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Did U Know Obamacare Sucks!? The Continued Going Green Scam, LeBron: Arrogant Negro, WTF 38% Of Blacks Have Lost Job In Last Three Years, Time For Mormons, Romney To Confront Religion’s Racist Past, South Park - The Story of Mormon, Michael Dukakis - On illegal immigration and Mitt Romney

More Obamacare truths

By Neal Bortz

Last week we got a little bit more insight into the true disaster that is ObamaCare.  McKinsey and Company … whoever the heck that is … released a study, which found that as many as 78 million Americans could lose their current health coverage.  Why?  ObamaCare, that’s why!  So much for Obama’s line, “If you like your healthcare insurance, you can keep it!”

So let’s assume for a minute that these 78 million are moved into ObamaCare health exchanges.  This is more than triple the amount of people the CBO and the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation anticipated – 24 million.  With the predicted 24 million workers, these health exchanges were expected to cost $511 billion over the first decade.  Tripling these exchange costs would send ObamaCare’s tab well over $1 trillion in the first decade.

Also from Bortz

The Cost Of Going Green
For a man who claims that his administration is focused on creating jobs, Barack Obama sure is doing his best to destroy them.  He is doing this by imposing more government regulations and placing impossible demands on industries to produce products, regardless of the law of supply and demand. NRO …

The Detroit News’s dogged David Shepardson has unearthed a study by one of world’s most respected automotive research firms that reveals that President Obama’s radical CAFE mandate that vehicles average — average! — 62 MPG by 2025 “could force vehicle prices up by nearly $10,000, reduce sales by 5.5 million vehicles annually, and eliminate more than 260,000 jobs.”
Increasing prices of consumers goods … reducing jobs … what else do you have in store for us, Mr. President?


Survey Shows 38% Of Blacks Have Lost Job In Last Three Years

Ok when I was reading this I could not believe the numbers. I’m going to dig into this a bit. That number just sounds too incredible.

In a recent survey taken by Your Black World, 38.3 percent of African American respondents said that they’ve lost their job at some point during the last three years. This number is higher than the current black unemployment rate of 16.1 percent because most of those who lost their jobs were able to find another position. But of those who were able to find another job, 88.5 percent of the respondents were unable to find another position of equal or higher pay.

The survey had 839 respondents (slightly smaller than the typical CNN poll of slightly over 1,000, which is used to sample a population that is ten times larger). The three-year period was chosen to coincide with the start of the latest economic downturn. Roughly 62.7 percent of the respondents were female, and the rest were male. Additionally, two-thirds (67 percent) were college educated.


Dr. Boyce: LeBron James Is Guilty of Being an Arrogant Negro
My mind is still unable to wrap itself around how LeBron James went from being considered to be a great athlete and conscientious athletic ambassador to becoming one of the most hated athletes in all of sport. I hear people talk about LeBron like he’s the devil or a man who deserves to spend a year or two in prison. Ohio Governor John Kasich recently named the Dallas Mavericks honorary Ohioans because they defeated LeBron in the NBA finals.  Why the governor would go out of his way to reward people he doesn’t know for defeating someone who doesn’t even live in his own state is beyond. I guess the taste of sour grapes takes a long time to die down.
I’ve been told I was an arrogant Negro so I can feel LeBron’s pain…


Time For Mormons, Romney To Confront Religion’s Racist Past

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has made no public comment on The Book of Mormon musical that's been knocking them dead on Broadway. Romney, of course, would be mum on it for two good reasons.

First off the plat taunts, teases, hectors, lampoons and ridicules the Mormons on their holy book, history, practices and doctrinal statements. But most importantly, the play skewers Mormons for the church's decades of racial prejudice and for their prodigious proselytizing activities in Africa. But the satire could just as easily apply to the long history of Mormons' long standing purported curse of Ham teachings about blacks. It's a play no devout, respectable Mormon would have anything good to say about.

The other reason that Romney would be mum on anything that tosses an ugly glare on his Mormon faith is that there's no way at this stage of the election game to say whether his Mormonism will help or hurt him, or mean nothing to voters. Polls have been mixed.

In a 2006, Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll more than one third of voters said they wouldn't back a Mormon for president. A June Quinnipiac Poll, which is the most recent poll on voter attitudes toward a Mormon in the White House, found that voter attitudes had softened somewhat. One third of voters didn't flatly say they wouldn't vote for a Mormon, just that they were "somewhat" or "entirely uncomfortable" with a Mormon as president.

But faith, religious and personal beliefs, and prejudices aside, Romney, and newly declared Republican candidate Jon Huntsman, despite the intense efforts of the church's ruling elders to make its racial past go away, are still saddled with the heavy burden of the religion's racial history.


God changed His/Her/It's mind in 1978 about how cursed and lowly the black race was.
1964 Letter from Mormon Apostle to George Romney - Documents the foundation of racism in the LDS Church and threatens Governor George Romney that his support of Civil Rights will lead to his early death.


WSJ slams Romney on LDS Church's racist past
Dec 21, 2007

Wall Street Journal editorial board member Jason L. Riley has called out Mitt Romney for skirting questions about the LDS Church’s racist past. This from his op/ed in the December 21 issue of the Wall Street Journal:
In 1978, Mitt Romney was a 31-year-old vice president at Bain & Co. and a lifelong devout Mormon. Throughout his current campaign for the Republican nomination, Mr. Romney has declined to distance himself from the repugnant racial teachings of his church.
On “Meet the Press” last Sunday, the candidate was asked by Tim Russert if “it was wrong for your faith to exclude [blacks] as long as it did.” Mr. Romney dodged the question, instead stating: “I told you where I stand. My view is that there–there’s, there’s no discrimination in the eyes of God, and I could not have been more pleased to see the change that occurred.”
In his ballyhooed speech earlier this month, Mr. Romney said he wouldn’t renounce any of Mormonism’s precepts. He also implied that questions like Mr. Russert’s come too close to a “religious test” for public office that the Constitution explicitly forbids. But in a country with America’s racial past, Mr. Russert’s question isn’t a religious test. It’s due diligence. And for all his claims to the contrary, Mr. Romney has, in fact, been willing to distance himself from past teachings of the church–just not those having to do with its treatment of black people.
“Look, the polygamy, which was outlawed in our church in the 1800s, that’s troubling to me,” he told “60 Minutes” in May. “I must admit, I can’t imagine anything more awful than polygamy.” Gee, I can.

My two cents...

Folks… my Republican homies let me tell you I do NOT want Romney to be the nominee because he will get his ass beat on this issue of the Mormon religion and its racist past. People already have issues with religion in general and the fact that Democrats have already successfully painted the GOP as lily white and racist anyway can you imagine the PR disaster a Romney candidacy will have down the stretch.

Let me peep you in on my personal story.

I grew up in Oakland California not too far from the Mormon Temple pictured here.
Since moving to Oakland when I was very little I was always fascinated with this building. I love architecture, if I were not such a lazy underachieving dude I would have loved building design and architectural design.
My junior high school was not too far from the temple and for a class art project I wanted to draw the building so I along with a couple of friends went up the hill to the temple to look around. I was overwhelmed, the place (particularly from a kids perspective) it looked like a castle.
As we approached the building we were stopped by two security personnel who told us (all of us black) that we were not allowed on the property. I explained that I wanted to do a sketch of the building but dude did not care.
Now keep in mind I knew it was a church and I had never heard of a church keeping people away besides lots of people were milling about sightseeing. We were not doing anything but looking and in fact I had my drawing tablet and supplies with me and I showed the guy.

About a week or so later my friends and I headed back that way and saw a group of kids getting off a bus and going to the temple. We asked how we could be allowed in or who could give us permission to enter and I kid you not one of the boys said “black people are not allowed in the temple.” I thought it was a joke at first.
I went to school the next day and asked my history teacher about it and she said “they may be right; Mormons believe that black people are cursed.” She then gave me some references to look up in the library. This was the first time I learned about the history of Mormons. I thought it was a fucking fairy tale.
So imagine when I saw the South Park episode I was like shit I remember all of that and I was in tears laughing at the episode and it is still one of my favorites.

Now I’m a reasonable dude, I’m not like all anti-Mormon but I do have some basic fundamental issues with LDS types not to mention the fact that I really like the show Big Love although fictional of course but it did probe into a darker side of the LDS church.

Now Romney’s dad was a strong supporter of the Civil Rights Movement while governor, but that will hardly matter as the white hot lights of campaign scrutiny heat things up.
Romney will have to address these questions he won’t be able to hide from the LDS’s racist past. Also keep in mind because he will be running against a black prez already every black media outlet will be focusing on it heavily.

I don’t like Romney at all; he is a classic RINO and would make a terrible candidate.
This is the Republican dilemma, lots of potential suitors but no front runner with substance enough to appease the masses.


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