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Flashback: Debbie Wasserman-Shultz Bad Mouths Allen West in 2010 - Why The GOP Should Man Up For Allen West

Flashback: Debbie Wasserman-Shultz Bad Mouths Allen West in 2010

This is why I could never be a politician. I’ll be perfectly honest if I were a politician I could never keep my mouth shut. If people came out talking all kinds of bullshit I would not give a fuck I would come back at their asses with a vengeance.
Believe me when I say this, I have the You Tube videos of me back in the day news stories done on me back when I was involved in various community stuff.
I have one more than a few occasions called “issue rivals” jackasses on camera, once told a state legislator to go fuck himself cause he sat in a meeting and tried to bully me trying to get me to change my position on an issue.
I’ve told a city manager that he was “paid by the mafia” told the leader of an anti-abortion group that “he only cared about the lives of white babies and not black babies” on camera (long story).
Point is NEVER BACK DOWN especially to a liberal.
I’ve been scanning a number of Negro websites and blogs and I am pissed that so many of them are attacking Alan West because he stood up to that idiot left wing bitch Wasserman-Shultz. I’m also reading a lot of black folks bitch about Herman Cain’s rant about Muslims.
I was sent a note by someone who basically asked: “what is wrong with you, why are you so angry?” Look for those of you who care I am hardly angry. I rant a lot on this blog but I’m not someone who wears this shit on my sleeves 24/7. When I hit the “publish post” button for the last time each day I shut down my browser (while still at work, no internet at home) go and police around the building, go through old files, or watch an old TV show. I’ve discovered an old TV channel that has Rawhide, Perry Mason, Streets of San Francisco and other old shows.
Point being I’m not “angry” at what is going on because I take it with a grain of salt. But these left wing folks, particularly these left wing black folks are really starting to piss me off.
Many of these idiot Negros on the left think they can bully black right wing types into silence or compliance and I’m like fuck these people. I’m glad Allen West is standing up to these punk ass bitches we need more people like him and my friend Kevin Jackson who will not be punked or bullied and will speak out against these idiot Negros.

This is not about whether or not I think West or Cain or any other black right wing type is right or wrong this is fucking America we are allowed to speak our mind and as long as I am able to type out my opinions and challenge these left wing punk ass Negros or any other liberal on their bullshit I will and West should continue to call out these idiot liberals when the say stupid shit.

I’m glad I saw this video because I bet not a single idiot Negro bitching about West has seen it, and yes I know they would not care anyway.
I put this Wasserman-Shultz bitch in the same category as Bill Maher. Her fucking constituents must be a bunch of retarded bastards because I have seen her on TV enough to know she is an ignorant ass bastard and is as intellectually vacant a politician as I have seen and that is saying a lot considering your typical left wing Democrat.

Another thing I am pissed about is not a lot... er uh NO Republicans are standing up for West. Want to know why I reject the Republican Party that is why... because many are a bunch of pussies and allow these liberals to push them around like little bitches. This is exactly why you can’t get good conservative black folks to run as Republicans because when the chips are down your typical Republican stays silent.
At least I will give Negro Democrats credit; they will back each other no matter what stupid shit they do or say or how corrupt they are.
This is why people like this guy (‘An embarrassment to Black Republicans’) can write these articles and get traction. The fucking Republican Party is a joke and if they can’t stand up for good American Heroes like Alan West they what the fuck is the point of running for office with an (R) after your name.

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"the grassroots would be far more willing to give more establishment Republicans the benefit of the doubt if there were a bit more mutuality in terms of support. Yes, Allen West is a straight-talking, sometimes confrontational politician. So are Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Joe Walsh and many others, from time to time. They are far from alone, though most do seem to be alone, or even derided by fellow Republicans, on many occasion when they speak their minds.

Said politicians and politics are not new. Historically, they are often very popular with a party's more activist base. The establishment GOP could do itself a big favor by simply taking a page from the Democrat's playbook in this regard. Don't run, or hide from your more fiery members. Doing that only makes you look weak, or less committed to the very ideals in which the grassroots is most invested. The GOP should learn to capitalize on the high emotions that sometimes come with serious politics, not shy away from them.

There is nothing wrong with showing support for a comrade-in-arms. Clearly ret. Col. and now Rep. Allen West gets that. It's time for the establishment GOP to get it, too."


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FIREBIRD said...

Poor dumb Debbie certainly brought a knife to THAT gunfight! I'm very disappointed the republicans - especially the freshman class - didn't rally around Mr. West - he's an awesome American!