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Dumbest Generation Jacking Parents Retirement Funds, Calling All Conservative Bloggers!! Negro Website: Top 5 Worst Rupert Murdoch Employees, What is the real difference between the WikiLeaks and News of the World stories aside from the presence of The Evil Rupert Murdoch? Preparing To Call Obama's Bluff, WATCH OUT! White Middle Class Americans Are Most Likely Terrorists

Are your kids putting your retirement at risk? - MSN Money

More than half of parents are helping out their adult kids who aren't in college, and 26% have taken on debt to do it.

If you're like most boomer parents, you give cash or some kind of financial support to your adult children. And while this is certainly a generous move, it's also a risky one, especially for those who haven't yet saved enough for retirement.

Fifty-nine percent of parents financially support their adult children (ages 18 to 39) who aren't in college, according to a new study by the National Endowment for Financial Education. Nearly half (48%) help their adult kids with living expenses, 41% with transportation costs, and 29% with spending money. When asked why they do it, 43% of parents said it was because they were "legitimately concerned" with their child's financial well-being, and 37% said it was because they didn't want their children to struggle financially like they once did.

But giving money to your adult children can have serious financial ramifications for your retirement, says Pat Seaman, a spokesperson for the NEFE. "You might not be able to save as much as you need to," she says. In fact, 7% of parents had to delay retirement as a result of their financial support of the kids, and more than one in 10 had to delay a major life event like buying a new home.
Now folks, those of you who read my rants on a regular basis have I or have I not been saying this shit over and over. I’ll say it again until I thankfully take my last breath. This country is fucked if we don’t start holding our young people accountable and make theses retarded lazy ass kids work and be responsible we are all screwed.
I can’t tell you how many people I know who have kids living with them, grown ass adults mid to late 20’s living with them. When I was 25 I purchased my first home, was working, raising three kids, I was involved in all sorts of community shit, coaching youth basketball and so on. This generation of young people just may collapse this great nation. 

Don’t believe me, listen to a typical teen or young adult try to articulate something, most are fucking brain dead and the only thing they know or understand is the latest Rihanna or Lady Gaga bullshit or what happened on the latest episode of Big Brother or that retarded Jersey Shore. 

America has turned its back on personal responsibility the result we are raising a generation of whining, idiot, dependent children and adults. Pay my gas, help me pay my rent, help feed my children, pay for my education. How many of you make the car payment for your adult children, or pay for their insurance, pay for the gas to put in YOUR/their car or give them money to entertain themselves, or pay their cell phone bill.

You wonder why this country has declined into a “gimmie” nation. (Section 8 Housing Voucher Stampede Erupts In Dallas) Now some of you crazy people are allowing your children to fuck up your retirement that you worked so hard to achieve? WTF!
After all this is the generation who is responsible for getting Obama elected without knowing a single fucking thing dude stood for.

I will say this, I am fortunate to work in a place when I do get to be around some of the best and brightest young folks in the state.
We had a program last week that focused on youth leadership and I met some amazing young people and at least for the few days they were here I was hopeful but I just don’t think it is enough. Stupidity amongst young folks today is contagious. I hope I’m wrong and I’m sorry for sounding like such a downer but folks I just call it like I see it. If someone out there can prove me wrong please educate a doubting brotha!

Calling All Conservative Bloggers!!
This is interesting...

Turley Demands Retraction and Apology From Conservative Attorney and Radio Host Debbie Schlussel


Negro Website: Top 5 Worst Rupert Murdoch Employees

I’m sorry people I still find this comical. This black website has the Murdock headline with a huge picture of Glenn Beck. Now below you have the lesser headlines:

Saddening! Somalia Dying In World’s Worst Famine In 20 Years

Disturbing! Pastor Allegedly Rapes 12-Year-Old Girl 9 Times

Huh?! PETA Exhibit To Compare Animal Cruelty To Slavery

I highlighted the PETA story because this shows you how fucking slow Negros are. I wrote about this shit in my old blog Political Party Poop three or four years ago you mean these Negros just now know about this shit?
So you mean to tell me that Obama has these idiot Negro paid minion flunkie journalists on lockdown so much that they want me to believe that Negros actually give a shit about Rupert Murdock.

Now there is also a story on the site with the headline:

Career Threatening? R. Kelly Has Emergency Throat Surgery

Now THAT would be worth a huge headline on a Negro website cause Niggas care about R. Kelly. Now some of you white people may not be familiar…

'News of the World' vs. WikiLeaks: Murdoch's the Only Variable - Human Events
What is the real difference between the WikiLeaks and News of the World stories aside from the presence of The Evil Rupert Murdoch?

Here’s what we know thus far:

News of the World was an immensely popular tabloid newspaper in England.  Several of its editors allegedly hired private investigators to dig up salacious information about famous figures, politicians, and even a teenage murder victim.  The investigators most often used various common exploits to get into the voice-mail systems of their targets’ cell phones, and brought that information back to their employers, who then worked it into stories to sell more papers.  The scandal has enveloped the British government and law enforcement as information continues to emerge on those who ordered the hacking and their relationships with police and public officials.  So far, Murdoch has not been accused of a crime, but it could happen as the investigation progresses.

What we have in each case is a group of people who stole (or arranged to steal) private information so they could make it public and thereby enrich themselves.  However, the presence of Murdoch, who has become a looming bogeyman to the Left because of his ownership of Fox News, has caused progressives to twist themselves into knots to condemn Murdoch so soon after they praised Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.  The liberal watchdog Media Matters for America has led the charge to tie News of the World to Fox News, but they are far from the only ones.

Preparing To Call Obama's Bluff

It was just last week that Obama showcased his poker skills with his exhortation to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor - "Don't call my bluff".  The point of contention - whether the President would accept a short term boost in the debt ceiling in order to stave off an August debacle and buy more time for more posturing talks.
And now the White House has signaled that a short term hike could be OK, if it is in the context of finalizing a grand deal. Loose the hounds!

Latest DHS Video: White Middle Class Americans Are Most Likely Terrorists (Video)- Gateway Pundit

Oh so now I’m supposed to be more afraid of some middle class white dude blowing up a mall in
Suburbia or busting me over the head, robbing me, breaking into my apartment or car or popping a cap in my ass due to some drive by. These mutherfuckers think we are a bunch of retarded fools.

Go to site to check out video... But we know the real deal...

Somehow this findings from this December report didn’t make it into the video…

In the last 24 months (2009 and 2010) 126 people were indicted on terrorist-related charges in the United States. All of them were Muslim.

Shocking ain't it.

More later, I need some coffee.

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