Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amazing: Lousy Economy Won't Sink Obama - Nigas I guess like high unemployment, Anthony Weiner’s Apology Speech, Weiner on Facebook, R U Behind on your student loans? Why Does America Love Putting Black Men In Jail

Lousy Economy Won't Sink Obama
Unemployment has edged up again two months in a row, and economic conditions are bad for most Americans, but the president’s strong personal approval ratings and a roster of weak potential GOP opponents mean he will win a second term, writes Peter Beinart.

For a couple of years now, optimists about Barack Obama’s reelection prospects (myself included) have peddled the Ronald Reagan analogy. Reagan, you may remember, won 49 states in 1984 with the unemployment rate at 7.4 percent. The lesson: a president overseeing a weak economy can still win reelection—easily—if people believe the worst is over and prosperity is about to return.


The ravages of Obamacare “reform,”

POLL: Only 24% Say They Share President's Political Views...

But you people will vote for Obama because he is such a swell guy right!?

It really sucks that the GOP can't get its shit together and the result will be 4 more years of this fucked up shit! I guess Nigas like high unemployment, high gas prices, high food prices, huge debt...

I Like...

Anthony Weiner’s Apology Speech (Presented By Guilty-Looking Dachshunds)


The Most Ridiculous Leftist Defenses of Anthony Weiner

WEINER BILL: 'Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators'*****


Why Does America Love Putting Black Men In Jail?
It isn’t until we notice that the sentencing for Ryan LeVin, a 36 year-old Porsche driver, was just two years of house arrest after killing two people in a hit-and-run accident.

When you contrast that to Plaxico Burress and Michael Vick, you understand the racial inequity that exists in America’s justice system.

As we all know, and won’t defend, Plaxico Burress went to jail for shooting himself in the leg in a nightclub. Michael Vick went to jail for running a dog fighting operation.

In theory, we all understand that jail is for those that break the law, but in practice, we know that jail is supposed to be for dangerous people. Jail is supposed to be for people that we may need to have locked away from the rest of us for our own safety.

Then we see a man that actually did harm people—not only harmed them, killed them—sentenced to house arrest, while a guy whose only crime was against dogs and another man that shot his own fool self in the leg do hard time.

The logical justification for this stems from the very American ideology that this country had done so much for the Negro.

Now, I’ve always regretted the fact that Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and for two reasons:

1) I believe that if things had played out along the course they were going, what with the proliferation of riots and slave revolts, Black people would have liberated themselves eventually.

2) Being granted your freedom makes you eternally indebted to your grantor for your freedom.

The second of those two things is what causes some Americans to say things that are so run-naked crazy.

You hear them use the word “we” in funny ways; like “we” fought the Civil War to free you people; and “we” fought against discriminatory practices such as Jim Crow and back-of-the bussing.

Sometimes, when the gin hits your spirit you’re almost tempted to ask them exactly who they were fighting against!

But at the root, that “we” is the reason that America loves putting Black men in jail.

America can’t see beyond all the wonderful things it has done for Black people.

Yet we still have the nerve to occasionally commit crimes?

Such ingratitude!

Silly Nigga shit.

Hey whitey… yes you whitey reading this right now, you know ain’t no black folks reading this blog. Now why did you put that innocent black dude minding his own business in jail today. What dude? Does it matter. The article says that AMERICA Loves putting black men in jail?
You white people are so fucking mean, just randomly snatching up black folks and putting them in jail for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Black people NEVER commit crimes, every black man in jail today was a victim of racism pure and simple.
Yes I’m sure you white folks just love seeing your tax dollars being used to unjustly enslave or incarcerate innocent black people. You should be ashamed of yourself!

More Black Men Now in Prison System than Enslaved in 1850

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