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WTF! Most African-Americans Believe Economy Is Better Under Obama, WTF "Internet is "the Che Guevara of the 21st Century", Liberal media described consistent bad economic news as "unexpected", Great news: President to start operating on gut instinct, OJ Says... "I did it" No Shit asshole! and BET Has Become The New KKK, Drug Users Beware: Flesh-Eating Cocaine Hits The Streets, Kim Kardashian Dumbass!

Most African-Americans Believe Economy Is Better Under Obama
A new poll conducted by the largest social network for African-Americans,, and, shows that 88 percent of African-Americans believe the economy has been better under President Obama than former president George W. Bush.

This stands in sharp contrast to a recent Bloomberg poll released last week that showed 44 percent of Americans believe that the economy was better during George Bush’s presidency.

Many will point to Obama inheriting the Bush economic mess as a reason to defend the current president. Former president Bush left office at a time when the financial crisis began. But Obama has inherited the tail-end of the beginning, middle, and no one knows when the end will come to this trying time in American history. No one knows if we are even near it.

Only 12 percent of BlackPlanet/NewsOne users believed the economy was better under former president Bush.

Over 1,100 African-Americans were polled in this study.

If I were not a blogger and if I did not read as much stupid shit on blacks websites as I do I would be shocked by this revelation.
The thing to keep in mind is this… Obama has fucked up things so badly it is not as if black folks have flourished during Obama’s presidency it is that white folks have been jacked so badly and have been effectively brought down to broke ass Negro status.

If you were broke before Obama became president living off the gubment, struggling to get a job, living paycheck to paycheck you don’t notice that shit is fucked up as bad as it is.


Clinton Advisor: Internet is "the Che Guevara of the 21st Century"

At times it boggles my mind just how stupid some people are. Che Guevara was a genocidal racist that murdered countless innocents. Yet, for whatever reason, he has become a folk hero to many on the left.

One admirer: Hillary Clinton's senior adviser for innovation, Alec Ross. Speaking to a summit, Ross stated that the internet is "the Che Guevara of the 21st century." He apparently is implying that the revolutions in the "Arab Spring" are helped by the internet and that, should the revolutions succeed, communist nations will arise. For his statement to be true, Ross would also be looking forward to the deaths of thousands of innocents thanks to the internet. If that is not what he meant, then he is simply stupid for not knowing what and who Che Guevara was.

And no, Ross did not compare Guevara to the internet as an insult. He clearly was extolling the internet and Guevara, as he praised the "redistribution of power."

How many times as the liberal media described consistent bad economic news as "unexpected"?

Biggest Spending House Speaker in History: Tax Cuts Produce Deficits, Not Jobs

Great news: President to start operating on gut instinct

O.J. Simpson Admits to Killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in Self Defense?


BET Has Become The New KKK

Written by Dr. Boyce Watkins

I just spent the week in New Orleans, the powerbase for one of the most talented, powerful and destructive forces in the history of music: Lil Wayne. I’ve admittedly bopped my head to the tunes of Lil Wayne in the past, feeling the same guilt that any man might feel if he were to enjoy a crack pipe or shot of heroine, knowing how these drugs destroy families, individuals and communities. In other words, I consider myself to be a Hip-Hop insider, and I simply hate the idea of being labeled as a hater. But as a father and Black man who has seen too much death and devastation in my family and so many others, I had to say that “enough is enough,” leading me to candidly discuss my decision to walk away from certain styles of Hip-Hop music.
BET, the media company that targets Black consumers, but is ultimately controlled by a predominantly white organization called Viacom, is not exactly on the same page when it comes to their assessment of Lil Wayne or any other artist (i.e. R. Kelly) who can be directly linked to the holocaust occurring within Black America today. Given that models of profit maximization rarely call for any assessment of the negative externalities that result from unethical corporate behavior, the executive committee for the BET Awards made the interesting decision to give the greatest number of award nominations to Lil Wayne, the man who said that he would (among other things) love to turn a woman out, murder her and send her dead body back to her boyfriend. Oh yea, he also said that he would kill little babies, have sex with every girl in the worldcarry a gun on his hip and “leave a ni**a’s brains on the street.”

Stars with criminal pasts honored at BET Awards


Drug Users Beware: Flesh-Eating Cocaine Hits The Streets
Recent findings reveal that some laced cocaine likely contains levamisole, a veterinary drug used for de-worming livestock, that will make your flesh rot off.

According to the Department of Justice, some 70 percent of cocaine (most of it distributed in and around New York and L.A.) is cut with levamisole. Time reports that the average user “does not live longer than two or three years, and the few who manage to quit usually come away disfigured.”


NFL Player Stabbed By Girlfriend In Fight Over Cell Phone

Cops Say Mom Beat 5-Year-Old To Death For Breaking TV
The New York Daily News reports:

Kim Crawford, 21, smacked Jamar Johnson in his back and stomach on June 13 “harder than I’ve ever hit him,” she told cops.

Crawford watched him vomit and complain of agonizing pain for five days as his internal injuries got worse. She never took him to the hospital because she feared getting arrested, she told investigators.


Kim Kardashian takes X-ray of rear end to prove its real
You can now sleep soundly: Kim Kardashian’s giant backside is all natural.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality television star, who has battled rumors that she underwent butt enhancement surgery, went in for an X-ray to prove she has never had plastic surgery to enhance her derrière.

Do some of you folks still think humanity is still worth saving? If there is a God he or she needs to just blow shit up and start the fuck over.

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