a college campus or a mall and see these young people with their I-Pods, chatting phones talking about nothing or simply listen to them talk. I’m not what we use to call an “old fuddy duddy” by any stretch but I swear young folks are fucked up and the amazing thing is it has NOTHING to do with how much education they have or how much money they have. We have today rich and well off dumbasses and poor dunbasses.
Thank goodness I won’t be alive too much longer after they take over shit or I will not give a shit so much or will be oblivious to what they are fucking up by them.

Shock Video: Man Caught Brutalizing Puppy Inside NYC Elevator

Grandmother Pretends She's Pregnant, Kidnaps Infant Granddaughter

Man Severely Burned In Prayer Group Fight

White People Face The Most Racism?
A new study by researchers at Tufts University and Harvard Business School shows that whites believe they are victims of racism more often than Blacks.

While that may elicit a raised eyebrow from most people, the title of the study “Whites See Racism as a Zero-sum Game that They Are Now Losing,” shows that many whites believe that as racism against Blacks has decreased, racism against them has increased much more.
Chris Rock once said "I'm a millionaire and no White man would ever trade places with me." Enough said.

Meth addicts: Before and after (38 pics)

Peter Fonda encourages his grandchildren to take up arms against 'Obama'

Fonda calls Obama a 'traitor'

Jesus, Obama is stupid in many ways and a shitty president but he is NOT a traitor, C’mon!


Sources Say DNA Matches Strauss-Kahn; Downtown Apartment Becomes Tourist Attraction
Strauss-Kahn’s temporary home on 71 Broadway in downtown Manhattan has become an instant tourist attraction, with gawking onlookers and news media from around the world gathered out front.

“It’s pretty crazy out there,” one man said. “I think it’s interesting that he’s across from Wall Street given that he worked for the IMF. In some way, it’s comical.”

The media attention, though, may be hard to escape.

“It’s the idea that we should glorify somebody who’s done something really stupid and really wrong. And we shouldn’t give him the privilege of having all the media here,”
Ok want to challenge my position on human insanity? People making a tourist attraction out of the place where a dude sexually abused and assaulted a woman. Really!? Seriously!?

Report: Strauss-Kahn’s friends trying to buy maid’s silence

The Big Payoff?! IMF Chief Attempted To Pay Off African Maid’s Family


Via Boortz

The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the State of California to release about 46,000 prisoners. The California prison population is at about 148% of capacity. Face it … California is a basket case. Perhaps one of the problems with the prisons is that prison guards can retire on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in pension benefits. That is money that could have been used to expand capacity. The only expansion has been the wallets of union prison guards.


Study: College Majors Are Highly Segregated By Race, Gender

PHILADELPHIA– The choice of undergraduate major in college is strongly tied to a student’s future earnings, with the highest-paying majors providing salaries of about 300 percent more than the lowest-paying, according to a study released Tuesday.

Based on first-of-its-kind Census data, the report by Georgetown University in Washington also found that majors are highly segregated by race and gender.

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