Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romney: "we didn't know what sort of a president he would make" - Not True!! - It’s a bad day to be a Weiner...

Romney: 'Barack Obama has failed America'
MANCHESTER, N.H. – Mitt Romney is opening his first formal day as a 2012 Republican presidential candidate by pitching himself as the one to heal the economy and issuing a direct challenge to the man he wants to replace: "Barack Obama has failed America," he says.

In excerpts released ahead of his formal kick-off speech Thursday, Romney homes in on the economic woes that are frustrating voters: a lack of jobs, persistent foreclosures and runaway spending in Washington.

It's a pitch tailored to the conservatives who hold great sway in picking the GOP's presidential nominee in Iowa and South Carolina — and the independents who are the largest politic bloc in New Hampshire. And it is as much a thesis on his viability as it is an indictment of Obama's leadership.

"A few years ago, Americans did something that was, actually, very much the sort of thing Americans like to do: We gave someone new a chance to lead, someone we hadn't known for very long, who didn't have much of a record but promised to lead us to a better place," Romney says, describing the man he hopes to meet head-to-head in November 2012.

"At the time, we didn't know what sort of a president he would make. ... Now, in the third year of his four-year term, we have more than promises and slogans to go by. Barack Obama has failed America."


No, sorry Romney NOT TRUE, anyone with any reasonable amount of intelligence and insight knew exactly what kind of president Obama was going to be and he is exactly who we though he would be.

Other than calling for the whacking of Bin Laden everything Obama is as president is as exactly as advertised. Liberals or Negros did not pay attention nor give a shit what he said during the campaign because the most important qualification was his Negroness.

Obama and the Coming World Tax Organization
OECD wants to impose global tax rules that would prevent taxpayers from ever having the ability to benefit from better tax law in other jurisdictions. … Bolstered by support from the Obama Administration, the OECD now is taking its campaign to the next level. At its Global Tax Forum in Bermuda … the bureaucrats unveiled a new scheme that effectively would result in the creation of something akin to a World Tax Organization.

Figures. Obama’s Commerce Secretary Nominee Is a Raving Socialist Too
"Wow. This kook is even more radical than Obama!"

It’s a bad day to be a Weiner...


beercan43 said...

Love it when a lib gets his weiner in a pinch ....

Anonymous said...

it takes a little Weiner to be a Little Weiner