Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gangster journalism!? - Somehow Rupert Murdock is a threat to Negros everywhere…

Despite the fact that Rupert has not contributed one dime to my financial well-being despite my right wing tendencies, his hacking scandal does not register on my “give a shit” meter.

Those of you who peep my blog know basically I’m nothing more than a blog aggregator. I love to read blogs and I read more than just right wing stuff or anti-Obama stuff but that is the core of why this blog exists.
To those of you who are new, I never liked Obama and I believed from day one that the dude was as corrupt and fucked up a political figure I had ever witnessed.
The main reason for my disdain was the fact that so little was known about him not to mention the only reason why he became a relevant figure was because he was backed financially by rich Saudi’s and was mentored by idiot hate filled Negros.

Outside of this blog I don’t get to rant too much about my disdain for Obama to many Negros but I love reading how offended they get when right wing types like me relentlessly attack him. Now Negros like me they ignore. There is nothing more dangerous to a left wing Negro than a right-wing Negro who does not think like they do.
I generally don’t give a fuck about Negros and their idiot left wing opinions because most Negros are woefully uninformed and ignorant of reality.

One glaring example I peeped was an article written by some idiot:

Is U.S. Safe From Rupert Murdoch's Gangster Journalism?

Gangster journalism!? Is this mutherfucker on crack!?

Let me just say, as horrible as the allegations of phone message hacking by that British paper were basically I don’t give a shit, not even a little because it does not affect what little money I have in my pocket. Now Obama that mutherfucker and liberals take money out of my pocket and give to jackasses who fund penis size research for gays.

I’ve been to several (black) websites and blogs where they are bitching about Rupert Murdock when if you were to quiz the average Negro on who the fuck Murdock is they would not know nor give a shit but nonetheless Negro bloggers are bitching about him.
This is why I find it incredible amusing when Negros bitch about Fox News. Now I know damn well that black folks don’t watch Fox News or any other news source.
If it ain’t on BET, The Real Housewives of Atlanta or some Tyler Perry flick niggas ain’t watching it.
So you mean to tell me that Obama is paying these Negros that fucking much that they have the time to write some bullshit trying to knock Rupert off his media pedestal?

Look here I am, I rant and bitch about Obama more than just about anyone and as long as anyone and people are not paying me jack.
If it were about folks contributing dollars towards the well being of a right wing hate monger who attacks Obama and liberals relentlessly would someone by now have discovered yours truly and thrown some dead presidents my way? Murdock has billions, damn dude can't throw me a few dollars enough to put gas in my car!

Jesus I go to blogs where they have these money barometers showing how much people have contributed to a blog or website and I’m thinking you know I was a dumbass because back in the day I did not take advantage of the money making potential of blogging or blog advertising and I would not be so fucking broke right now.

If it were about making money or being some political sycophant for the Magic Negro I would write all kinds of glowing shit about Obama but by doing so I could not look at myself in the mirror, I have a least a shred of dignity and self-respect.
Niggas are always talking about “sell-outs” now just how much of a fucking sellout do you have to be to still support an idiot ass president who has driven this country into catastrophic financial failure costing Negros jobs and further educational decline. But these idiot Negros want to focus on Rupert? Really!? Seriously!?

I equate these left wing Negro bloggers and journalists with street gangs.
Remember gangs were started back in the day because of racism and protection from the racist practices that were prevalent back then.
These black journalists band together because let us be honest, news organizations are as white as the un-driven snow. Whether the organization is right or left wing few are present in newsrooms and news organizations around the country.
So the homies get together and call for black-up to fight the whitey honkey establishment. I get it!

Negros felt the need to band together back in the day to help one another out. Which is all good I wish we still had that kind of unity and love for one another now.
But gangs are self-destructive just as these Negro journalists and bloggers are self-destructive and they do not function in the interests of Negros in general.

Just as the Negro gangs of today are not protecting Negros from racism, black journalists or bloggers are not informing its citizens or readers.

Remember Negro gangs were established to protect neighborhoods and the neighborhood interest but they eventually became self-serving which is why they declined into things like drugs, murder and general mayhem. Gangs are not protecting Negro neighborhoods. They are not protecting Negro women and children from being molested and raped. They are not walking kids to school in the early mornings to protect them from the "man". In fact they are doing the same shit now that they were originally trying to protect our people from.
The same goes for these black journalists. They are not telling the truth, they are not informing, they are not educating, they are not fighting for the hearts and minds of the black readers and therefore they are just as destructive as any white dude with a white hood and robe.

More Negro men have been killed by other Negro men than the KKK has ever thought about killing.

More Negro men have been killed by other Negro men than the Police has ever thought about killing.

And more Negro men have been killed by other Negro men than in all the wars that Negros have fought in while serving this country.

But do black journalists cover and give a fuck about these relevant facts, of course not.

When Obama became the “head-nigga-in-charge” he threw some dead presidents at these black journalists and bloggers and gave them unprecedented access to the White House. So in turn they would write glowing and positive stories about Obama no matter how much he fucks shit up and it is sickening and appalling.

I am so fortunate, despite the fact that there is so much about my father I despise and dislike he did teach me one thing. Don’t think like an idiot nigga. Just because someone may share your skin pigmentation don’t make him your brotha and you sure as hell don’t have to think like em either. Educate yourself and find you own path and find your own truth.

The nigga community will continue to deteriorate because Negros refuse to open their eyes and see the truth and these bloggers and journalists help keep the blindfold on by worrying about and writing about shit that black folks don’t give a shit about.

Not all political answers are on the right side of the intellectual scale but you should be intellectually open and honest to find the answers to the quandaries of life on your own.
It is a shame that the biggest threat to black America is more than likely another black individual or a “Negro” journalist.

Peace, Gaius

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namaste said...

this is the truth spoken bluntly, but it's still the truth. thanks for putting it out there, gaius.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Yes I’m sorry for the rage issues but I just get so sick of black folks and their silliness and most of these black journalists and bloggers are so damn disingenuous. It just pisses me off. But that is the great thing about blogging I can vent my frustrations in a “healthy” manner. LOL!

Peace, Gaius