Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday...Lots and Lots of Links... Oh BTW The 25 US Cities with the highest AIDS rates...

Rumor-Mongering: Sarah Palin Makers Her Presidential Decision Next Week?

White House Chief of Staff on Obama Economic Policy: ‘Sometimes You Can’t Defend the Indefensible’
It was supposed to be the White House’s latest make-nice session with corporate America — a visit by Chief of Staff William M. Daley to a meeting with hundreds of manufacturing executives in town to press lawmakers for looser regulations.

But the outreach soon turned into a rare public dressing down of the president’s policies with his highest-ranking aide.

One by one, exasperated executives stood to air their grievances on environmental regulations and stalled free-trade deals. And Daley, the former banker tasked with building ties with industry, found himself looking for the right balance between empathy and defending his boss.

At one point, the room erupted in applause when Massachusetts utility executive Doug Starrett, his voice shaking with emotion, accused the administration of blocking construction on one of his facilities to protect fish, saying government “throws sand into the gears of progress.”

Misleading headline of the day

Gallup headline: 2012 Voter Preferences for Obama, "Republican" Remain Close

83% of GOP Voters Intend to Vote Republican No Matter Who’s The Nominee

Figures. Obama Administration Files Papers Supporting IN Planned Parenthood

Health Law May Fall, and With It Obama's Legacy - David Paul Kuhn

IMF downgrades U.S. growth forecast -- what does that say about Obama's budget projections?

Why Does Obama Want to Destroy 265,000 Jobs?

Obama Says Weiner Will “Bounce Back” From Scandal

Obama: Weiner Will ‘Bounce Back’

Voter to Chris Christie: Do your kids go to public school? Christie to voter: None of your business

What's Next for Anthony Weiner: A Cable TV Show?

Fake Lesbian Blogger Epidemic Widens’

The Costs of the New Sexual Economy

Dr. Boyce/Grio: Why drug testing for welfare is unfair

Just 11% Say U.S. Should Be World’s Policeman

45% See Gap Between Governed and Those Who Govern As Comparable to American Revolution

GOP Field Divided on Ethanol Subsidies - Erin McPike

Sheila Jackson Lee: We Need ‘Analysis of How Christian Militants … Might Bring Down The Country’

Mom Files Complaint After Daughters Given Oral Sex Survey In Middle School

British Denied Cancer Surgery – Due To Age

Weiner Pension Worth $1.3M – After 12 Yrs

Washington Post: A protest candidate who’s rising. Herman Cain’s unexpectedly strong showing in early polls is raising some questions for the GOP

Constructive Feedback: "They Don't Say The 'N-Word' Anymore To Discuss Herman Cain. They Say 'Pizza Guy'"

Police Captain Suspended for Not Forcing Officers to Attend Muslim Propaganda Farce at Mosque
The Islamization of America is far behind the ongoing Muslim conquest of Europe, which is all the more reason for our dhimmi quisling rulers to brook no resistance. This is why Tulsa Police Captain Paul Fields was suspended without pay for two weeks for not forcing officers to attend a mosque...

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