Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Black Website Warns!! Top 10 Reasons To Be Afraid Of Michele Bachmann, High School Principal Delivers Graduation Speech in Spanish, Nerves Show on Team Obama, few more reads...

Black Website Warns!! Top 10 Reasons To Be Afraid Of Michele Bachmann
She may seem like another right wing lunatic, but several right wing lunatics have proved very dangerous. While her antics and gaffes may be amusing, the fact that thousands of people believe and follow her is not. That said, here are the top 10 Reasons To Be Afraid Of Michele Bachmann.

Never mind that according to this same website black folks think that things are just fine under Obama. But hey these Negros “journalists” want the gravy train and access to the “Black House” to continue.

In case you forgot...

Democrats Budget $3 Million to Reach African Americans
President Obama stopped by a "black online summit" at the White House Monday as part of an outreach to African American journalists and bloggers before the midterm elections, an effort that includes the Democratic National Committee spending what it calls an unprecedented $3 million to reach the most loyal part of Obama's base, African American voters.

"I thought the meeting was great in that it showed that President Obama and his administration are taking black new media and our growing influence seriously," David A. Wilson, managing editor of, told Journal-isms via e-mail.

"They outlined how the administration's policies have had a positive effect on the African-American community and they invited us to make suggestions on how they could work better with us and provide us with more access to the White House.

These folks know damn well Negros ain’t payin no attention to Michelle Bachmann and most don’t care… Remember this…

High School Principal Delivers Graduation Speech in Spanish

Nerves Show on Team Obama
Recent scrambling by the president’s political advisers indicates they’re very worried about his reelection chances.

It’s been a rough June for the White House. Instead of being able to run a campaign taking credit for economic improvement, President Obama will, according to the latest forecasts, be trying to win four more years amid a grim economy next year. The president’s reelection team, once hoping to run on a “Morning in America” theme now doesn’t have that luxury. No wonder, the president’s advisers over the past month have been making moves that suggest they’re awfully concerned about his prospects...

New Republic/NYT: Just Ignore Debt Ceiling

Bachmann’s No Joke

Lawmakers seek to freeze pay, end automatic salary raises

Senate Democrats fault Obama for not using presidential bully pulpit

Greece’s Only Cure Is The Free Market

China Has Its Eye On Canada's Oil

Turtles on JFK runway cause flight delays

What Was Chris Wallace Driving At?

Uh oh: White House caught lying about Petraeus’s withdrawal recommendations?

Obama losing grip on Jewish voters, donors?

Would The Media Prefer Mr. Bachmann's Clinic Turn Away Poor Medicaid Recipients?

Obama defends record in campaign-style Iowa stop

Bachmann facing scrutiny as top-tier candidate

Palin fuels presidential bid speculation in Iowa

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Anonymous said...

the Jews would have to be Extremely Stupid to vote for Obama, the Muslim sympathizer, again. They WILL look extremely dumb if this happens again, and if he gets in again, it WILL be open season on all Jews, despite what this Chameleon says.