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Jesus Would Have Something to Say” About the Debt Debate, Time To 'Eat Our Peas'!? Ostracizing Black Leaders Who Criticize Obama, Libs Outraged Over Paul Ryan’s $350 Bottle of Wine, Casey "Kid Killer" Anthony's Lawyer Worries About Her Safety, 18% Favor Military Draft, 30% Support Required Year of Public Service, Now Can We Say Obama Economic Plan Fails?, Sarah Palin as Newsweek cover girl — again

Rangel: “Jesus Would Have Something to Say” About the Debt Debate

Black Website: In A Perfect Republican World: Return Of Slavery, Death Of Oprah
In a perfect world every millionaire, and jet/yacht owner would pay no taxes (or at least 5 percent) while every middle-class American is on financial life support, gay people would be locked away in psych wards, Oprah would be stoned for being the modern anti-Christ, and Blacks would voluntarily return to the system of slavery—at least according to most Republicans.

The aforementioned caveats implicitly stem from rhetoric used by the Republican Party as of late, and as in most election seasons, the GOP’s inner loathing for all humanity has emerged to the forefront.

Republican presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum recently signed a pledge in Iowa drafted by “The Family Leader,” a conservative group. The pledge said that if signed, the candidate will vow to uphold the most basic conservative values such as marriage between a man and woman, as well as stand firmly on the belief that African-American babies were better off during slavery because they were more “likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than is an African-American born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President.”

Of course, the The Family Leader later retracted that language, but the damage was already done.


Ostracizing Black Leaders Who Criticize Obama

By George E. Curry

The Bible is filled with characters who started out on shaky ground – Paul, David and Solomon, among them – before being transformed into epic figures. But it seems that Black leaders who dare to criticize President Obama don’t get second chances. Instead, they are the object of widespread ridicule and condemnation.

I spent some time last week with two such leaders – Cornel West and Jesse Jackson – at the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) national convention in Chicago. Although their standing among African-Americans has slipped, their analysis of where Blacks have been and need to go is as incisive as ever.

Neither Jackson nor West should be viewed in isolation. The Black community does not want to hear anything bad about Barack Obama, even if it’s true. If a White president had been as dismissive of African-Americans’ interests as Obama has been, Blacks would have been ready to march on the White House. As Michael Eric Dyson says, “This president runs from race like a Black man runs from a cop.”

Even so, Blacks treat him like royalty.


Libs Outraged Over Paul Ryan’s $350 Bottle of Wine, Silent When Nancy Pelosi Drowned $101,000
TPM reported, via Ann Althouse:
When [Professor Feinberg] saw the label on the bottle of Jayer-Gilles 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru Ryan’s table had ordered, she quickly looked it up on the wine list and saw that it sold for an eye-popping $350, the most expensive wine in the house along with one other with the same pricetag.
Feinberg, an economist by training, was even more appalled when the table ordered a second bottle….
“We were just stunned,” said Feinberg…
She was outraged …. [my emphasis]
Of course, these same hypocrites were silent when it was discovered that Speaker Pelosi’s military travel expenses on Pelosi One cost taxpayers $2,100,744.59 over a two-year period — $101,429.14 for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol.


Casey Anthony's Lawyer Worries About Her Safety

ORLANDO, Fla. — One of Casey Anthony’s defense lawyers says he’s worried about her safety once she’s released from jail after being acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter.

Cheney Mason told the NBC’s “Today” show Monday he doesn’t know where Anthony will go when she’s freed Sunday from a Florida jail. He said she would need time and counseling to re-enter society after being jailed for nearly three years before and during her high-profile trial. She was convicted of four counts of lying to law enforcement.
Good! I hope the bitch has to look over her shoulders for the rest of her miserable life.
Newsflash! The bitch got away with murder! If you kill your kid and get away with it you should be introduced to hell on earth!

With Clock Ticking, Washington Debt Talks Move Past a Grand Bargain

Are Higher Taxes The Answer to Debt Limit Questions?

18% Favor Military Draft, 30% Support Required Year of Public Service

Americans Express Mixed Confidence in Criminal Justice System

Obamanomics Driving Americans Out of Workforce

Fayetteville Observer: North Carolina Democratic Chairman says the GOP legislation will hurt women, Black voters

Forget the ‘Fairness’ Doctrine – Net Neutrality is the Future of Censorship

Dems Pretend Obama Can Borrow Money

Cambridge Subsidizes Homosexual Marriage

Obama-Care Already Raised Taxes By $438B

Labor angered by Obama's willingness to cut Social Security in debt ceiling deal

The Stimulation Of Murder

Now Can We Say Obama Economic Plan Fails?

Economy: With unemployment now at 9.2% and job growth at a standstill, is there anyone not blinded by ideology or rank partisanship who can't see that Obama's spend-and-regulate economic plan has been an utter failure?

When Obama was running for office, he likened himself to Ronald Reagan. Not because he liked Reagan's policies — he despised them — but because he saw Reagan as a transformative figure worthy of emulation.

"I think Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not and in a way that Bill Clinton did not," he said during the campaign. He's since talked endlessly about the need to "remake" the economy, and "do big things."

Well, Obama's been transformative all right. While Reagan rescued a country mired in hopelessness, stagflation and fear, Obama has managed, by reversing Rea-ganomics, to bring it all back again.

Is A Flood Tide Of Illegals Cracking The Melting Pot? - Victor Davis Hanson


Sarah Palin as Newsweek cover girl — again
Michael Jordan High School Love Letter Sparks Controversy
Google+ may carry dangers for photographers

Since Google+, Google’s answer to social networking, came out a week and a half ago, there’s been much talk about the new possibilities it has introduced, whether it can really beat out Facebook, and how to get that elusive invite.
But the dangers of joining Google+ have not yet been fully explored. How far will Google go with targeted advertising? What will be the implications for our privacy? How will Google use my content once it’s part of Google+?
The people who should be most worried about this last question are photographers, according to Photofocus, an online magazine about photography. While photographers are excited about the new photo sharing capabilities of Google+, they may not be aware that by the sharing photos they take, they may give up any ability to make money from their photography.

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