Monday, July 25, 2011

SHOCKING: Another Political Sex Scandal, 'Is Obama a pathological liar?' Did you know Negros don't tip? Mila Kunis said something and I can't remember what...

SHOCKING: Another Political Sex Scandal

Rep. David Wu has been accused of an “unwanted sexual encounter” with the teenage daughter of a longtime friend, the latest scandal to engulf the troubled Oregon Democrat.

Gateway Pundit — Dem Leaders Talk With Rep. Wu Urge 56 Year-Old to Resign Over Sex Scandal With Teen

HotAir — David Wu accused of aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter

Gawker — Tiger Suit Congressman Accused of an Unwanted Sexual Encounter

Rep. David Wu won't resign, won't run again, will face ethics investigation

These latest allegations against Wu add to the growing list of sex scandals that have rocked Capitol Hill over the past two years.

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) recently resigned from Congress following a national firestorm over lewd photos he sent to women he met over the Internet.

Former Rep. Christopher Lee (R-N.Y.) was caught sending a topless online photo and also resigned.

Former Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) had an affair with one of his campaign aides, who also happened to be the wife of his deputy chief of staff. Ensign stepped down from office on May 3.

And ex-Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) quickly departed Capitol Hill in March 2010 after POLITICO reported he was under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for allegations of sexual harassment of male staffers. The Ethics Committee recently announced that it will continue looking into whether any Democratic lawmakers or staffers knew about those allegations but failed to take action against Massa.

'Is Obama a pathological liar?'

"lately, the president has been lying so much that his pants could burst into flames at any moment."

Obama Laundry List of Lies, in case you have not seen it…

I find it amusing how folks are asking this question NOW… FUCKING… NOW!?
When dude was lying during the campaign folks ignored it because he was such a well-spoken and well-mannered Negro.

The only thing I have ever heard Obama say that I truly believed is “I love my children.”

Why We (Negros) Tip: Survey Shows Racial Divide

Black diners are more likely to link the gratuity to good service, research by The Root reveals.

When African Americans dine out, the service had better measure up if the server is expecting a good tip.

That's among the findings of a recent poll by The Root on attitudes and habits regarding tipping. African-American respondents were much more likely than whites (30 percent vs. 15 percent) to say that one should tip as a "reward for good service." They were less likely than whites to cite the low wages that waitstaff earn (33 percent vs 42 percent) as the reason they tip.

These findings were among a number of differences in tipping habits across cultural lines revealed in The Root's online survey. The 10-question survey generated a total of 842 responses between July 14 and July 19, 2011, including answers from 646 blacks and 121 whites.

The vast majority (89 percent) of all respondents indicated that they tipped "all the time," with 11 percent responding "most of the time." A majority (68 percent) said that they learned to tip from family and friends, as opposed to etiquette books or people who had worked as waitstaff.

But when it came to the purpose of tipping and whether there were ever reasons not to tip, clear differences could be found along racial lines. A large percentage (upwards of 40 percent) of both blacks and whites agreed that "rude," "incompetent" or "horrible" service was an acceptable reason to stiff servers.

Whites, however, were more forgiving of transgressions by waiters and eateries, with 49 percent saying that they would "always tip" no matter how bad the food or service. Only 37 percent of blacks said that they felt the same way. A much larger percentage of blacks (50 percent) indicated that there would be no tip for waitstaff whom they regarded as rude or inept.

Are black patrons too demanding? Are white patrons pushovers?

Ok my white friends who are visiting, you may or may not have heard of this controversy but this is a real issue and has been for years. Negros don’t tip, it is a retaliation thing and has nothing to do with good or bad service like the article talks about.
Watch the above video if you have time and listen to this guy.

This is one of those “chip on the shoulder” issues that further lead to the racial divide in our society. Negros are always complaining that they get lousy service from white wait staff when it is more than likely that idiot ass Negros will come into a restaurant with their bad ass kids and more likely that some uneducated uncouth Negro adult is demanding, indecisive, rude, belligerent you name it. This is another example of what I am talking about when I say we need to tell the fucking truth about the ills in our society.
You white people who people my blog on a regular basis are no doubt some smart and inquisitive folks cause where else are you going to get the raw societal perspective from a right wing Negro?

Another example: Was out with a woman recently on a casual outing, it took this crazy (black) woman 10 minutes to decide what the fuck she wanted and after deciding ended up changing her mind once the order got back to the cooks. She talked to this young lady server like she was shit and I just sat there mortified.

Now I know it is not just black folks who are rude and ignorant. I have witnessed more than a few dumbass white people who act as if they had never been in any type of social setting.
Let me you in on a stereotype when it comes to white people, a lot of you don’t believe in washing your hands. In fact when I come across white people and I shake their hands I as soon as possible go wash my hands.
Some of you mutherfuckers also don’t believe in flushing to damn toilet and will destroy a restroom. I have actually has some white folks tell me it is not necessary to wash your hands because the germs help you build up immunity. So indeed all races has their share of folks who should be riding on the short bus.

Another thing I thank my parents for. When I was young my father would take the family out to eat just about every Sunday sometimes to places the required us to dress up a bit which I did not mind. It was my parents’ way of making us understand that we belonged anywhere and to teach us how to act in every situation and that you get respect when you earn respect.

My father was a big tipper; in fact he was so much so in several restaurants we went to they knew him by name. Now I never had lots of money but I always tried to tip well when I could and I was conscious of saying “please” when asked if I want more water or something else and “thank you” after each exchange.
This is not rocket science people this is just basic human behavior.
As I keep stating as the family unit disintegrates young children will unfortunately not be taught how to act in public leading to these rude obnoxious idiot children you see everywhere today.

This is the quandary some of us blacks carry with us and why some of us are so outspoken. You can have a rude white person act like an ass here and there and the entire race does not get painted with the same broad brush. But have a nigga act like an ass and we ALL pay the price for it. Every time a fucking hood rat acts a fool in public, or is loud and stupid in public I know whitey is saying “see those niggas don’t know how to act.”
It is an unfortunate burden and even more unfortunately there ain’t a damn thing we can do about it because like I said it will only get worse. Civilized behavior and manners are going the way of the dinosaur.


Mila Kunis: Promiscuous Sex is Kinda Like Communism…

I really don’t give a shit what she has to say I just think she is hot and this was an excuse to post her picture. Hey why lie… :-)



Phelps said...

Oh, I think it is out about black folks and tipping. Just because we don't talk about it doesn't mean we don't know. And you've got it right about reputation -- when half of black folks don't tip, then all black folks start getting bad service.

It's regional, too. Black folks seem to be worse about it in black neighborhoods than in white neighborhoods. (The flip side of it is I get good service in black neighborhoods since they assume -- correctly -- that because I'm white I'll tip better.)

This is the quandary some of us blacks carry with us and why some of us are so outspoken. You can have a rude white person act like an ass here and there and the entire race does not get painted with the same broad brush. But have a nigga act like an ass and we ALL pay the price for it.

There's some of it, but there's the flip side too. It doesn't take much to get that same sort of reputation for good things, either.

And you hit on the biggest issue yourself talking about your parents. This is all about stingy, ignorant shits without any home training.

Anonymous said...

When large groups of black ladies come to my sister's hotel, that is - charity groups of rich black ladies - ALL the staff hates it. The black cooks in the kitchens know that nothing is going to be right, every thing will be sent back and they will not get a tip. Same is true for all service workers. They know they are in for trouble, extra work, complaints about nothing and endless last minute changes that make no damned sense.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

Oh Anon trust me I know very well.

Phelps: You know you can tell the character of a person by how they treat service staff wait staff ect.

Anjela said...

So that was about Obama, you guys write a lot.