Friday, May 27, 2011

Today’s Civil-Rights Issue

Folks this is not a black or white issue. If we don’t fix this problem with public education and its corrosive effects on black children we all will be paying for the problem down the road.

Public-school reality today for black kids is one that overwhelmingly keeps them incarcerated in failing, dangerous schools.
Criminal charges against one single black mother and conviction of another for sending their children to schools in districts in which they are not residents provide yet more indications of deep-seated problems festering in our country.

Moreover, it makes you wonder about how long it is going to take for blacks to wake up to their real problems

In one case, a single, homeless black mother in Connecticut is now charged with larceny for supposedly “stealing” $15,686 in education services because she sent her 5-year-old son to kindergarten in a school district where she doesn’t live by using her babysitter’s address.

Earlier this year, a single black mother in Ohio was convicted and sentenced to 10 days in jail and three years probation for using her daughters’ grandfather’s address so the girls could attend better and safer schools.

Did these women break the law? Technically, yes. But I would call this reality the 2011 version of the Fugitive Slave Act.


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Anonymous said...

Completely agree..with some additional caveats.

Break the education monopoly...competition improves chances for the kids.
The schools are so broken it's easier to start over.

Improve discipline in the schools. Bring back expulsion for chronic misbehavior.

Students have to STUDY This has been overlooked. End the gangsta culture!