Monday, June 27, 2011

Are You A Flake, Republicans 'basically moronic', Who is hotter, Bachmann or Palin? Religious Zealots, Peoria Mob Yells “Kill All The White People”

Chris Wallace On Michele Bachmann’s ‘Flake’ Question: ‘I Messed Up, I’m Sorry’
Chris Wallace is back again commenting on one of his interviews, but this time he is also apologizing. Earlier today he interviewed Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and rather bluntly asked her “are you a flake?” It’s a question that Wallace now admits he regrets.

Wallace acknowledged that Bachmann seemed perturbed by the question and then addressed his viewers:

“A lot of you were more than perturbed, you were upset and felt that I had been rude to her. And since in the end it’s really all about the answers and not about the questions. I messed up, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

Rep. Bachmann: Always rising, never compromising

Michele Bachmann was a self-styled “education researcher” making a run for a Minnesota school board seat in 1999 when the question came up at a candidate forum: If elected, would she serve all four years?

Maybe not, she said.

Bachmann, now a three-term congresswoman and tea party favorite who may run for president in 2012, opened up about a confrontation she’d had with a state senator over Minnesota’s new school standards.

“I told him that if he’s not willing to be more responsive to the citizens, that I may have to run for his seat or find someone else who would do so,” she said, according to a newspaper account of the meeting.

Bachmann lost the school board race, but then knocked off the senator, a fellow Republican, just months later using the standards as her primary issue.

It was an early indicator of a recurring theme: Bachmann often wins by losing.

[...]The race would test her resilience because she would start far back. But as a little-known House member only a few years ago, Bachmann became hero of the conservative tea party movement in part by fighting losing battles with the GOP establishment. Her path to Congress was paved by failed efforts to pass a ban on gay marriage in the Minnesota Legislature.

“She is very good at turning lemons into lemonade all the time,” said Sal Russo, a California political consultant who came to know Bachmann through the tea party.

But who is hotter, Bachmann or Palin?

I have not said much about MB, I’m not sure what to think of her she seems to be a decent candidate, I do like her better than I do Romney, talk about flake I think Romney is a flake and I don’t trust him at all. He is the typical politician who sticks his finger in the air and goes with the prevailing tide. Although his business skills is an asset I simply don’t trust him long term.

My problem with Bachmann is I heard that she said in an interview that “God told her to marry her husband.” I don’t trust any candidate who uses religion to sell themselves.
According to most people God tells them to marry whomever so in that case God is wrong half the time according to statistics.
I am so sick of these candidates claiming some special relationship with God. I’ve known so many people who claim to be so damn religious or “Christian” and they are the biggest “flakes” and frauds on the planet.
None of us have a monopoly on God or his words and those people who claim that they do in many cases tend to be the most screwed up people on the planet.

Let me tell you I’ve heard more than a few people in private say that Catholisism is the “one true religion.” Now the individuals who were saying this shit on the surface were reasonable people. But do you know how far a stick has to be up your ass for you to think that your religion is better than your neighbors’ religion. These were not fanatics saying this shit but it goes to show you how humanity has co-opted religion to use in any way they see fit and not to save their own soul.
These radical Christian types scare me more than ever; it is not the concept of “God” himself but the moral authority religious zealots want to have over society.

I will keep an eye on Bachmann and if I hear any more “God told me… whatever” bullshit I will discount her too.


Jerry Brown's office calls Republicans 'basically moronic'
With California's new fiscal year starting Friday and no compromise with the GOP on a budget in sight, Gov. Jerry Brown's chief spokesman called Sacramento Republicans "basically moronic" for failing to strike an agreement.

Brown wants a fall election on taxes and to extend vehicle and sales tax hikes that will otherwise expire by Friday. Republicans are demanding pension, regulatory and spending policy concessions in exchange for such an election. They have balked at extending taxes.

"The Republicans in Sacramento are basically moronic. But we’re hopeful that they can realize we’re on an unsustainable trajectory here, one that is not fiscally responsible and one for which they are at least partially responsible," Gil Duran, Brown's press secretary, said in an interview with KPCC.

Duran also questioned Republicans' competence in drafting the policy changes they are seeking.

"Those aren’t their reforms. They aren’t smart enough to write reforms. They don’t know the first thing about the details of reforms. We have to do the work. Those are our reforms," Duran said.

Such acidic rhetoric is typical of talks that have broken down. Republicans held a news conference on Thursday accusing Brown of being the unwilling party in the negotiations.


Google curbs Web map exposing phone locations
Google has taken steps to limit the disclosure of the locations of millions of iPhones, laptops, and other devices with Wi-Fi connections after a CNET article drew attention to privacy concerns.
The move by Google comes after the Mountain View, Calif.-based company was criticized for the way it made a database assembled by
Android phones and Street View cars available to the public, even though it could link a geographical location with a unique hardware address of a Wi-Fi enabled device. The change means that Google now appears to be moving closer to the approach adopted by Apple and Microsoft, which never made their location databases public.


Pediatricians want fast food ads banned from television
That's because almost one-third of U.S. children eat fast food each day, says this report from Reuters reporter Frederik Joelving. We Americans spend more than $110 billion every year on burgers, fries and other fast food, "more than that spent on higher education, computers, or cars," said the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a group of 65,000 physicians.
According to a policy statement the AAP issued today, the fast food industry spent $4.2 billion on ads in various media in 2009. Research shows they work -- one study found kids who watched TV shows with food ads ate 45 percent more snacks than when they watched TV shows with ads for other products.


Peoria Mob Yells “Kill All The White People”

One victim, Krzysztof Wilkowski, told The Chicago Tribune he was hit so hard in the head with a baseball bat that it knocked the motorscooter helmet he was wearing off.

The weekend before, at least 20 African-American youths were arrested in connection with robberies and disturbances involving multiple people in the Near North District, police said.

UPDATE (6/27/2011): The Peoria Journal-Star has quoted two area residents who claim the reports of anti-White racism by the Black mob are false; Peoria City Councilwoman Barbara Van Auken claims Wilkinson has a history of “wildly exaggerating” reports, many of them involving race, and police are well aware of it.

However, Peoria Pundit over on Free Republic claims to also know Wilkinson, and decsribes him as “the most straight forward person I’ve met.”

“He has no need to embellish or to lie,” Peoria Pundit wrote. “That means this is true and it’s an outrage. I hope Mr. Jackson of the local NAACP reads this and responds. That will be interesting. This is nothing more than hate and race war against whites.”

Mike says: I just bought a colt LE6920 and am purchasing a suppressor and a ACOG weapon sight, plus I have a conceal carry permit and a keltech 9mm with a laser sight. I am quietly preparing for the coming civil unrest which is eminent given the economy and welfare system. All I can say is “Bring it on bitches!”

In the current climate racial hatred is at an all-time high. Hell I have a number of white people former friends and so-called family who I bet are happy that they are free to throw the term Nigger around at family gatherings now that the lone Negro is not present.

Me, I am pretty certain that I am the biggest hater of Obama and that goes back long before the dude was president but just like any assumption folks think that because I am black that I must be a supporter.
I still get in to it with some black folks who still can’t grasp the notion of a black dude being an Obama hater. People cannot get past color no matter what.
This is what I feared the most of an Obama presidency. Racial prejudice and hatred is at an all-time high and because of that people will go out of their way to erect racial barriers and find an excuse to hate someone different.
I knew Negros was gonna act a fool because one of their own according to them was the head nigga in charge. But I’ll tell you I see in difference in how people talk and relate to me simply because of my skin color. I sometimes feel the same way now as I did as a kid when police questioned whether or not I lived in the neighborhood or not.
You just feel a different tension when you are out and about.
But it is not just the strangers hell it is people I once knew and called friends, not all but quite a few. I have had people tell me shit that was said about me from folks that are just over the top simply to assassinate my character and most of it was racial in nature.
I knew where it came from but it did not make hearing it any less painful.
Here I was married to someone who I never thought had a racist or prejudice bone in her body and when shit hit the fan all of the racial and racist stereotypes came flooding out.

Society is more fragmented than ever and as the country continues to deteriorate every crazy racist ass fuck (that includes white and black people… Mexicans too) will be given an excuse inflame racial tensions.
I have a number of grandkids who are all sorts of shades and I sometimes worry about them. Growing up I did not have time to hold any racial animosity towards anyone and that was even after shit was stolen out of our homes and eggs thrown at our house after moving to Oakland, CA and being the only black family at the time.
It was not until experiencing the isolation I felt after being in some family and social gatherings that I realized that people will hold on to their racist bullshit no matter what. Once people grow up with the idea that anything different than you is bad nothing can eradicate that mindset no matter how nice on the surface someone may be or how educated that seem to be.
Folks this will only get worse before it gets better.


Phelps said...

Me, I am pretty certain that I am the biggest hater of Obama and that goes back long before the dude was president but just like any assumption folks think that because I am black that I must be a supporter.
I still get in to it with some black folks who still can’t grasp the notion of a black dude being an Obama hater. People cannot get past color no matter what.
This is what I feared the most of an Obama presidency. Racial prejudice and hatred is at an all-time high and because of that people will go out of their way to erect racial barriers and find an excuse to hate someone different.

I'm worried about this too. I'm worried that when Obama loses, a bunch of idiots are going to riot, and it might actually start a race skirmish if they succeed in killing some white people.

I think that because most black people live in highly concentrated neighborhoods, they just don't get how many white people there are, and how dangerous a non-social worker white person can be. And because Obama's support is 90%+ in the black community, it's going to be shoot first based on skin color, worry about political affiliation later.

Plus, it would end up being the first transfer of power in the Executive in over 200 years that wasn't done bloodlessly, including the Civil War. Thanks a lot, Obama.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Unfortunately since most black folks live vicariously through Obama no matter how fucked up a president he is they will back him no matter what.
Racial identity will always be first and foremost in the mindsets of black folks. Will folks riot? I’m not sure I don’t see black folks doing a Rodney King in cities across the nation or at least I hope we don’t see that level of stupidity.

But then again in a story above black folks think everything is fine under Obama, so I guess many are that clueless and stupid.