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If you are not willing to address the root cause of a problem (OBAMA) you are destined to repeat it

Originally posted Thursday, February 4, 2010

If you are not willing to address the root cause of a problem you are destined to repeat it.

Why are so many Americans losing their jobs, why are we dealing with deficits and national debt so high new numerical terminology is needed so that average folks can understand how big an economic mess we are in?

This presidency is a disaster; and Obama is a lying conniving bastard without a clue as to what is needed to put this country back on track.

But we must constantly be reminded that if it were not for journalistic malpractice such an incompetent jackass would not even be able to sniff the fucken White House.

It is one thing to chastise Obama fans for incompetence, however if today’s average youthful American can be entertained by “For the Love of________” insert useless ass Negro rap star or faux celebrity, or can be entertained by a bunch of self destructive “Guides” never mind these mutherfuckers are playing a role and using the intellectual vacancy of folks to “get paid.”
Young people who still have not figured out that John Stewart in not a real news show, it’s called “satire.” But folks I hear young kids talk all the time about the latest John Stewart episode as if they are watching the evening news.
Then you have leftist women who see the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Janeane Garofalo, Joy Behar and Rachel Maddow as serious commentators.
The perfect formula for how you can get seemingly rational people to vote for such a politically vacant individual.

I received a nice e-mail from a new reader and I ended it by saying although things seemed jacked up right now, I do believe that Obama’s “ignorant” capital has run out.
Now that folks are losing their jobs, losing their homes, being taxed into oblivion, don’t have any money for basic necessities the Magic Negro gleam has wore off the American psyche.

As I read on more and more black websites Negros bitching that white folks and more black folks… now don’t like nor trust Obama they take it as a personal insult.

I have always said I don’t give a fuck what color the president is, but what I do care about is his competence and his capacity to serve this nation and lead it in the right direction.
From the time Obama became a serious candidate, (after bamboozling a bunch of clueless white folks in Iowa) I never liked, trusted or had any measure of confidence in his ability to serve as president.
Now look where we are today. Our national media failed us miserable and we better make damn sure they don’t fuck us over again.
One term for this idiot bastard is plenty!


Fast forward to today:

Shocking as this might sound, there are still some out there who might vote a second time for the moron-in-chief.
If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.
Despite how screwed up this president is has the average American seen through all the deceptions and have admitted the error of their ways in voting Obama in 2008?
Are individuals indeed wiser now and will they make the same pitifully insane mistake twice?
If we believe that American’s can rise from the ashes of stupidity in the hopes that common sense prevail in 2012 then Obama is on course to go down as the President who suffered the greatest defeat in any American election in our proud history.
Ah hell who am I kidding; people are still donating to this jackasses campaign eclipsing the money raised by the Republicans.
Fool America twice? Can Obama get reelected? Of course people. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the obvious murder of her baby.
Two retarded rednecks who owned a killer python allowed their 2-year-old girl to be crushed to death in her crib by said python who also tried to swallow her whole.
Feds Spent $3.6 Million to Study Drug-Smoking, Menstruating Monkeys
Goshen College said that the Star Spangled Banner Is Anti-Christian And “Too Divisive.”
L.A. fan drops daughter for chance at $4 baseball…
Fan in Texas dies in fall trying to catch $4 baseball…
A city actually moved a bus stop to avoid homeless woman's smell….
A poll released earlier this year by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that 21 percent of people aged 18 to 29 cited "The Daily Show" and "Saturday Night Live" as a place where they regularly learned presidential campaign news.
Gaius what the fuck does this have to do with Obama and his reelection chances? Same shit I rant about every few days the remarkable erosion of American intelligence.
Maybe Obama is on to something, dude actually said “80% OF AMERICANS WANT HIGHER TAXES...”
Let me get this straight, there are 80 percent of you retarded bastards out there, probable like me scraping by scrounging between the couch cushions for loose change who when you find that change want to deposit what little money you have back into the government coffers where there will piss it away on monkey research.
Shit here I am blogging my heart out preaching the gospel of this incompetent boob and I can’t get folks who may even agree with me to donate a dollar or two so I can get a gallon of gas. What the hell!
How will we rid ourselves of this moronic president? Well I will admit none of the current Republican challengers impress me. Now are the top challengers better than say Ron Paul, certainly but my confidence in any of them are shaky at best especially someone like Mitt Romney who is in my estimation a political fraud, but hey you people donating money to his campaign feel free to put your hopes in his candidacy.
Now back to Obama…. now dude is good with words. But what can he possibly say for himself after this first fiddling-while-Rome-burns term?
Dude has one major accomplishment to his credit: healthcare reform which is a complete and utter disaster and I’m not even talking about all the wavers the administration is granting people. The one saving grace for Obama is it doesn't go into effect until 2014. Which, from Obama's standpoint, actually helps him. After people find out how it transforms the First World's worst healthcare system into something even more fuck-up and more expensive, they'll be burning him in effigy.
"Socialized" (if only!) healthcare has driven away the Reagan Democrat swing voters who formed half of Obama's margin of victory in 2008. Unless the GOP nominates some total loon or old retread (fill in the blanks) these ideological reeds in the wind will blow Republican, or we should hope. Republicans do have a way of fucking shit up, *cough*Michael Steele *cough*
The other major component of the Obama coalition, young and reenergized older liberals, see ObamaCare as a right-wing sellout to corporations. Nothing less than single-payer would have satisfied them. On other issues it seems that Obama has missed few opportunities to alienate the Democrats liberal loony tunes base.
The combination of Afghanistan and Libya could bring a bitter end to the love fest between Democratic liberals and Obama. Many were already pissed with him for extending the “crazy” Bush tax cuts, bailing out Wall Street, omitting a public option from the healthcare overhaul, offering to freeze domestic discretionary spending, and generally declining to go after Republicans with a blunt object.
Lefties are also angry about Obama's other lies and betrayals like keeping Gitmo open, signing off on assassinations and even the torture redefining U.S. troops in Iraq as "support personnel."
Everyone is pissed over his utter stupidity and ignorance of the economy. While the multimillionaire president casually talks about a recovery as he heads off to golf with his wealthy friends, unemployment is rising and becoming structural. Obama will surely pay for the disconnect between reality (no jobs, shrinking paychecks, hidden inflation) and the rosy rhetoric coming out of the White House and bootlicker state controlled media.
So what the hell will be Obama's 2012 sales pitch? Seriously, what the hell could he possible con (non-Negros) with to get folks to vote for him a second time. Think about it, how many other presidents have been so disappointing that they had to distribute lists of their accomplishments so their supporters would have talking points?
Ah let’s not forget clueless Negros, now as happy as Negros were with his election victory would the multitude of unemployed darkies still use race as the deciding factor in their vote heading to the polls broke and with little or no hope.
Consider that Obama has told Negros from day one that he is laser focused on jobs and improving the jobs market in America. The unemployment rate in America is a whopping 9 point whatever and climbing and for Negros the unemployment rate is even higher. I tried the warn the few Negros who peeped my site that Obama won’t be good for black Americans, but nooooooo did y’all listen of course not because as we all know race trumps common fucking sense.
Historically the unemployment rate for black Americans has always been higher than the national average. Now though it's at Depression-era levels. The most recent figures show black American joblessness at 16.2 %. For black males, it's at 17.5%. For black teens it's approaching 41%, that is not a typo folks.
Schools are failing children across America every day. But Obama and his socialist crap have all but stopped economic growth in America and who is most affected by a crappy economy, the folks who are affected by it on the front end, poor folks and folks with little or no education and that usually equal black folks.
As I predicted, Obama and his administration have deserted black Americans in the job market, you don’t have to be a psychic to have predicted that one. Obama is much more concerned with helping unions than black Americans. Yes Obama is bad for black folks, but the funny thing is STILL 90 percent of Negros will still punch his name in 2012. Now is this out of utter stupidity or blind loyalty. If this same individual was white, Negro rappers would be writing rap songs cussing him to high heaven.
I read this and thusly stole these five basic laws on stupid people (1) a stupid person is a person who causes losses to others while deriving no gain and even incurring losses for himself/herself, (2) we always underestimate the numbers of stupid people in circulation, (3) stupidity is independent of other characteristics, whatever the size of the group and no matter how well educated we find the same fraction of stupid people, (4) non-stupid people always underestimate the power of stupid people and constantly forget that dealing with them always turns out to be a costly mistake and (5) a stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.
Cipolla wrote of how non-stupid and stupid people when acting in consort cause losses for society and undermine the development of a country.
It is a fascinating thought that despite how spectacularly inept this president has been there still will be millions of American who will still believe that having an ignorant ass black dude leading the country is still better for society overall.
Humanity is growing dumber by the day and we see young kids becoming more dependent and inept every day. Politicians rely on the growing intellectual decay of society. Can we survive this presidency and turn this shit around, I honestly don’t know. But thank goodness I won’t live long enough to see this society morph into what I am afraid will be a society that will make the Farting Network the most popular network on cable. After all mutherfuckers watch Bill Maher and think he is funny right.
Stupid people run this ship apparently and that is what will likely give Obama another four years. Lord help us.

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