Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The R-Word what a “Retarded” concept when retardedness is all around us…

BOSTON -- LeBron James apologized Monday night for his use of the word "retarded" in a press conference following the Heat's Game 3 loss to Boston on Saturday.

When a reporter asked his teammate Dwyane Wade whether he felt his foul that led to Celtics guard Rajon Rondo's dislocated elbow was a dirty play, James muttered "that's retarded" with his hand over his mouth, though it was still clearly audible as he was sitting behind a microphone.

The comment drew criticism from the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers, the Boston Globe reported.

"LeBron James offended millions of people with his use of the 'R'-word," CEO Gary Blumenthal said.

"Aren't we as a society beyond the use of such offensive language as the 'R'-word and other offensive words? There is no difference between racist language, homophobic language and language that insults people with disabilities. It is all offensive and hurtful."


Yes retardedness is a word at least in the Urban Dictionary.

But really!? There is so much retarded shit out in the world I think using the term “retarded” is completely appropriate.

We have a retarded congress who can’t or won’t fix an inflated budget which is spiraling this country into mind blowing debt.

We have a retarded president and I don’t need to explain to you the ways he routinely shows off his retardedness.

We have retarded folks who still believe in the mythical notion of climate change.

We have retarded liberals who say stupid shit like this:

1) When I see an American flag flying, it's a joke. -- Robert Altman

2) As you probably know, some American politicians and American journalists refer to Washington, DC as the “capital of the free world.” But it seems to me that this great city (Brussels), which boasts 1,000 years of history and which serves as the capital of Belgium, the home of the European Union, and the headquarters for NATO, this city has its own legitimate claim to that title. — Joe Biden

3) As to those in the World Trade Center…Let’s get a grip here, shall we? True enough, they were civilians of a sort. But innocent? Gimme a break. …If there was a better, more effective, or in fact any other way of visiting some penalty befitting their participation upon the little Eichmanns inhabiting the sterile sanctuary of the twin towers, I’d really be interested in hearing about it. —
Ward Churchill Read full article - Liberal "Patriotism" In Quotes

Every damn day while driving I have to deal with retards that drive slower than everyone while in the fast lane.

Retards who text while driving.

Retards who don’t understand the concept of “yielding” vs “stopping”

Retards that put expensive rims on shitty cars.

Retards who park on their lawn.

Retards who tattoo their faces and necks.

Retards who put bumper stickers on expensive cars announcing their candidate of choice, political affiliation or some idiot quote that nobody gives a fuck about nobody gives a shit, seriously the vast majority of us don’t, nor do we care that your child is an honor student!

Retards who “tweet” every fucking aspect of their lives like people give a damn.

People who Facebook every aspect of their lives not to mention putting exceedingly personal information about their private lives which can now be viewed by perspective employers and university recruiters.

Retarded shit can also be viewed HERE





Retarded Democrats!

CRS: Dem tax hikes on oil producers will raise prices, increase foreign dependency

this: Michael Moore, Blithering Idiot: Focus on Bin Laden’s Money, Not His Religious Motivations
and wow this: Study Shows Nearly Half Of Detroit Residents Are Illiterate

We are even driven to silly shit like this:
Raise Them Up! “Droopy Drawers” Bill Passes Outlawing Baggy Pants

This world is overwrought with stupid, silly retarded shit, so how is the term offensive when there are so many glorious examples of retardedness.

I know how each of us sees the world all depends on our status in life or basically how happy we are with ourselves in relation to the world around us.
I have developed this mental glaze that causes me to focus more on the negativity in the world these days.
We are exposed to so much information today when back in the day retardedness in the world was hidden from us.
Every retarded ass thing that is said by a celebrity, politician, athlete is jammed down our throats because hey we are voyeuristic fucks who rejoices in seeing people do retarded shit bringing comfort to our own little warped jacked up world.

I don’t have much hope for mankind these days and not even religion or faith can save us from the abyss and the pending demise of civilized society.

Blame my pissy behavior on male PMS I guess, but this is not a monthly cycle I have been feeling this way for a long time and the feeling of hopelessness only increased with the election of this “retard” president.

I know I need to get a better attitude, hopefully my outlook on life will get better here soon. But I doubt it.

If life for you is good, fruitful and full of happiness and joy consider yourself lucky and for God’s sakes never EVER take it for granted.

To do so would be well… retarded!

Take it from someone who has forgotten what it is like to be truly happy.

Out… Gaius

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