Monday, June 20, 2011

NBC Hates God, Jon Stewart...Ignorant! Did U Know...Christians More Militant Than Muslims, Now Even Liberals Hate Obama... Lots of Links...

NBC dumps 'under God' from Pledge at U.S. Open

Outrage: 'I changed the channel, despite really wishing to watch history possibly being made'

NBC's opening of the U.S. Open Golf Championship today included two readings of the Pledge of Allegiance, but omitted the phrase "under God" both times.

The program commenced with children standing in a classroom setting, as they recited the "abbreviated" version of the Pledge, saying: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, with liberty and justice for all."

UK Official: Christians More Militant Than Muslims
UK Minister Trevor Phillips told reporters this week that Christians are more militant than Muslims.
There have been more than 17, 341 DEADLY Islamic terror attacks since 9-11.
Trevor Phillips is a leftist idiot.


10 Reasons Obama is a One-Term President
by Daniel J. Flynn
Less than two months ago, buzzing from the president’s gutsy call to eliminate Osama bin Laden, liberal pontificators had practically sworn in Barack Obama for his second term. “For the GOP the sands are rushing through the hourglass,” Roger Simon wrote in a column whose title had wondered whether the president was “invincible.” He claimed that with Geronimo KIA, “the Republican field has been fried like an egg.” In reality, the president’s short-term popularity boost had fried the long-term judgment of his supporters.

The reasons to believe Obama a one-term president are many and well-grounded.

Scientists Agree, Salon Is Making Fake Claims To Spread Climate Change Hoax

Whenever there is an unusual weather pattern, members of the Holy Church of Global Warming Moonbats start spreading new scare-tactics. Usually it sounds something like:

This planet is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. Old Testament real wrath of God type stuff.  Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!  Forty years of Gilligan's Island Re-runs! Earthquakes, volcanoes, another Rocky Movie rising from the grave. Human sacrifice, Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner living together... mass hysteria!
And just as common is the fact that scientists dispute their contention.  It happened when both Time and Newsweek blamed this spring's tornado activity on Global Warming (contradicting earlier claims by the Magazines which blamed tornadoes on Global Cooling) and it's happening now when Salon is blaming the extremely hot temperatures in the American West:

Arizona is burning. Texas, too. New Mexico is next. If you need a grim reminder that an already arid West is burning up and blowing away, here it is. As I write this, more than 700 square miles of Arizona and more than 4,300 square miles of Texas have been swept by monster wildfires. Consider those massive columns of acrid smoke drifting eastward as a kind of smoke signal warning us that a globally warming world is not a matter of some future worst-case scenario. It's happening right here, right now.



Jon Stewart actually said that he didn’t really know how much a president could do to affect the economy...
Really? He’s kidding, right? A president can’t do much to affect the economy?

  • Threatening small businesses – our main jobs generating machine – with tax hikes doesn’t affect the economy?
  • Piling thousands of pages of new regulations in hundreds of new rulemaking processes doesn’t affect the economy?
  • Having a president who has referred to the private sector as “the enemy” doesn’t affect the economy?
  • Turning bankruptcy laws upside down and giving unsecured creditors preference over secured creditors doesn’t affect the willingness of secured creditors to loan money? And this doesn’t affect the economy?
  • Threatening American business with unneeded environmental regulations that will cost perhaps billions of dollars has no affect on the economy?
  • Telling businesses that they are not going to be allowed to locate manufacturing facilities in states where workers cannot be forced to join unions won’t affect the economy?
  • Pushing a bill that would allow unionization-by-intimidation in the private sector won’t affect the economy?


Liberals breaking up with Obama
By Neal Boortz

No, that is not some cutesy metaphor that I came up with.  This is how the liberal moonbats are describing their current feelings on their Dear Ruler, Barack Obama.  At the Netroot Nation Convention in Minneapolis, moonbat bloggers and other social media “activists” gathered to discuss …. whatever liberals discuss when they get together in masse.  The panel that drew the biggest crowed was called "What To Do When The President's Just Not That Into You."  At that panel, the editor of the Daily Kos website said, "It's like the president's not our boyfriend anymore.”
That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?  Like scorned lovers, these liberals were engaged in a love-affair with the idea of a Barack Obama presidency.

Five Months After Giffords Shooting, No Action From Obama

Man Arrested After IRS Mistakenly Sends Him $110,000 Tax Refund

$100,000 says Palin isn’t elected president in 2012

PBS Leftist Host Mark Shields: Today’s Low Tax Rate Is Fundamentally Un-American”

Soros Funded University Poll Says Fox News Viewers Most ‘Misinformed’ Politically


Lib Media Attacks Michele Bachmann on Her Foster Care Record


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