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Alarming Trend for Obama, Keith Ellison: Misrepresenting the Pledge of Allegiance, "dumb, unskilled Southern workers", Bill Clinton Still Supports Failed Stimulus, Democrat Congressmen in Love with Hamas Love Boat, George Stephanopoulos lectures Bachmann on history? White House dumps 'secret shopper' survey of doctors, Liberals Seriously Scared of Bachmann, Obama Screws Black Folks...Lots of other stuff...

Poll Numbers Continue Alarming Trend for Obama
Is the sleeping giant of the American electorate finally awakening?

Keith Ellison: Misrepresenting the Pledge of Allegiance

Over the course of the last few months, Rep. Keith Ellison, one of two Muslim members of Congress, has been cherry-picking the Pledge of Allegiance in an attempt to portray prominent Republicans as bigoted islamophobes.
Earlier this year, Ellison responded to the Peter King hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims by saying that conservatives believe in liberty, but are against the “and justice for all.”   In an appearance on MSNBC two weeks ago, he advised Herman Cain to “review that Pledge of Allegiance”, particularly the part proclaiming “liberty and justice for all.”  And more recently, Ellison gave an interview to C-SPAN, in which he ran off a list of supposed differences between himself and Michele Bachmann.  That list included a declaration that he, and apparently only he, “believe(s) in liberty and justice for all.”
One line however, does not an entire pledge make.
We know why Ellison is invoking this specific phrase from the pledge – liberty and justice for all.  It is an attempt to push the progressive agenda of placating radical Muslims.  But it is also important to counter such slander, by examining the motivations behind those that Ellison hopes to marginalize as islamophobic.
Why is Peter King holding hearings on radical Islam?  Why is Herman Cain opposed to appointing Muslims to his administration without a declaration of loyalty?  Why is Michele Bachmann so vociferous in her desire to deal with the threat of radical Islam?
The answer, it turns out, lies in the Pledge of Allegiance.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…

Why Is the US Sending Money To China To Help It Meet Air Pollution Standards?

NLRB tried to save America from dumb, unskilled Southern workers

More Democratic Self-Dealing: National Council of La Raza Funding Nearly Triples After Obama Hires Lobbyist, Provides Ethics Waiver

Bill Clinton Still Supports Failed Stimulus But Says It Wasn’t Big Enough
And, just think…
He’s supposed to be the “smart” democrat.

Democracy collapses in Europe: EU cancels SIOA/SIOE free speech rally -- Freedom from jihad flotilla to launch on 9/11 Reuters

Democrat Congressmen in Love with Hamas Love Boat American leftists keeping terror afloat

The western organizations that agitate for Hamas are preparing for the next Flotilla circus, in which they plan to breach Israel’s blockade of Hamasistan (aka Gaza). This 15-ship fleet includes a vessel that will carry 36 American leftists. The ship is appropriately named The Audacity of Hope, as a tribute to the most pro-Palestinian leader of the free world. No, they are not bringing hope and change to the region; they are bringing deadly chemicals to throw on the Israeli soldiers who will inevitably board the ship. Now, six Democrats are asking the State Department to protect the American leftists while they offer aid and comfort to our enemies.
Confirmed: Top US General Reveals Obama Ignored Military’s Advice on Afghanistan (Video)

Block Grant Welfare to the States
By Peter Ferrara

"The next step is fundamental entitlement reform, to reduce the overwhelming future burden of exploding entitlement expenses. As I argue in the book, we will never be able to solve the entitlement crisis by simply trying to cut benefits for the poor and seniors. We need fundamental structural reforms. We need to modernize our tax and redistribution entitlement programs to rely on 21st century capital, labor and insurance markets. Through such reforms, we can achieve all of the social goals of these entitlement programs far more effectively, actually serving seniors and the poor far better, at just a fraction of the current cost of those programs."

George Stephanopoulos lectures Bachmann on history, gets it horribly wrong

CNN Presses Michele Bachmann: Did You Intend to Make False Statements?

Alec Baldwin on Bachmann: 'Inarticulate and Full of [It],'Backed by 'Thuggish Interests'

White House dumps 'secret shopper' survey of doctors

Looking for a job? Good luck with that...

By Neal Boortz

Yeah … we’ve been here before. Here I go yammering about Barack Obama again. Fact is, I just cannot believe that this guy has turned out to be as hideously bad as he clearly is. Certainly he telegraphed what kind of a president he was going to be during the 2008 campaign, but the human spirit is such that you still want to hold out a bit of hope – until hope becomes delusional.

Do you understand just how bad our economy is? Let me share just a few statistics with you. There have been several economic recessions since the end of World War II. Every recession, of course, has been followed by a recovery. The Joint Economic Committee has studied recoveries from previous recessions and compared them to the current situation. We are now 38 months past the beginning of the recession. When past recessions are studied the Joint Economic Committee found that at the 38-month marker employment would be about 3.7% higher than it was at the beginning of the recession. This, though, is the Obama recovery. Employment is now – at the 38-month mark – 5% below what it was at the start of the recession. This is the worst recovery from a recession since World War II.

Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal shares another statistic with us. In previous recessions our economy enjoyed an average growth of 9.9% over 13-quarter period since the beginning of the recession. Where are we now? Our GDP has grown by 0.8% over that same 13-quarter period since the beginning of the 2008 recession. There’s the ObamaRecovery for you.

Are these numbers boring for you? Well if you’re looking for a job, or worried about keeping the job you have, you should be digesting these numbers and addressing the cause --- and the cause is Barack Obama.

The American economy is a private sector economy. If you’re looking for a job in the private sector:
  • You’re looking for a job in that sector of our economy that Barack Obama refers to as the “enemy.”
  • You’re looking for a job in that sector of the economy that must endure tax increases so that, in the words of Obama’s Treasury Secretary, the federal government won’t have to spend less.
  • You’re looking for a job in that sector of our economy that is suffering an unprecedented regulatory assault from Washington DC.
If you’re looking for a job your greatest hope is in making sure that Barack Obama is not a two-term president.
Now remember folks... I posted this story the other day...

Most African-Americans Believe Economy Is Better Under Obama
A new poll conducted by the largest social network for African-Americans,, and, shows that 88 percent of African-Americans believe the economy has been better under President Obama than former president George W. Bush.

This stands in sharp contrast to a recent Bloomberg poll released last week that showed 44 percent of Americans believe that the economy was better during George Bush’s presidency.

Many will point to Obama inheriting the Bush economic mess as a reason to defend the current president. Former president Bush left office at a time when the financial crisis began. But Obama has inherited the tail-end of the beginning, middle, and no one knows when the end will come to this trying time in American history. No one knows if we are even near it.

Only 12 percent of BlackPlanet/NewsOne users believed the economy was better under former president Bush.

Over 1,100 African-Americans were polled in this study.

Now since I’m black I get to say the following… If you are white feel free to blame me for making such an insensitive statement.

Either black folks are stupid, retarded, clueless, don’t give a fuck, were paid to say that crazy shit, the poll is a fraud, or the News One Staff that posted the story is a bunch of idiot fucks. NOBODY... I don’t give a fuck it you are an Obama fan or not can say life is better under an Obama presidency especially black people.


On the same website we have the following:

Crisis! 34 Percent Of Black Milwaukee Men Unemployed
One of the many cities overlooked when you think about Black unemployment is Milwaukee.

While the national African-American unemployment rate sits over 16 percent, 34 percent of Black men in Milwaukee are unemployed.

The main reason for this high rate amongst Black men is the loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector. Close to 56,000 jobs have been lost during the recession where many African-American males were sure to land entry level jobs before.


Depression-Era Levels! Black Unemployment Hits 16 Percent
Times are only getting tougher for African-Americans across the country.

New numbers show that Black unemployment is at 16.2 percent, while Black male joblessness is at 17.5 percent. The youth are being hit the hardest with over 41 percent unemployed.

The numbers are startling at a time when unemployment continues to be a national issue.

Black unemployment at Depression-era levels
The Tavis Smiley Show
The number of African Americans without jobs is now at 16.2%, with African American males at 17.5%.

Story from The Tavis Smiley Show. Use audio player above to listen to entire interview.

While the national unemployment rate currently hovers around 9.1%, the number of African Americans without jobs has now hit depression-era levels at 16.2%, according to a recent CBS News report. Afrian American males have a higher divide at 17.5%.

Economist Dr. Julianne Malveaux discussed the reasons behind the increasing disparities in a recent interview with Tavis Smiley. She says African Americans are less likely to have college educations, are in more vulnerable blue-collar and manufacturing jobs, and do not have easy access to transportation. In addition, she says, African Americans still face racial discrimination.

Eventually it all comes back to whitey...

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