Monday, June 6, 2011

Beware of White Lawmakers! "things got complicated" for Obama, Nigga Shit

Louisiana redistricting case seen as crucial test of Voting Rights Act

In a racially mixed corner of Shreveport, La., a small group of white voters protested loudly this year that they did not want to be part of a majority black district when the legislature redrew the state’s political boundaries. The Republican-led statehouse complied, drawing a line around the community to accommodate them.

That line is at the heart of a case before the Justice Department that is seen as a critical test of how the Obama administration will interpret the controversial Voting Rights Act as it rules on a new wave of redistricting plans.

The law, passed in 1965, was designed in part to prevent white lawmakers from weakening the voting strength of minorities with the deft drawing of district lines. More than a dozen states, including Louisiana, are required because of their history of discrimination to clear their redistricting plans with Justice.
Video: Kinda related, interesting discussion watch if you have time...


USA Today: Obama seeks reshaped image for 2012 run. The Obama Brand in 2008 was pretty simple: Hope and change. Then things got complicated.

Nigga Shit



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