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The Media Hates Conservatives, George Lopez Go Screw Yourself! Whitey Chasing Negros Out of Harlem, Obama May Be Slowly Isolating Himself, Gov't Welfare Widens The Wealth Gap, Another Nanny Group Demands NBC Stations Not Air 'PLAYBOY CLUB' ...SO BE SURE TO WATCH! Lots of other stuff

MRC Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Cast GOP as Debt Ceiling Villains

Media Ignore Alarmist Liberal Ad Warning Kids Will Die if Congress Trims EPA Budget

Krugman: Conservative Views About Debt Ceiling Should Be Censored From News Reports

George Lopez: If Sarah Palin Becomes President 'I Will Move to Canada'

Why do liberals continue to say this idiot shit like folks give a damn. I swear liberals are so fucking arrogant it is unreal. Hey George you are a fucking comedian and you are not that funny I guarantee you nobody gives a shit. Move you arrogant bastard… MOVE!!!!

Media Skip Over Sen. Bernie Sanders's Anti-Obama Remark

NY1: Making Census Of It: Central Harlem's Black Population Declines Following Influx Of Whites

Older article...

An Affluent, White Harlem?
Where U.S. Rep Charles Rangel had four apartments, now qualifies as a luxury building. Townhouses in Harlem sell for one, two and even more million dollars, as real estate developers build new condos in Hamilton Heights and elsewhere, Meanwhile Columbia University arranges to get much of West Harlem declared blighted so its expansion in Harlem, past the Fairway grocery store and Dinosaur Barbecue, can march on.

With the recent city rezoning of the area (see related story), many residents fear they will be pushed aside by new development. What is happening to Harlem? Is it becoming white? Is it becoming a neighborhood for the rich?

Harlem has gone through many changes since 1910. How far the latest transformation will go, though, remains to be seen.

Don’t think humanity is degenerating, look at the difference between the folks in Harlem (above) folks dressed nice, looking professional, not robbing each other or bumming money off each other and look at how silly ass Niggas dress and look today. It's not like black folks were rolling in money back then only that black folks back in the day took care of their communities and took pride in themselves and how they acted and conducted themselves day to day. I’m sorry to say that those days are long gone. But it does not have shit to do with whitey fucking around black folks.

Obama May Be Slowly Isolating Himself
In the ongoing budget negotiations, it is becoming quite clear that President Obama, quite contrary to his posturing, is the major fly in the ointment.

Even the Democratic leadership is more flexible than President Obama, putting the lie to the oft-stated speculation that Obama is a mere puppet. He is his own counsel.

It was reported that on Sunday night, he unilaterally rejected a bipartisan deal presented to him by Senate and House leaders. "Sen. (Harry) Reid took the bipartisan plan to the White House, and the president said no," an aide said.

This is quite a different picture from what President Obama has been painting for the press. At the exact moment he said he didn't want to point fingers, he complained that he and his Democrats had been willing to compromise but that Republicans were dug into their ideological cement.

He said, "And I think one of the questions that the Republican Party is going to have to ask itself is, Can they say yes to anything?" Are you kidding me? This is the guy who still hasn't presented his own plan and obstructs all others not conforming to his unreasonable demands.

Stuff from Boortz

Thomas Sowell comments on this game of debt ceiling chicken that we are witnessing in Washington.

The White House has a message for Fox News: "You should go on the air and tell your viewers there is nothing to worry about."  Here’s the entire exchange … Sometimes you can’t defend the indefensible …

Here’s a must-read from the Wall Street Journal: The Debt Ceiling and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Princess Pelosi says that Republicans are using the budget deficit as a way to “destroy your rights” and “undermine the government.”

From June 2009 to June 2011 Texas added 262,000 jobs, or half the USA's 524,000 payroll gains.

Let New York and Pennsylvania be the example of when one state embraces economic opportunity, while the other lets environmental politics trump development.

The law of unintended consequences: Nearly 30% of San Francisco’s lowest-wage earners reported reduced hours or layoffs after the city passed a paid-leave ordinance.

Voter approval of the job Congress is doing has fallen to a new low of just 6%.

Voters in Ohio will have the chance to vote on an amendment to their Constitution that would allow Ohio to opt-out of ObamaCare.

A member of the ObamaMedia accuses Tea Partiers of engineering a "slow motion succession."

A Republican congressional report was released yesterday with more details on Operation Fast and Furious.

Obamacare, a death panel for jobs

Editorial: Gov't Welfare Widens The Wealth Gap

Today, some 44 million Americans are on food stamps. In 2007, it was 26 million. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner recently boasted that U.S. issues more than 80 million checks a month. But while the U.S. has more than 70 means-tested welfare programs, the poverty rate today is higher than it was in the late 1960s.


Parents Television Council Demands NBC Stations Not Air 'PLAYBOY CLUB'...
The Parents Television Council says it has sent letters to every NBC affiliate asking them not to air The Playboy Club, NBC's fall 10 p.m. drama set against the backdrop of Chicago's famed Playboy Club in the 1960s.

According to a copy of the letter obtained by B&C, the organization's president, Tim Winter, told the stations the show was putting a "veneer of sophistication" on the pornography industry. "I am writing to urge you, on behalf of the Parents Television Council's 1.3 million members, to preempt the program in your community," wrote Winter, who said individual members asking stations about the show had received what he called "canned responses" in support of "a sophisticated series about the transitional times of the early 1960s and the complex lives of a group of working-class women." An NBC spokesperson had no comment beyond that statement.

Ok I have my lineup of shows that I usually watch but now I will have to squeeze this show into the must watch category because of this group I will be sure to watch now because these mutherfuckers want to dictate what people should and should not watch!
Just as Michelle Obama wants to police what people eat I’m getting so tired of these people who wants to treat the populous like a bunch of children. More examples of why I believe that human existence is going down the drain.

Cool website I found by accident. Check it out.

The American Presidency Project
(, was established in 1999 as a collaboration between John Woolley and Gerhard Peters at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Our archives contain 90,663 documents related to the study of the Presidency.

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