Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obama Screws America, Big Baby Obama, US too dumb to know O is always right, Bachmann Slavery Controversy, Sign Of Political Disaster? How Many Covered Voter ID/Suppression News Conference? WTF - Gay Dude Kicked Out Of Pizza Hut For Wearing Dress

Wow I bet you people who voted for this fool feel like a bunch of assholes right about now…

US too dumb to know O is always right

When President Obama started talking at his news conference Monday, I listened intently for 15 minutes or so. Then I got fidgety as his half-truths about the debt grew into full-blown whoppers. As he droned on, I did something I never did before during an Obama appearance: I turned off the TV.

Enough. He is the Man Who Won't Listen to Anybody, so why should anybody listen to him?

Tuning out and turning off the president does not fill me with gladness. He cannot be ignored.

But for now, I will leave that unhappy duty to others. I am tired of Barack Obama. There's nothing new there. His speeches are like "Groundhog Day."

His presidency is a spectacular failure, his historic mandate squandered by adherence to leftist ideology and relentless partisanship. His policies are crushing the prospects for growth and dooming the hopes of 24 million Americans who are unemployed or working part-time.

Yet he is not going to change. He listens only to his own voice, which is why he has lost virtually his entire economic team.


Thanks Barack… Moody’s Threatens to Drop Aaa Bond Rating For First Time Since 1917
Barack Obama picked up his toys and abruptly walked out of debt talks yesterday.
Moody’s warned that the US credit rating could be reduced from Aaa to Aa if Obama does not work out a debt deal with Republicans. It would be the first time since 1917 that the bond rating dropped below Aaa.

Oh my: Angry Obama storms out of debt-ceiling negotiations; Update: “This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this”

McConnell: “I refuse to help Barack Obama get re-elected”

Charting America's Ominous History Of Debt Ceiling Increases
In a conversation with a Hill staffer last night, he said his research indicated that Congress has never denied a debt ceiling increase request from a President. Unfortunately, that's the problem, not a rationale for simply approving yet another one. If we see the type of debt ceiling increase Obama wants, it will likely surpass 100% of GDP for the first time since World War II. Also, the increases appear to be driven more by politics and politicians, than economic, or world events. Or, as David Indiviglio at the Atlantic calls it - whimsical.

Zogby International: Most Arab Countries View US Less Favorably Than at End of Bush Administration

Bachmann Slavery Controversy, Sign Of Political Disaster?
While GOP polls show conservative sweetheart Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn) as a forerunner in the premature Republican presidential race, recent negative press could suggest a looming political debacle.

This week is most certainly Media V. Bachmann, as two controversial stories have placed the Minneapolis representative in not-s0-comfortable footing, despite topping Republican favorite Mitt Romney in an Iowa poll.

Leading mental health experts and gay advocates ardently condemned Bachmann and her husband’s Christian counseling center, Bachmann & Associates, for reportedly conducting reparative therapy to convert gays to straight. Though Marcus Bachmann denied the allegations five years ago, recent footage and statements suggests otherwise. An undercover video provided by a group, Truth Wins Out, revealed a therapist from the center conducting therapy on gay clients in efforts to make them straight.

Professional doctors from the American Psychological Association (APA), the nation’s premiere organization for psychologists, said that such therapy not only turns fruitless, but causes far more damage than good.
Michelle Bachmann's church 

By Tiger Hawk
Considering the reluctance of the mainstream media to examine the ideology of candidate Barack Obama's church, the speed with which the "respectable media" has jumped on the strong statements of Michelle Bachmann's Lutheran synod is, well, head-turning. Apparently, the churches of conservatives are legitimate targets but those of liberals are not. Perhaps because, deep down, reporters just don't believe that a liberal politician's church affiliation reflects actual beliefs.

Of course, Republicans who argued that Obama's decades-long association with Jeremiah Wright was a legitimate topic for partisan attacks -- and I was and remain absolutely in their camp -- cannot honestly object when liberals go after the Lutherans, however irritated they might be at the outrageous inconsistency of the media.

Media Guns Fire Blanks at Bachmann

Crew of 42: 3,500 Reporters, 200 on Capitol Hill, How Many Covered Voter ID/Suppression News Conference? I asked Sharpton’s rep who was at today’s event why Rev. Sharpton, in his capacity on MSNBC and the radio, couldn’t simply push the issue there?

Aggregator HuffPo Apologizes for Aggregation, Suspends Reporter
The Huffington Post, which has unapologetically made its fortune largely by aggregating stories and redistributing them as their own, has apologized to a writer from Ad Age for doing just that.
Last month Ad Age writer Simon Dumenco’s article entitled “Poor Steve Jobs Had to Go Head to Head With Weinergate in the Twitter Buzzstakes. And the Weiner Is …”  was aggregated by HuffPo and yesterday Dumenco took to his blog to complain about how he has been used and abused by the site.
Well shit I'm not getting a dime and I'm doing the same thing, what the hell!? ;-) 

Gay Man Kicked Out Of Pizza Hut For Wearing Dress
WALLACE, N.C.–Vishon Murphy ventured to a local Pizza Hut to get some food, but was kicked out because he was wearing a dress.

According to the Pizza Hut, Murphy was turned away for being “disruptive.”

“I respect people and their boundaries because I understand that everyone does not like my lifestyle and I show them respect,” said Murphy.

However, he added “I deserve to be respected, as well.”
Girl Loses Sight After Falling Asleep In $20 Colored Contacts


Anonymous said...

OLne rreason for this financial mess is becuase Obama was handed a bag of crap by Bush. Do not get me erong, he has messed up big time, buy no different than any president that serves Big Business.

When shall you realize these politicans (of either party) serve only the ricvh?


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I gotta start using Spell Check. Sorry about the above typos.


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Lefty Dude, c'mon us still using that blame Bush crap! If I were closer I'd buy you a nice drink to help you clear your thinking

and I'm the last dude to pretend to be a spelling Nazi! :-)