Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Grinds My Gears Part 2 - Ignorance and Freedom are Incompatible

You know we bring a lot of stuff on ourselves as a people. No matter what our race or gender, in America, there are certain things expected if one wants or claims to be a citizen of this country.

First off, I am one that believes if one doesn’t know their rights, hey you have no rights, constitutional shit aside and forget about those amendments… amendments!?  

We all know that a small fraction of the populous have even read the constitution, hell even me… shit and I consider myself to be relatively civic minded. 

I would venture to speculate that most folk’s have never even read the constitution and may have even complained when they had to read it in middle school. I once told a student I work with that I studied civics in 4th and 5th grade and she was dumbfounded cause she said that civics was not part of her curriculum until the 10th grade! Jesus H. Christ what a recipe for fucking disaster. 

The constitutional convention in the late 1780s was implemented to limit the power of the federal government. I mean that’s what they fought against right.
To buttress this position, they also created a Bill of Rights to formalize the rights of the individuals but for many of us, this means nothing, but yet we always complain about what other folks (politicians) do to us versus what we do to ourselves.

To prove how far we have slid down the silly scale it is far more important to know what dress that chick in England was sporting during that wedding, or What Michelle Obama is wearing or dancing to, or who was the biggest loser, or what NBA star got busted by his wife and subsequently was attacked with a box cutter. (Google It)
None of this shit is important or even remotely essential to our survival.

I say this to repeat the obvious, that our problems, our foibles and our consternation, especially as it relates to government, community, family and politics is our own fault. For we are a dumbed down and stupid nation as a whole, it makes me realize that that is what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said, “ignorance and freedom are incompatible.”  Wow what a revelation!  

There have been many life forms and societies before us. They have all run their cycles and gone the way of the dinosaur or in the case of civilization, the way of the Roman Empire and so will we unless our chosen leaders decide to or choose to save us and not themselves. They are showing instead that they only care about their party's interests and are enriching themselves while they can.  Just go to any or just about any left or right wing website many choose to participate in the carnage most free of charge, well with advertising royalties pimped in.

The sad thing is so many of us consciously or not allows this to transpire each and every fucking day.

Read one blog, online news journal or the New York Times and they would point out the “corruption, perversion and downright treason routinely and underhandedly displayed under that Bush dude while our republic was allowed to flounder.”

During the 2008 campaign liberals told us that Obama was that shining light that was to save us from the dark tunnel Bush led us into never mind the fact that so many Obama supporters could not even tell you where he stood on issues, they did know that he was black because we kept being reminded.  Yes “ignorance and freedom are incompatible.”  Never mind his views on issues, pimp the black thing, "ignorance and freedom are incompatible.”

Leftists told us that we needed someone to save the ship called America off the rocks because it was sinking and Obama was obviously the individual who could save us.

But no right-wingers more content on destroying the republic would rather sow the seeds of failure and heap this failure upon this foreign-born half breed nigger.
No amount of birth certificate releases will ever satisfy any sheet-wearing idiot right!?
Oh but folks I don’t wear a fucking sheet and no I don’t have to root for Obama to fail he does that well on his own. 
I knew what he was about back in the day, which is exactly why you can’t even get a straight answer about how the worlds most notorious towel head was whacked because Obama can’t figure out which fish story to spew. But hey it does not matter because  “ignorance and freedom are incompatible,” people celebrated his death because hell they were bored and wanted to get out of the house, any excuse to throw a party is good enough for today’s American.

I routinely watch the immorality displayed by BOTH party's, and I know some of you become disenchanted yes the perverts, liars, molesters and gangsters all on the take in DC that goes on and on and on.
This is the society we created and molded, ignoring history’s past.  I realized these are people taking what they can while using our own ignorance against us to perpetrate their greed.  Shit I’m broke these days, not living paycheck to paycheck mind you but hey I would love to be in a position to get a little somethin… somethin… to pad the bank account so why not use American stupidity to obtain some dead presidents.      

 Those of us educated enough to understand the fall of the Roman Empire knows greed and human failings are part of the degradation of every society.  I use to think that we could turn this around; politicians have to want to save it and not themselves, but this is silly talk despite the fact that they all have children parents and family.
When you are encrusted in your own shit you become immune to the smell and that family support forgives the odor, yes even a bottom feeding lying sack of shit will still be loved and forgiven by someone.
We are at crossroads… not to be so melodramatic but we have been at the proverbial crossroads for some time…  but until I can retire the phrase “ignorance and freedom are incompatible.” Our beloved republic will continue to circle the drain while most oblivious to the consequences smile gleefully and plead… well you know…

Out… Gaius   

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