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SHOCKING! Obama Voted Against Raising Debt Ceiling in 2006, Silly Negro Shit, Race Card, Tricknology, Never trust anything from a gang, Muslims, non-Muslims still dislike each other... can't we all just get along!

SHOCKING! Obama Vote's Against Raising Debt Ceiling in 2006

Lee Invokes Race Card Amidst Debt Impasse
“But I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness of this President. Why is he different? And in my community, that is the question that we raise. In the minority community, that is the question that is being raised. Why is this President being treated so disrespectfully,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) before Congress last Friday. Jackson Lee was referring to the deadlock in Congress and GOP efforts against Obama and the Democrats in implementing a raise in the debt ceiling in exchange for a deficit-reduction package achieved through revenue increases and spending cuts. Republicans would like to see only spending cuts without tax increases.

Rep. Jackson Lee unabashedly insinuates, but comes just shy of deliberately saying (See Video), that President Obama is under such unprecedented attack and interference in doing his job because of his race.

The unfortunate thing about black folks is almost always in majority black districts they will elect the most retarded mentally and intellectually inept Negro they can find.
Now you white folks out there may have never heard of the following term “tricknology.” Now I know you spelling and grammar Nazis out there who I know already grind your teeth and have nagging headaches when visiting my humble little blog because of my butchering of the English language and my horrible sentence structure not to mention my “liberal” use of colorful language… I’m sorry… Well tricknology is a word sometimes uses amongst black folks when describing idiot Negro politicians like Jackson-Lee.
One of the definitions in the Urban Dictionary is tricknology - (mind games, usually from an authority figure)

"the police used they're tricknology to make an innocent man confess to a crime."

Now as embarrassing as Representative Shelia is she has mastered the art of tricknology because it usually works on Negros. How the hell can you explain how this idiot keeps getting elected and even more amazing why mainstream conservative sites even bothering writing stories talking about her.
Now I’m dedicating a moment or two here just to let you white folks know that Rep Sheila has to do this shit because despite how much Obama is fucking up the lives of Negros everywhere they still like the dude.
Negros are easily swayed by a Negro in a sharp suit or nice dress who can throw out a colorful adjective or pronoun occasionally rhyming which is why black folks are drawn to charismatic preachers no matter how crooked or fucked up they are.
The substance of an argument is irrelevant and when black folks are backed in the corner they scream racism.
Now this article is good and interesting but sometimes when I read articles like this they go into way too much detail in trying to explain your typical idiot liberal Democrat Negro politician. Rep Sheila is only trying to up her street cred for the Negros back in the hood to give the brothas and sistas in the beauty and barber shops something to bitch about.

For example what would a Nigga say today about Obama: 

“white folks talkin about the economy is so bad dey only sayin dat cause whitey is losing his job, shit niggas been broke and struggling since slavery. Obama doin a good job keeppin it real, putting whitey in his place. I’ll vote for the nigga again just to piss whitey off, fuck em.”

Folks it is not more complicated than that.

Those of you who read my blog regularly know I will always tell you the truth no matter what.

Now… what else is out there…

Oh crap... saw this...

Obama, Jackson Lee receive racist threats
Secret Service, FBI investigating faxed cartoons

WASHINGTON — Federal law enforcement agencies led by the U.S. Secret Service and the FBI are investigating the origins of a threatening and racially charged cartoon sent by fax to the White House and the Houston office of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee depicting nooses and lynching posts intended for the president and the congresswoman.

Beneath a headline which included a racial epithet referring to African-Americans, the one-page cartoon showed two L-shaped lynching posts with "Sheila Jackson Lee" written on one cross bar and "Hussein Obama" written on the second cross bar. The president's full name is Barack Hussein Obama.

The return address on the fax said: "Defecating on Obama."

"We are aware of the cartoon, and we are taking appropriate measures," said Secret Service Special Agent Robert Novy, a spokesman for the agency. "Being a protective intelligence matter, the Secret Service has no further comment."

Jackson Lee said she received the cartoon in her congressional office in Houston.

"We have gotten this sort of thing on a regular basis in the past, but I thought this had a heightened level of provocativeness," she said.

Glenn Rushing, Jackson Lee's chief of staff, said the cartoon arrived by fax in the district office on Saturday - a day after the congresswoman delivered remarks on the House floor questioning whether Republicans were showing "disrespect" toward the president during debt-deficit negotiations because of his race.

Rushing said he referred copies of the threatening pictorial to the House sergeant at arms, former U.S. Secret Service Agent Wilson "Bill" Livingood; U.S. Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan; and FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Jackson Lee defended her remarks on the House floor on Friday in which she questioned "the maligning and maliciousness (toward) this president" by Republicans during hard-nosed negotiations over raising the federal debt ceiling.

Folks you know this is what fascinates me about human behavior. Sometimes I do wish I had gone to college to study human psychology.
Yesterday I watched a documentary about the “Freedom Riders” excellent program highly recommend it if you get a chance to see or rent. This was a powerful documentary and it had first-hand accounts of what those people went through in the name of freedom.

There was one scene where this white congressman from the south was speaking to one of the young black women who was about to go on one of the rides to New Orleans. This old white congressman begged and pleaded with the young woman asking her did she know that folks were going to be killed as a result of this trip. She responded by saying “we know what is at risk, in fact we have all signed last will and testaments.”
The video also showed that we can’t paint all white people with the same broad brush and many sacrificed their lives and the own well-being and standing in their communities all in the name of promoting freedom for ALL people.

I am well aware that I am exceedingly harsh when it comes to the actions of black folks; it is my knowledge of what black people went through back in the day that heightens my anger towards modern day black people. How is it that collectively we can go from a race of folks who were risk takers, willing to put our lives on the line for personal freedoms and liberties, putting an emphasis on personal responsibility, education, family, Christian values to now black folks are dropping out of school, unable to function in society, spitting out kids they don’t give a shit about, they don’t value themselves or those around them who may share the same skin pigmentation.
And here you have Rep Sheila screaming racism and the FBI investigating someone sending some racist fax as this horrible example of racism.
Ok let’s just say that some racist white person did send the fax, so fucking what. We all know, or at least most of us know the most racist among us are usually the most socially inept and more than likely folks who tend to be mildly retarded usually lacking in education or sound judgment.

In the Freedom Riders video there was one scene where this fat ass white lady who looked like she rode on the short bus, could barely talk was bitching about the fact that she did not want to “have to be around those niggers.” This fat ass nasty ass white bitch who more than likely could not read or write and who I doubt bathed more than once a month talking about those dirty niggers. People who are racist are not firing on all cylinders it is a mental disease like drug addiction or alcohol abuse.
If there was some idiot racist white dude who took the time to let Rep Sheila know how much he hates her, what would be the fucking point? Is it really necessary to waste FBI resources tracking down some random hillbilly?

Recent examples of racism almost always turn out to be fabricated. Trust me when I tell you it is more likely than not someone associated with Rep. Sheila sent the fax, I’m just saying people.
What Obama is doing to the country is far more important than what Rep Sheila is saying on the floor of congress. If there are idiot white folks out there still sending stupid racist shit to Rep Sheila or any other black lawmaker stop it, please, you are only giving ammunition to the left and inflaming the resolve of black folks to support this idiot president again and the goal is to make sure this fool does not get a second term, Jesus use some common fucking sense.
Again it is more likely than not that this is a ploy to stoke the flames of racial division and to divert attention from Obama’s stupidity. Note to Rep. Sheila, this is not about race this is about removing from office an individual who is screwing up this nation and jeopardizing this countries greatness and its future.

Wayback Rant... White liberal using race.
August 18, 2009

Healthcare become a racial issue: "we are talking about taking from hard-working white people and giving to lazy black folks.

Obama: Cut Defense Spending Before Food Stamps
“I think what's absolutely true is that core commitments that we make to the most vulnerable have to be maintained,” Obama said. “A lot of the spending cuts that we're making should be around areas like defense spending as opposed to food stamps.”
After all as the white liberal dude points out above, Niggas gotta eat right!?

Washington's spending addiction is bankrupting America - Washington Times

By: Sen. Jim DeMint | Op-Ed Contributor

First of two excerpts

I prefer to persuade people quietly to do the right thing, but that approach hadn't worked in Congress. I knew if I had any chance of being effective, I'd have to leave my comfort zone and get more aggressive.

The Washington establishment is driving our nation toward bankruptcy. Each day and with every vote, members of Congress decide whether to be a part of the establishment or a part of changing it.

Attempting to change the system is a brutal and painful process, as I reveal in this book. I tried for years to be a part of the establishment while trying to change it. That didn't work. It wasn't until I declared war on the establishment that I began to make progress ... and enemies.

I knew I faced a lonely battle. Few senators were willing to take an aggressive public stand against intransigent senior Republicans or to join me in a direct assault on the source of Republican downfall: earmarks and the culture of spending.

This meant taking on the appropriators. Few Americans understand there are really three parties in Congress: Republicans, Democrats and Appropriators -- those who sit on the powerful Appropriations committees, which direct all federal spending.

Never Trust Anything From a Gang
By David Limbaugh
The vaunted budget plan from the "Gang of Six" is said to be growing in popularity, but all you need to know to oppose the plan is that a "gang" is behind it. Also, President Obama and Sen. Dick Durbin both support it. But let's not stop there.

We all know the major drivers of this careening national debt train are entitlement programs, yet this plan proposes no real structural reforms. Now don't tell me this is rocket science. It doesn't take years to come up with a plan to restructure entitlements, yet the president and the Democratic obstructers in Congress continue to apply nonstick bandages instead of major remodeling.

Rep. Paul Ryan has already offered a very feasible plan; it's already there, and it's specific. Instead of lauding Ryan for doing his homework and exhibiting the courage to craft and offer a real solution, they demagogue and excoriate him.

The Democrats want to continue to put off entitlement reform and real spending cuts while demanding immediate tax increases because that's where their hearts are. If they were genuinely amenable to entitlement reform, they'd be embracing Ryan now instead of giving us empty promises for future action.


Muslims, non-Muslims still dislike each other



Phelps said...

About defense cuts vs food stamps -- what is really fucked up is that our defense cuts are already so deep that a lot of the enlisted men with families (like E-1 to about E-4) are ON food stamps.

And about using FBI resources to track down random hillbillies, you have it exactly right. Yeah, there are some racists still out there. They usually don't have all their teeth, and you can smell them coming a mile away. What none of them have are positions of power (other than cops.) Most white people now think racism is evil. That is what the Freedom Riders really won. And since we think it is evil, it caused two things:

1) We don't let the real racists anywhere near anything important. They get treated like ex-cons and sexual perverts. Let them pump gas or clean toilets, but don't let them near anything important. (Except cops. There are way too many racist cops, because most white people still don't get how bad cops are, and buy the "a few bad apples" shit. And the other cops still cover up for them.)

2) White people who aren't racist get seriously pissed off if you call them racist. To them (us), when you say that, you are saying, "You're evil, like a child molester or a wife beater." And most black folks just don't get how pissed off that white person gets.

The really funny thing is, now that white person may just start passing them over for stuff and treating them worse than everyone else -- and the black person is going to say, "he's treating me bad because he's racist" when he's treating them bad for calling him a racist.

Gaius Lawrenitis Negris said...

You nailed it Good Points! Thanks