Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Grinds My Gears? Osama Binny Laden.

Don’t mind me people since I have been under a rock for the better part of several months I must fine tune my rants.
Now I will go back to my routine of finding what is interesting to me and hook you folks up so to speak.

Now what grinds my gears today… Osama Bin Laden, the mutherfucker is dead and he is giving me a bigger headache supposedly dead than when he was alive. Check out these links:

Was Osama Bin Laden A “True” Muslim?

Bin Laden Was Unarmed, White House Revises Earlier Reports

Indian leaders blast 'Geronimo' codename for Bin Laden...

RASMUSSEN: Still No Bounce for Obama...

Obama Approval Index: -13

Strongly Approve 24%

Strongly Disapprove 37%

Total Approval 48%




WH SPOKESMAN: 'Resistance does not require a firearm'

Official: Appeared to be 'reaching for a weapon'

Wife not killed, shot in leg

Young Osama Daughter: They Captured My Father Alive & Shot Him Dead In Front of Us

Leon Panetta: Okay, I Admit it. Waterboarding Gave Us Some of the Information That Led to the Killing of bin Laden

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment Shoots Down Years of GOP Terrorism Lies

New wingnut spin: POTUS didn’t kill OBL fast enough...

Obama took SIXTEEN HOURS to make up his mind about Bin Laden mission

With the demise of a cult leader Osama Bin Laden the obligatory posturing and political bullshit begins.
Rep. Eric Cantor mentions the President, but only that “..he is following the vigilance of President Bush”

“a testament to the leadership of President Obama..”. Really!? Seriously!?

Leadership from this dude?

Thousands of government employees have been tasked with this mission for more than 10 years, even prior to 9/11 under three U.S. presidents, culminating with those soldiers and support personnel that landed in that compound. Those are the persons we should be saluting. I doubt that those soldiers gave a shit whether their Commander in Chief was a Republican or Democrat. The collective reduction of intelligence in the American population has reduced us to politicizing every single fucking event in American life.
Some of those celebrating and rejoicing over the whacking of Binny were the same folks bitching and moaning about water boarding and Leon admits that waterboarding led to some key 411.

Folks this is just retarded, we are not any safer today than we were before Binny got his dirt nap and burial at sea. Let’s get a little common sense perspective here. According to Google research there are 6,775,235,700 on the planet give a take an abortion here, a child dying of starvation there, and those staring into the bright light as I type this.
In between are some of the most selfish, self-centered, racist bigoted, religious zealot, manic, evil, twisted, greedy, murderous fucks this world has ever known just waiting for their chance at 15 minutes of fame by either driving their kids into a river, or running into someone in their car while under the influence, or some lunatic blasting himself in the name of religion.

I mean seriously, the world is safer without Binny? Shit we can’t even agree that the bastard is dead, people want to see the death pics, people are making up death pics. This is a sick fuck world we live in. With all the trappings of instant information at our disposal we can’t even decipher what is real and truthful and what is not.
Folks I had the pleasure of listening to an administrative official during a presentation in which he revealed that there are legions of paid individuals to monitor, news sites, blogs, local papers to monitor what people say in things like op-ed columns and write corresponding entries to combat what he deems as “right wing noise.” Now you folks who are smart enough to have followed my ranting already know this but I have never had someone from such a relatively high authority admit it and smile while he says it.
So now we can’t even know that the letters to the editors from supposedly average ordinary citizens are even legit.

In my mind the people who were on the streets celebrating his death was over the top silly and did not make sense to me because I would bet anyone a case of beer that Obama operatives put up shit on Facebook to create these fake celebrations to make Obama look good. That is my spin to add to the confusion.

Fucking people talking about how “proud” they are of the soldiers, some mutherfuckers aren’t proud of the soldiers because a Democrat is in the White House. If a Republican were in the White House leftists would want to put the prez up on charges for murder and not giving Binny due process.

This is a crazy silly world we live in, I tried to ignore it for several months thinking that it would help my sanity, it didn’t.
You are either left with wrestling your own demons or you can chose to insert the demons from the outside world to hide you own pain.

I remember the “Morning in America” commercials during the Reagan campaign. I don’t know if we will ever see that kind of serenity in this country ever again. There is simply nothing “uniting” us these days and no celebrating the death of some terrorist fuck does not count.

Out… Gaius

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