Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The court of public opinion will find the skank guilty...please don’t make the bitch rich by buying her book, watching her movie or buying her beauty products... OJ jurors relieved at no longer being the dumbest 12 people on earth, Obama thinks 'Tea Party made up of toothless hillbillies'... My Two Cents...

Juror: Casey Anthony verdict was the right one

The Court of Public opinion will find the skank guilty. But please don’t make the bitch rich by buying her book, watching her made for TV Lifetime movie or buying her beauty products.

Anthony 'set to make fortune'...

Those of you who will help make this bitch rich will have Kaylee's blood on your hands... just sayin'

Anthony jurors defend verdict...



Where was the baby's daddy?

Marcia Clark: 'Worse than O.J.'...

Not quite... remember juror said those were "kool-aide stains in the drive way...

OJ jurors relieved at no longer being the dumbest 12 people on earth

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BACHMANN: Obama thinks 'Tea Party made up of toothless hillbillies'...

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My Two Cents....
Yes the Bitch got away with murder but hey…

Ok I’ve processed the range of emotions like everyone else has regarding this skank getting away with murder but after a good night of sleep I unfortunately say to myself what difference does it make.

In recent years countless numbers of people have found a number of ways to kill or torture their flesh and blood. Creative ways like smothering, sodomizing, leaving in hot cars, leaving home alone, leaving in attics, starving, drowning you name it people who hate themselves so much that it is only logical that they would treat their love child with such callousness.

Usually when most human beings decide that they need to satisfy some sexual itch they find the nearest bum in some bar or some online hook-up and fuck then get some temporary relief and in most cases nine months later give birth to what exactly, life?

Very few children born today are born to a loving couple, two people who genuinely care, love and support one another so thusly society is filled with legions with unwanted children. That carefree lifestyle of going out to the clubs, drinking, drugging, partying have been put on hold because now they have the inconvenience of having to care for that bundle of joy related to a brief fuck fest and in all likelihood the sex wasn’t all that anyway.

This world is full of exceedingly selfish self-absorbed bastards like Casey Anthony. Look around people, next time you go to a Wal-Mart take a good close look at what is passing as parents these days. The days of June Clever are long gone, women who care about themselves enough not to go out of the house looking like warmed over shit and who take the time to dress their kids properly, teach them manners force them to act like civilized human beings.
I’ve said before that this generation of kids growing up now and those who are young adults are some of the most screwed up, selfish, obnoxious human beings ever. The result parents like Casey who thinks nothing of tossing out her own flesh and blood like trash.

People if you think I’m just spouting off in some mean spirited rant folks next time you go to the store and mall look at people, closely. Look at their faces, look in folks eyes people are sad, stressed, lonely, depressed, there is no hope in the faces of people these days. Mankind just does not seem to give a shit anymore. Now if there is some sort of major disaster when numbers of people are killed like the tornado outbreak in the south this year and in Joplin, Missouri then people all of a sudden decide that life is precious and want to help and give a shit about each other. This is why I keep saying if there is a God he or she should just blow all this shit up… a few more tornadoes should do it and start over.

Over the past year and a half I have done a lot of soul searching and after my divorce I thought about how so many seemingly nice people basically dissed me because a marriage failed. I know that all kinds of crazy nasty shit were conversed about me. I was in a marriage where I was merely tolerated by much of the family at large and I know much of that was due to my race.

When someone who says that they loved you can all of a sudden turn and castrate you socially by attacking your character and integrity not to mention the character of your mother while at the same time write letters saying to said mother testifying how much them miss them and this comes from a supposedly Christian woman how easy is it to discard people like trash to serve our own interests and to ease our own pain.

There were friends and family members who treated me well and who I loved dearly who I miss but because of a failed marriage those relationships and my loving relationship with whom I consider my grandchildren (who I am not allowed to see any longer, not my blood relatives) can be discarded like yesterday’s news and I will freely admit it makes you question your own value in life. Did the love and care I showed that child not matter or was it made irreverent because two grown adults decided that their relationship had ran it course.
I do wonder about my own life and its value, this is why I do on occasion get on to this computer and bang out a few semi-coherent sentences. My occasional thoughts seem to be the only thing that matters. The capacity to love and care and is a dying art in the human psyche.
Hell Casey threw her own father under the bus accusing him of molesting her so now these days the term family don’t mean jack. To ease our own conscience, absolve our own guilt or to satisfy our lust for revenge tearing each other down someone whether that be a family member, friend or stranger our own flesh and blood is par for the course.

Now folks we all know right now two methed out trailer trash bums or a couple of crack head ghetto rats are about to attempt to fuck each other’s brains out and this time next year there will be another worthless, helpless and hopeless human being sucking in air taking up space and we all will have to pay the price of irresponsibility. The result of the pending sperm donation is now means nothing more than a future episode of Maury Povich.

We all live to fulfill our own self-interests and our neighbor be damned. We are not interested in extending our hand to our fellow man unless we can get something out of it. We live in a cold calculating society where other human beings are simply annoyances or means to an end.
Oh and just because I am writing this little tirade I don’t exempt myself from my role in this societal decay. I have made my share of societal faux pas and I am paying for it and I realize that I will be answering to a higher power at some point and I know I better learn how to pray for forgiveness so that I don’t continue to add to the societal decay.

It is not hard to spot just how little we give a shit about each other, next time you are driving down the highway watch how people will cut each other off while changing lanes at the drop of a hat, be speaking on the phone or texting while driving endangering other drivers.
It is said that about 30 people a day drive because of alcohol related drivers, we all know it is wrong but if we don’t give a shit about ourselves then who care who we endanger.
Much of that drinking is due to how mentally helpless and hopeless most of us feel.

Today people have even lost that basic pride the type of pride where they care for their homes in a manner to keep their neighborhoods looking nice showing a sense of community responsibility, people looking out for each other’s children like they did back in the day. Respect for each other’s property, personal possessions, people being respectful enough to not play loud music, pick up their dogs shit or look out for their neighbor if something looks suspicious.

We don’t say please, thank you we don’t respect we simply admonish. We judge each other by personal possessions much of which we don’t even truly own.
Many will take a dump and not wash their hands, urinate on a sidewalk because we are too fucking lazy to find a restroom. Many more will talk on a phone during a movie exhibit uncivilized behavior in front of children, smoke where it is prohibited, talk when silence is required and treat their fellow man with disdain.

What does this have to do with Casey Anthony? Everything, if Casey Anthony can discard her own flesh and blood like week old leftovers then how do people like Casey Anthony feel about human beings who are not their flesh and blood.

Society is fragmented, by race, class, religion, sexual orientation, sexual proclivity, political affiliation hell even what sports team we support. We don’t respect each other as human beings so we are down to segmenting ourselves as “like minded” drones to justify how fucked up we are by associating ourselves with like-minded fucked up people.
I linked to a video the other day where this dude dissed people in the Midwest as being less educated than those who reside in the more civilized metropolises such as New York City. So now where we live can classify the level of intelligence or place in life and society.

So in conclusion why be outraged by the likes of Casey Anthony, either today, tomorrow or very soon some other skank will leave a kid in a hot car, drown her baby in a bathtub, drive her car into the river, starve her baby, discard her baby but it won’t get the media attention nor draw the outrage.
If Casey had decided to abort her child then there would be no need for all of this outrage and we could have saved society millions of dollars and a lot of aggravation.

I keep saying that society is circling the drain, life isn’t so precious anymore. Now I am beginning to understand why some human have elevated the level and status of animals above some humans. Animals have the capacity to love and accept us without regard to race, sex, class, religion whatever they don’t judge us and they value us even when we don’t value ourselves.

Have a Great Day



Phelps said...

The reality is that the jury convicted her of what the state proved. The state didn't have a cause of death, a murder site, a murder weapon, any credible forensic evidence -- hell, even their motive was thin.

What did they have? She was a pathological liar. Fine. That's what the jury convicted her on. If they had spent more time on the alleged murder and less on her lies, then they might have gotten a murder conviction. They decided to play to the cameras instead.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Oh I know you are right, the true evidece was not there. Can't help thinking about the lack of justice of this kid, but there are many more like her not getting the attention.
Skanks are spitting out unwanted kids all the time.